19 Former New York City Movie Palaces — And What They Are Now

Hundreds of movie theaters have come and gone in New York City since the grand era of movie palaces and 25-cent matinées. While many have sadly been entirely demolished or lie in ruin, others remain hidden in plain sight, now repurposed as a Starbucks, a Modell’s, or… another Modell’s. Scattered around the city are dozens of movie theaters that are living a second life as a chain store, a church, or a gym. Their marquees may be stripped and their interiors mostly gutted, but the outlines of an old theater can still be seen if you know where to look. Here are a few New York City buildings that started out their lives as movie theaters and have survived to accommodate the city’s needs for more Modell’s.
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Beautiful Vintage Menus Featuring Gross Vintage Dishes

Old restaurant menus are often beautiful works of epicurean art, created as part of the complete sensory dining experience to entertain and awe guests. Reading these menus today is both a form of mini-time travel and a horrifying glance at the food habits of yesteryear. Pickled lamb tongue, Canadian Cheese Coup, Calf’s Head Piquante, Boiled Hog’s Head (we used to boil a lot of heads), and lots and lots of celery (apparently the only acceptable raw vegetable for decades) are just some of once-popular dishes that appeared on popular restaurant menus. Tastes have surely changed since Essence of Fowl was a staple of the Occidental Hotel menu in Seattle, but these beautiful menus still tempt us today with their charm and their foul fare, or at least make us glad for modern meat substitutes. … Read More

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10 Inspired New York Museum and Restaurant Pairings

There are over 100 museums in New York City and a staggering 24,000 restaurants. Yet how often have you found yourself wandering around after some quality cultural time looking for a decent place to eat? Even in the more culinarily blessed parts of town, finding a spot for a late lunch after a long day of viewing art can be daunting. Your brain is fried from all the contemplating over the profound creativity of man. Lunch is so quotidian. But life should not be so difficult. The least we can do here at Flavorwire is help you find some post-art eats. Ergo, we present you with museum and restaurant pairings to make your next museum visit a little more convenient and a lot more delicious. … Read More

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12 Horrible Plans for New York That (Thankfully) Never Happened

There have been some epically bad plans for New York City over the years, like drying up the rivers, building an underground city, and encasing Midtown in a bubble. Here, we look at the worst of the… Read More

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