Caitlin Brody


Lost Goes Minimalist


No joke: we love minimalist posters. But a minimalist take on Lost, with its six seasons, ridiculous plot twists, and roughly 30 main characters, is no easy feat. However, the cult of Lost breeds superfans, among which Georgia-based artist Gideon is no exception. She decided to create a poster for every, single, episode, starting with the pilot from 2004. The posters feature a muted color palette and a pithy phrase summarizing the installment. So far Gideon is up to her 78th poster (that’s halfway through the fourth season, for the few undevoted Losters out there), and is planning to work her way up to the 121st poster for the series finale on May 23rd. Check our some of our favorite graphic images and see if you can pin each one to its proper… Read More

Ridley Scott Rolls the Dice with Mr. Monopoly


Ridley Scott, the man behind the likes of Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and Robin Hood, has officially ventured into new and, er… well-worn territory, with a take on Hasbro’s iconic Monopoly boardgame. Luckily, the mystery protagonist will not need to wear a top hat, mustache or spectacles — it will be a modern day dramedy, after all. Scott has cryptically said the film will focus on the role of greed in society: “The most amusing thing about Monopoly is it can turn your benign aunt or your benign sweet little grandmother into a monster,” Scott told Hasbro. And while we’re not convinced of the “Untitled Monopoly Project’s” merit, check out our casting predictions for the film after the jump. And no matter how ridiculous, feel free to share your own predictions in the comments… Read More

Are Trey Parker and Matt Stone Just Assholes?


By now, everyone knows that Comedy Central’s ‘South Park’ is renowned for its ability to make controversial paper cut-outs that relentlessly push the envelope. (“Come out of the closet, Tom!”) But for those of you who watched last night’s episode “201” (a continuation of last week’s “200”), you may have been a bit confused by the bleeps and image blocks surrounding the animated version of the Prophet Muhammad (and in a bear costume, no… Read More

The Top 10 Celebrities Who Hate Lady Gaga


Despite her numerous collaborations, leotards and intellectual pursuits, there are some major Gaga haters out there. And some of these haters are people we actually respect! Imagine that. After the jump, check out a roundup of quotes from famous people who don’t see the magic behind muppet-inspired… Read More

Eric Daigh’s Pin-Up Portaits


So this is fun, and makes us seriously want to go through our supply closet. Michigan-based artist, Eric Daigh’s incredibly realistic portraits are not made from paint, but from those annoying little guys that hang your grocery list and stick to your fingertips. That’s right –… Read More