10 Risqué Books Worth Buying a Kindle to Read

Here at Flavorpill, we can be bit old-fashioned. We usually prefer our books made of bound paper, but we admit the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has us all running for our Kindles — or buying them. There are certain books you don’t want to carry into work, or be seen reading on the subway, but with the anonymity of an e-reader, you can nurture your secret Christian Grey obsession (or whichever left-of-center obsession you choose) with complete freedom. With all the current fuss over E.L. James, we’ve delved a little deeper into risqué fiction, the kind of stuff you’ll stay up all night reading, whether by candle or Kindle light. Check out our after-dark reading list after the jump. … Read More

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10 Famous Authors’ Fascinating Alter Egos

“Write what you know.” This piece of clichéd, but sage, advice is the basis for some of the most acclaimed novels in history. Some simply explore their native milieu and insert a fictional plot, while others write a roman à clef, skirting the border of fiction and reality. Roman à clef—French for novel with a key—is a fancy term for a fictional story based on real life. It’s a pervasive form, and secrets itself among our beach books (The Devil Wears Prada) and heavy literature (The Bell Jar) alike. It’s not surprising that most writers explore their own lives, often with the aid of a parallel self (much like the famous artists who also employ alter egos). Authors may choose to veil their alter egos with differing qualities, or let their true selves shine through. Which of your favorite characters is secretly the author? Find out in our list of famous writers’ alter egos after the jump. … Read More

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10 Odd Stories Behind Famous Authors’ Nom de Plumes

Pen names speckle literary history and our modern bookshelves. If you own anything by George Orwell, Anthony Burgess, or George Eliot, you own a piece of the epic chronicle of pseudonyms. Authors change their names for many reasons, but historically, one of the strongest reasons to use a pen name was to hide your lady bits. Back in the day, women writers were forced to use male pseudonyms. Despite much more equality between the sexes in present day, the tradition remains in the use of initials instead of first names, which immediately alert the male reader to “cooties”—something boys avoid at all costs. But gender isn’t the only guiding force when picking your pen name. We’ve collected ten strange stories behind famous writers’ nom de plumes for your consideration, so check them out after the jump, and write your own nom de plume in the comments! … Read More

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The 10 Best LGBT Romances in Literature

Ever since Maryland officially legalized same-sex marriage earlier this month (and spawned this amazing video of Omar “Omar’s comin’!” Little in the process), we at Flavorwire have had love on our minds. Since we’re also always thinking about books, we’ve collected ten wonderful literary LGBT romances to get you in the mood. From aching first love to rambunctious adulthood, this list offers something for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference. Heartbreak — like disease, love, and death — doesn’t care if you’re hetero-normative or not. It’s just part of the rollercoaster human experience. So, break out your vinyl of Elliot Smith’s XO, and get your tissues ready — or look forward to spring flings, and revel in human sexuality. Do you have any favorites that didn’t make the list? Post recommendations in the comments! … Read More

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Reality TV Shows About Famous Authors We'd Love to See

Are you more interested in the Brontës than the Kardashians? Does your heart embrace only one Millionaire Matchmaker — Becky Sharp? (Okay, two. Undine Spragg, for name alone.) We lit geeks at Flavorwire see the canned drama of the Basketball Wives, and pooh-pooh. We’d rather tune out, turn off, and reminisce about Faulkner’s drunken Pulitzer Prize speech, or the time Hemingway and Wallace Stevens got into a fistfight. Now, there’s drama we want to DVR! After all, why do reality TV stars enthrall the American public? Our guess is their affluence, good looks, and constant conflict. Well, you know what we say to that? Edith Wharton, Lord Byron, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Literary history roils with glamor, wealth, and — above all — enormous egos. It’s the perfect stuff of entertainment (and art, apparently). So which writers would be on your dream TiVo? Check out our own fantasy list after the jump! … Read More

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