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The 5 Most Unnecessary Comics of All Time


Don’t get us wrong, we have a deep appreciation for comics. We think it’s amazing that the medium lets great writers and artists put together innovative ideas, but it makes us sad when when such a great opportunity gets mixed up with ideas that should never be. Ideas like the forthcoming biographical comic about Twilight author, Stephanie Meyer. We can think of absolutely no reason that such a thing should exist in the first place, but even worse is the fact that it’s far from being alone in the terrible-concept category of… Read More

Little Red Riding Hood Is Going Goth


It looks like Little Red will be coming to the big screen in a dark way, according to Variety’s reportthat Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appain Way will partner with Orphanscreenwriter David Leslie Johnson for a “Gothic reimagining” of the classic fairy tale.

Though there’s no word yet on exactly how dark this new take will go, given that Johnson’s sole writing credit is a horror flick, we feel pretty safe in saying this won’t be one for the kiddies. Though the Grimm Brothers made the happy ending version of the story ubiquitous, many portrayals – from original oral tellings to Margaret Atwood’s blood cloaked Little Red – have a much more gruesome take on the plot, with everything from werewolves to our heroin’s death at the hands of the… Read More

Literary Links: Sexy Library Edition


We’ve always been big readers here at the Flavorwire office, but lately with the ebook craze flying around, we may have neglected our ink-and-paper pals down at the local library. But they’re not about to take that lying down. Library news is all over the place recently, and in solidarity for our favorite writers and readers, we bring you the latest from the world of overdue books.

A New Jersey librarian named Andy Woodworth has gathered over 4,400 people to a Facebook group, petitioning Ben & Jerry’s to launch a library themed flavor to raise awareness for libraries “in the face of stagnant or slashed state, county, and municipal budgets”. Lots of flavors have been suggested, including Gooey Decimal System, Dusty Stacks and Li-Berry Pie – even Ben & Jerry’s own Arnold Carbone has suggested Malt Whitman, which makes it look like the company is taking the idea seriously. [via The… Read More

Video of the Day: Digital Small Talk


That waterfall of ticker tape is actually a live feed printout of Twitter and Facebook status updates; the thermal printers are part of Christopher Baker’s art installation, in collaboration with Márton András Juhász and the Kitchen Budapest, entitled Murmur Study. The project searches these sites for variations of “common emotional utterances” like argh, meh and oooo and collects them into piles, highlighting the way that all of our “personal” updates are archived by corporations without us really paying any attention to it. You can check out the installation at the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis now through August 23. Note: All of the paper is collected for future projects or… Read More

Coming to a Coffee Table Near You: Awkward Family Photos


For everyone who has ever had to take a family picture in matching outfits, here’s a book for you. The blog, which was launched this May by Doug Chernack and screenwriter Mike Bender, has been picked up by Three Rivers Press (of Random House’s Crown group) to be turned into a sweet, sweet reminder that it wasn’t just your family. While there’s no word yet on exactly what the book will entail (we really hope there are some of the site’s Awkward Family Stories in there) we would like to suggest a few of our favorites that we hope make the cut – trust us, we’ve never appreciated our family… Read More

The E-Reader Roundup: Can You Kill A Kindle?


Though some school’s are handing out Kindles for free (only to be met with controversy from the blind community), Amazon’s still in trouble for the Orwell debacle and The Free Software Foundation is petitioning them to relinquish control of e-books customers buy.

Barnes and Noble are getting into the game with free wifi in thier stores for what they are calling “the world’s largest e-bookstore”. The software will be available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, smart phones, computers and the Plastic Logic e-reader, which is expected to come out later this… Read More

Film News: Halloween 2, The Dark Knight, The Lorax, and More


Despite a relatively good US run, things have turned out a bit odd for the kids flick Monsters vs Aliens. To begin with, the Dreamworks film didn’t play so well overseas, bringing in just $177.1M in foreign markets, as opposed to the studio’s Madagascar which pulled in $339.1M overseas. Equally odd is the decision to release the film on DVD on the rather inauspicious September 29, well ahead of the Christmas-time boom.

Though the director previously denied it, Rob Zombie’s tweets now have Slashfilm wondering if Michael Meyers is going to get chatty in Halloween 2. The famous killer has never uttered a word on screen, though rumors about a “boo!” that was ultimately scrapped surrounded Zombie’s first take on the film. But now Zombie has tweeted that he’s doing some work with the Michael Meyer’s actor Tyler Mane on some ADR (additional dialogue recording) which does sound… Read More

Twitter Games: Failed Children’s Book Titles


Wouldn’t you know it: On the day we post an interview with Lizzie Skurnick about her about her favorite YA reads, over on Twitter they have a hashtag game brewing called Failed Children’s Book Titles (#failedchildrensbooktitles). Take a look at a few of out favorites (of the ones that were safe to reprint) below, and then give us your ideas for the best children’s-book-title-that-wasn’t in the comments. Or even better, send us a tweet @flavorpill.

SJGames Anne of Soylent Green Gables
atencio: You ARE My Mother (With a foreword by Maury Povich)

InterruptingDad: Charlotte’s Web of Lies

AllTurdReality: Green Eggs and Salmonella

jonathan_dunn: The Little Engine That Shot Liberty… Read More

Trend Watch: Muggle Quidditch Goes Collegiate


Despite the fact that the seven book series ended over two years ago and the latest film took a 60 percent tumble at the box office last weekend, it looks like Harry Potter’s grip on the muggle world may not be over yet. Quidditch, yes quidditch, is sweeping the nation’s colleges (ha, broom pun!) with over 200 schools interested in the sport, and 150 — from Princeton to LSU — already participating in the International Quidditch Association.… Read More