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Exciting Ghostbusters 3 News: Ivan Reitman to Direct


With all the speculation that’s been swirling around Ghostbusters 3, here’s a solid fact for us Bill Murray obsessives: Ivan Reitman will be directing. Reitman was at the helm on both the first and second films, and will be continuing the role despite whisperings that Harold Ramis might direct (after Year One, we’d say that’s a good thing).… Read More

Five New TV Shows to Hold Your Breath For


First it was Mad Men. Then Sons of Anarchy, followed by Dexter (which finished a lackluster season on a bang). Since most of the TV series worth watching ended their seasons this fall, television has become a cultural dead zone. American Idol? No thanks. Luckily, spring is upon us, bringing new beginnings, rainbows, daffodils, and brand new TV shows. Not just new seasons–whole new… Read More

Rate-a-Trailer: The Company Men


We have a new trend on our hands: recession cinema. After last month’s Up in the Air, in which George Clooney goes around firing people, we now get The Company Men: an ensemble cast of Hollywood heavyweights playing business execs affected by corporate… Read More

Five Obscure Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories


Jim is alive. Paul is dead. Andrew W.K. is really Dave Grohl. Wait–one of these doesn’t belong. It seems that pop culture conspiracies have been around since the dawn of time, or at least since the second gunman and the grassy knoll. However, some bizarre mysteries are better known than… Read More

Watch Scarlett Johansson’s Nixed Short Film


First there was Scarlett Johansson’s album of Tom Waits covers, then her musical collaboration with Pete Yorn. Now we get Scarlett Johansson: film director. These Vagabond Shoes was originally cut from the anthology of shorts known as New York I Love You (an unfortunate spin-off from the French’s love note to their capital, Paris, je t’aime), and has now hit the internets for our viewing pleasure (in Russian, no less). The premise is simple, the cast is small (Kevin Bacon), and the cinematography gets a boost from the fact that it’s shot in black and white. While it’s obviously an amateur effort, Johansson manages to capture some poignant images as Bacon, in Don Draper attire, makes his way through the urban jungle of Manhattan to Coney Island’s seashore.

Watch and let us know what you think.
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