15 Apartments on Film That We Wish We Owned

[Editor's note: While your Flavorwire editors take a much-needed holiday break, we'll spend the next two weekends revisiting some of our most popular features of the year. This post was originally published July 20, 2011.] Tiny bathrooms, creepy Craigslist roommates, mice-infestations — typical apartment living is nothing like the movies. Our fifth-story walk-up is a far cry from the spaces we dreamed of when still living with Mom and Dad; there isn’t even one spiral staircase or floor-to-ceiling window. Looking back, we realized that many of our dream apartments were inspired by our favorite films. As a follow up to our list of the best movie bedrooms, we’ve rounded up 15 big-screen flats that are simply too good to be real, from Auntie Mame’s city splendor to Patrick Bateman’s minimalist bachelor pad. Add your suggestions in the comments. … Read More

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10 Essential Female Funk Artists

We were excited to see the conversation our female punk icons post generated, finding relief in the fact that while Rolling Stone may have overlooked these women, our readers certainly haven’t. Unfortunately, punk rock isn’t the only genre in which women have been notoriously sidelined — often, a funk album’s only female presence is its scantily clad cover model. When pressed, true funk aficionados can name a few women who brought the funk but, more often than not, Chaka Khan is the only artist who gets credit for her contribution. While we love our Chaka, there are plenty of other ladies who tore the roof off the sucker, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 women who should be in every funk fan’s collection. As always, this is in no way a definitive list, merely a launching pad for further investigation. … Read More

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Anja Markiewicz’s Stunningly Small Origami

Perhaps we’re so impressed with German artist Anja Markiewicz’s origami because we’re aren’t very good with our hands, but we have to imagine that even a paper-folding pro would be awed by her work. Using colored sheets of paper that are less than an inch wide, she constructs delicate sculptures — from howling coyotes to geometrically elaborate snowflakes to the traditional Japanese paper crane — that fit on a fingertip. The process may be laborious but the result is remarkable. After the jump, check out some of our favorite pieces of Markiewicz’s work, then click here to see more of her miniatures. … Read More

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Cheeming Boey’s Intricate Drawings on Styrofoam Coffee Cups

We have always enjoyed coffee, but now that Junkculture has introduced us to Cheeming Boey’s artwork, we are now rethinking our disposal of the cup. After one chance run-in with a trash can in an Irvine coffee shop, Boey, a computer animator, began producing his intricately illustrated Styrofoam cups. With Sharpie as his medium and foam as his canvas, he concocts elaborate scenes, from ancient Japanese battles to portraits of Daft Punk. The work isn’t easy — the ink bleeds, lines often smudge, the curve presents a challenge — but the result is undeniably stunning. After the jump, see some of our favorite pieces. Head to Flickr for the rest of Boey’s cups and learn more about the artist at his website. … Read More

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A Brief History of TV Weddings

My Fair Wedding, Say Yes to the Dress, Get Married – there is no shortage of wedding-related TV programming. Now it seems unremarkable for nearly forgotten celebrities to broadcast their wedding to strangers across the nation, sharing their fairytale ceremony with audiences who are betting on how soon the divorce papers will be filed. Here at Flavorwire, we wondered how a private milestone became such a public phenomenon, how the highly-anticipated and romantic TV unions of yesteryear became the Bridezillas of today. After the jump, check out our compressed timeline of TV weddings, from Carol and Mike Brady’s blended family to TLC’s gypsy nuptials. … Read More

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The 10 Best Songs by Cartoon Musicians

We all know the mental agony that is the earworm, the frustration of having one song unwelcomely soundtrack your actions throughout a day, from shampooing your hair to hailing a cab. This torture crosses over into the realm of humiliation when the tune you can’t stop humming is performed by a group of cartoon characters. And yet, our enjoyment of these songs isn’t always unwarranted — plenty of the songs we hear on cartoons are catchy as hell. So plug in your earphones and turn away from nearby coworkers because we’ve compiled a list of undeniably good jams that just so happen to have been sung by animated musicians. Check out our choices after the jump and be sure to leave your own suggestions in the comments. … Read More

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In Defense of the New Spider-Man: 10 Great Superheroes of Color

Last week, Marvel debuted a new biracial superhero in Ultimate Spider-Man — creators hoped the new half-black, half-Hispanic Spider-Man, Miles Morales, would reflect the diversity of modern society. While some (including your author) welcomed Marvel’s progressive adaptation to a changing market, many fans took to the internet to share their disdain. The eruption of fan backlash was disheartening and, at times, ugly.

Some ranted that Marvel was taking unnecessary steps towards being “politically correct,” while others complained that such a recognizable superhero shouldn’t be open to adjustments. The climax came when Glenn Beck joined the noise, somehow connecting the character to Michelle Obama. For our part, we think it’s important to point out that, while it can be slow to change, the comic-book world is becoming a more diverse place — Miles Morales isn’t the first non-Caucasian superhero and isn’t likely to be the last. To celebrate the Marvel Universe’s newest addition, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite superheroes of color. … Read More

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Gallery: Carmen Ortiz’s Lifelike Celebrity Pencil Portraits

Since the days of Andy Warhol, the art world has openly engaged with the cult of celebrity. It’s not uncommon for an artist to use celebrities’ likenesses in their pieces — Daniel Edwards has made a career out of sculpting public figures like Britney Spears in provocative positions — yet rarely does one see works as lifelike and simple as Carmen Ortiz’s illustrations. A self-taught artist, Ortiz creates pencil portraits that are remarkably detailed and beautifully shaded. With the increasing popularity of digital artwork, her hand-drawn portraits are a refreshing change. Click through to see some of our favorite portraits of actors and musicians, including Thom Yorke and Anne Hathaway. If you’re interested in seeing more of her work or purchasing a print, head over to Ortiz’s website. … Read More

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Jud Wimhust’s Consumerist Masks for the Modern Tribe

Since the dissolution of tribes in the Western world, we’ve shelved the masks we once used in religious rites, celebrations, and war, limiting their usage to Halloween or the occasional masquerade. Yet, in Masks for the Modern Tribe, artist Jud Wimhurst reimagines their meaning, exploring the effects of branding and consumption on modern identity. The contemporary masks he envisions are adorned with familiar iconography from companies such as McDonald’s and Chanel, defining individuals in terms of their purchases. After the jump, check out Wimhurst’s work, and then head over to the Melbourne Arts Room gallery to see more of his sculptures. … Read More

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Dr. Seuss, E.B. White Celebrate Libraries in Vintage Letters to Kids

In 1971, prior to the opening of Troy, Michigan’s first public library, children’s librarian Marguerite Hart began a letter writing campaign asking notable individuals to share their memories of reading and illustrate the importance of libraries. She hoped these notes would inspire the city’s youth. Hart received 97 letters in return, from celebrities, politicians, and authors, including Dr. Seuss, Neil Armstrong, E.B. White, Pearl Buck, Ronald Reagan, and Douglas Fairbanks. The notes are eloquent, touching and thoughtful — Michigan State University President Clifton Wharton rhapsodizes on the responsibility of knowledge while Isaac Asimov writes that a library is “a friend that will amuse you and console you.” After the jump are some of our favorite letters to Troy’s children — to see all 97, head to the Troy Public Library website. … Read More

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