What Can Other Cities Teach New York About Micro-apartments?

Over the past few weeks, Manhattanites have had the opportunity to view, tour, and argue over a tiny model apartment on exhibit at the City Museum of New York. Not much bigger than a display at IKEA, the winner of Mayor Bloomberg’s adApt micro-apartment design competition will soon house real, live New Yorkers in a development on East 27th Street. New York is not the first city to try to integrate micro units into an already crowded cityscape, nor is it the first city to fend off controversy over how many luxe features cash-strapped residents can afford. So what can New Yorkers learn from micro-unit developers and residents around the country? First lesson: Play music while you’re in the bathroom. … Read More

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Why Lesbians Need a Character Like ‘Happy Endings” Max Blum

I didn’t want to like Happy Endings. Every fall, at least one network tries some dark magic in an attempt to resurrect Friends “for a new generation,” unleashes it on an unsuspecting public, and then blames some poor showrunner when it burns down the whole village in a fit of stupidity.

But Happy Endings charmed me. Mostly, Adam Pally charmed me as Max Blum — a hairy, horn-dog, no-good single gay dude. Max was the first gay man I’d seen on television who spent more time eating Cheez Whiz than applying “product.” The only gay thing about Max is that he sleeps with men — which is much closer to the real gay men I know. Not everyone is a Cam or a Mitchell, a Will or a Jack. In a weird way, Max is my TV avatar, too. Max dates men — and also likes the Bulls! I date women — and I also like pedicures! … Read More

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