Sultry, Couture Reimaginings of the Women of ‘The X-Men’

Have you ever wondered what the women from The X-Men would look like if they decide to star in their own runway modeling event? Well, neither did we. Fortunately, artist Kevin Wada and Max Wittert did and they showed us just what we were missing out on with our lack of fashionable female X-Men thoughts. … Read More

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The Occupy Wall Street USA Monopoly Board

Like Monopoly but hate the old-timey feel of the game? Well then why not try one that’s a little more modern? This Occupy USA board game by the Village Voice‘s William Banzai is just like the classic you’ve come to love except that it includes cities that are hosting their own versions of Occupy Wall Street and modern issues like federal bailouts and subprime mortgages. It might just be the best possible way to pass the time while you occupy the financial capital of your city. Click on for a bigger version. … Read More

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Movies Totally Different From the Books They Were Based On

With a few rare exceptions, most people tend to agree that the book version of a story is always better than the movie. But what about the cases when those two works are so different that they’re practically impossible to compare? We don’t mean stories where things have been tweaked a bit for the film adaptation, but rather movies that feature totally different endings, story lines, and main characters than the original book. Here are a few of our favorite examples. Be warned, spoilers ahead! … Read More

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Axl Rose Both Looks and Sounds Horrible

There’s something to be said about dying young and leaving a pretty corpse. While we certainly wouldn’t wish that fate upon anyone, there are some people whose legacies would be a lot better off if they did heed the cliched rock and roll slogan. Take, for example Axl Rose in the following video. We’ve heard karaoke singers that sound more like the real Axl Rose. Between being out of key and completely out of breath, this might be the worst version of “Welcome to the Jungle” that we’ve ever heard. Even the botched guitar solo sounds better than this empty husk of the snake-dancing man of lore. By the time the audio cuts out halfway through the video, you’re actually thankful there is no more risk your ears will start to bleed. … Read More

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Kirsten Dunst Hates the Term “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

We admit, Kirsten Dunst is a bit polarizing, just like Zooey Deschanel, but what can we say, we love them both for the way they fit the Manic Pixie Dream Girl persona. But as it turns out, Kiki had never heard the term before a recent interview with MovieFone brought it up, and once she learned it, she decided that she hates it. Here are a few choice excerpts from the interview, where the writer awkwardly tries to explain the definition to the star that led to the coining of the term. … Read More

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The Best Pop Culture Mashup Costumes for Halloween

We love Halloween and we love pop culture, so it’s only natural we love pop culture Halloween costumes. That being said ,you can only see so many Darth Vader, Mario and super hero costumes before they get to be a little old. Fortunately, some people are happy to kick things up a notch by putting their own spin on these classic costumes. Here are our favorite Halloween mashup costumes, our apologies that so many of them are Star Wars-related, but that’s just because Star Wars costumes are so overdone that their fans tend to be the first people to think to do mashups. … Read More

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LACMA Plans to Create a Film Museum

Good news for film history lovers! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the group responsible for the Oscars) has struck up a deal with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to create a film museum in its newest building, a former May Company store now known as “LACMA West.” While… Read More

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Watch a High-Quality ‘Star Wars’ Fan Movie

While there are thousands of fan movies to be found on YouTube, let’s be honest: most of them are pretty low-budget and poor-quality. A Light In The Darkness is a Star Wars fan film that, thanks to some great writing and acting, is actually pretty good. Find out just how good by watching the full half-hour film after the jump. … Read More

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Stunning Paper Animal Sculptures by Annawili Highfield

What could you make with torn paper scraps and a bit of water color? If you’re like us, the answer is not much. But fortunately, Annawili Highfield is not like us, which is why she can take the most simple materials and create her own stunning animal animals. While she certainly has a soft spot for birds and horses, to the point where they dominate her body of work, she’s not limited to avian and equestrian creations. Here are some of our favorite pieces from her collection. … Read More

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Rhett and Link Take Advantage of YouTube’s Captions

Rhett and Link are best known for their hilarious local commercials that have earned them their own show on IFC, but these boys are just plain funny no matter what they are working on. In this video, the pair uses YouTube’s closed captioning tool to translate a video with a simple script into a pile of mush. Then they take the transcript from that video to make an even more nonsensical video. While the end result is hilarious, it also makes us feel bad for the hearing impaired people who actually have to rely on this terrible captioning tool to watch any YouTube videos. … Read More

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