What’s on at Flavorpill: Links that made the rounds at our office

Today at Flavorpill, we finally discovered a name for our orientation. We found the full-length Mike Tyson doc that got so much attention at Sundance. We puzzled over the Turkish blackface controversy. We got excited for David Byrne’s next record in spite of Fatboy Slim’s involvement. We can’t… Read More

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Exclusive: Four Tet’s Kieren Hebden

As Four Tet, London producer Kieren Hebden has built a strong underground following with a series of studio albums, remixes, and extensive live and recorded DJ work. Music-nerd tongues are consistently wagging about his wide-open embrace of styles melding genuine instrumentation with abstract digitalia. Hebden’s all-inclusive interest also led him to partner with avant-jazz drum legend Steve Reid for three albums and several tours. In anticipation of an upcoming performance as part of Santos’ Mister Saturday Night series in NYC, Hebden took time to speak with our sister publication Earplug about collaborations, DJing, and his advice for boosting record sales. … Read More

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Video of the Day: Young Problemz – F**k Yo MySpace Page (Mr. Hanky Remix)

Here’s a remix of last summer’s track from Texas’ Young Problemz. We’re hoping they’re working on a Twitter rant. Or at least something that goes after Facebook…

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Why Buy the Cow When You Can Stream the MP3 for Free?

A new study shows that teens 13-17 collected significantly less music in 2008 than in the previous year, regardless of whether they paid for it. Kids today! Market research firm NPD Group found a sharp drop in purchases of CDs and digital downloads (19 percent and 23 percent respectively), but a whopping 28 percent fewer teens bothered to rip CDs from their friends, and there was a slight downturn in tracks illegally downloaded from peer-to-peer sources too. … Read More

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Hungover Till June [Rate-a-Trailer]

We can’t remember the last time our anticipation for a movie jumped this much from one trailer to the next. A new, full-length version (after the jump) of The Hangover was just unleashed and managed to dispel our disappointment after seeing the initial shorter one. We didn’t imagine an ensemble cast including Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms (Andy from The Office), Heather Graham, Rob Riggle, a tiger, a baby, and Mike Tyson could fail. Can you say “screwball”? The Hangover is currently slated for a June 5 release. … Read More

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Thank Strunk and White for Ben Affleck's Writing

If there’s a single must-have book for anyone with ambitions of writing — from high-school students to professionals — it’s William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s The Elements of Style. That slight, but iconic guide to practical English written grammar gets a spiffy new, hardcover edition for its 50th Anniversary Edition. Although much of the content is available online, there’s nothing like the real thing. The publicity packet also made for a good read (and looks error free, too), with bios and old articles and letters concerning the guide’s early days. Best though, is the roll-call of publishing and literary stars (and oddly, Ben Affleck) waxing poetic on the beloved book. … Read More

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Be Like Rusko: Home Studio 101

We just came across this on Dutty Artz‘ blog, a great source for aficionados of low-end musics. Leeds’ leading dubstepper Rusko (on tour now) offered up a four-part, 37-minute YouTube lesson on the art of producing the style. It’s a low-fi class to be sure, but the fact that his home studio is so bare bones makes it especially relevant and accessible for aspiring bedroom producers. And the tips and tricks would be helpful for creating most any electronic/dance style with a basic setup. … Read More

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Pitchforks Meet Payos [Photo Gallery]

File under: culture pseudo-clash. We couldn’t get over this AP photo gallery on Gothamist of Amish families taking a tour of a Hasidic Brooklyn neighborhood on Tuesday. Both insular, devout communities had remarkably similar outward appearances and surely found much of their simple, pious daily lives to be familiar as well. Could some of the visiting Lancaster, PA, youth eventually find their way back to Crown Heights when rumspringa time rolls around? Judging by the video after the jump, we’re thinking not. … Read More

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Doug Jaeger's Trouble with Mom

Jeremy Abelson: Did the campaign receive more attention because of the modifications made to it?

Doug Jaeger: Probably, but for what? I mean it received attention for being slashed up. In some circles that’s really cool, but, ya know my parents were like “we’re really disappointed in you.”

- HuffPo published an insightful story… Read More

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Video of the Day: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Edition

Viral video goofball collective Chad, Matt, and Rob introduced YouTube to their interactive narrative series “The Time Machine” last December. The LA-based, Lonely Island-affiliated “dot comedy” foursome (somehow Jonah Goldstein didn’t warrant name inclusion) have since one-upped themselves with “The Murder,” a choose-your-own-adventure for the Web. At the end of each segment, click the path you want to follow (in comic-book panel form) to save Rob. We can’t wait to see what directions this approach can take with a little budget behind it. … Read More

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