Born to Run: Photos of Rock Stars with Their Cars

Since playing music is so much about being on the road, and since rock ‘n’ roll is so much about being reckless and young and fast, it’s no wonder that so many rock icons have been photographed and immortalized with their cars. Click through to see a roundup of 10 of our favorite photographs of famous musicians mugging alongside their rides. … Read More

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Music’s Most Infamous Masked Performers

When you’re Ke$ha and competing with the likes of Lady Gaga, perhaps you feel like masquerading around Soho wearing a tiger-head mask is the way to go. Because here’s the thing: While for normal people masks serve as a disguise, when you’re already famous, they only get you noticed more. Click through for a roundup of musicians who have embraced the masked look, and in certain cases, prepare yourself to be a little frightened. … Read More

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Roadkill Cake: The Dark Underbelly of Iowa’s Fairs

Anyone who has ever waited in a long line for fried Oreos at the fair knows that it’s the kind of place where things can get ugly. But while frightening, that kind of experience pales in comparison to a viewing of the freakish submissions to annual food contests like the Iowa State Fair’s Ugly Cake Competition. See some of our favorite past entries after the jump — but only if you’ve already finished your lunch! … Read More

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What Your Bike Says About You

Do you ride a Yamaha V Star-950 cruiser with steel fenders and chrome-plated head covers? Use expressions like, “Nice steed?” Does the sight of an all-titanium bike frame get you randy? As you’ve probably heard by now, Pee-wee Herman recently made an appearance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, cocksure and pedaling his big red bike. We were both pleasantly surprised and concerned over the combination: plastic tassels and bow ties don’t usually mix with ink, leather and chrome. But does the bike really make the person? Yep. Click through to find out what yours reveals about you. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Enchanted Sweetscapes

French sculptor and photographer Lionel Scoccimaro, a fan of Evel Knievel, surfing and skateboarding, employs fun as a vital element in his work, engaging with his viewers in a delightful, sentimental, and often cloying way. He has described this “game-playing” as “a modern motif,” but don’t underestimate the profound thought that goes into his work. As Scoccimaro explains, “I’m very serious about the way I ‘have fun,’ because it’s my only way of renewing myself and finding pleasure in my studio.” Check out more of his sugar-cube sculptures after the cut. … Read More

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Max Headroom Is Back: Classic Clips You Won’t Find on the DVD

Have words like blipvert, fringer, and Zik-Zak entered your lexicon in the last few days? Got ’80s New Coke on the brain? Have no idea what we’re talking about? Shout! Factory’s recent release of Max Headroom: The Complete Series, a show that ABC aired from 1987 to 1988, has those of us who spent our childhoods in front of the TV excited. With a pronounced jaw line and cool shades set against a backdrop of geometric lines, Max Headroom’s trademark stutter and biting criticism of big corporation, network television and censorship, intrigued us. His smooth style and love of golf charmed us. After the jump, we celebrate our nostalgia for a young Matt Frewer by dredging up some classic Max Headroom clips you won’t find on the DVD. … Read More

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