Meat as Muse: A Jaw-Dropping Look at America, Told Through Beef

“It wasn’t uncommon for my wife to ask, ‘Who are we eating tonight?’” Dominic Episcopo recalls. “[I would reply,] ‘You’re eating New Jersey and I’m eating Abe Lincoln.’”

It’s all in a day’s work for the Philadelphia-based artist, photographer and carnivore, whose newest project, Meat America, explores the American spirit and the symbols, figures, and history that represent it — all expressed through intricately-carved and sculpted cuts of meat. From state-shaped steaks to cellophane-wrapped hamburger meat spelling “LOVE,” the project is both conceptually eye-opening and seriously ambitious. … Read More

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Bizarre Photographs That Juxtapose Nude Women and Vegetables [NSFW]

Combining imagery of women and fruit is nothing new, from art (take Mary Cassatt or Paul Gauguin) to modern fitness articles (“pear” vs “apple-shaped” bodies). But Fruit & Vegetables, a series by Belgian artist Heidi Voet, tackles the two in a totally different way: nudes of young women Voet pulled from Chinese erotica magazines with either their top or bottom halves replaced with a fruit or vegetable. “The fresh vegetables visually complete the young bodies, highlighting consumption and each other’s limited preservability,” she explains. The result is a collection of refreshingly startling images that function as both absurd collages and relevant commentary on sexuality and youth.  … Read More

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From Kat Von D to Lena Dunham: An Amazing History of Women and Tattoos

As of 2012, tattooed women outnumber men for the first time in American history, making the third edition of Margot Mifflin’s Bodies of Subversion more relevant than ever. Initially published in 1997, the book was the first history of women’s tattoo art and remains the primary source on the subject. The newest revision updates stories from earlier editions while expanding to include over 100 new images, as well as offering a modern take on how the public’s opinion of tattoos has… Read More

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Ice, Ice, Baby: 10 Insane Art Pieces Made from Snow and Ice

As a good part of the US is getting blasted by some seriously frigid air this week, it only seems appropriate to take in some art pieces inspired by Mother Nature’s wintery capabilities. From snow canvases to ice soundscapes, read on for some stunning — albeit temporary — work inspired by temperatures under 32 degrees. … Read More

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Beautiful Paper Sculptures Photographed in Forests

As completely stupid as it is to admit, it’s easy to forget that paper really does come from trees. Take Chicago artist Dan Bradica’s Constructions photo series, which intersperses enormous, bright paper sculptures with nature. From packaging trees together in a bright red wrapper to piling up cardboard boxes in an empty forest, the paper constructions are transformed into glaringly out-of-place strangers in their own place of origin. … Read More

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Beautifully Disgusting Photos of Decaying Food

Oh, food photography! From mainstream food-focused media to the obscene amount of personal food blogs, from Pinterest “food porn” boards (ugh) to daily Instagram posts of “this is a sandwich I ate for lunch,” the presentation of food has become an overwhelmingly present force in modern trends. But what happens to all that food? What changes when you stop looking at these images as beautiful (and borderline-fetishized) compositions of cleanly-plated and well-lit art, and instead consider that it in fact is just food. It is organic compounds that quickly decompose into a very, very different-looking state. Artist Joe Buglewicz takes this to heart in his Rotten series, a collection of beautifully-composed images of rotting food. … Read More

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Fascinating Portraits That Explore How Workplace Shapes Character

Acclaimed educator, author, and consultant Peter Drucker said, “Work is an extension of personality. It is one of the ways in which a person defines himself, measures his worth and humanity.” We may consider ourselves to be two different people: the people we are at home, and the people we become at work. Easier said than done! In his ongoing series Employees Only, photographer Jesse Louttit explores this fascinating juxtaposition between work life and character, or as he puts it, how “the intimate details of our everyday lives can still be completely foreign to those who know us outside of our work, even to our closest loved ones.” Click through to take a look. … Read More

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10 Billboard Campaigns That Aren't Trying To Sell You Anything

In a twist on the well-known Joyce Kilmer verse, Ogden Nash satirized, “I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I’ll never see a tree at all.”
Billboards: ever-present in-your-face advertising that we mostly wish would just go away. Except for when they’re awesome! From political statements to subliminal poetry, read on for ten billboards we wish we’d see instead of ads for the newest McDonald’s snack wrap. … Read More

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Cinematic Doppelgangers: Surprising Similarities in Film Stills

If you are already way over the excitement of Google Similar Images, may we recommend The Inevitable, a 2007 film installation project by New York video artist and programmer Kurt Ralske which used custom software to search through movies, looking for frame-by-frame similarities in shape, and leading to some unexpected matches. The results different films were run across six synchronized video monitors, the stills freezing when they converge at their matching frames. … Read More

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From Picasso to Dolly Parton: The 10 Best Giftable Art Books of 2012

Art books: the absolute best “no one needs this, everyone likes this” gift option out there. We sifted through this year’s wealth of art book offerings — from highbrow to lowbrow, $10 to $750 (?!!) — to provide ten page-turning suggestions we guarantee won’t just sit collecting dust on your coffee table. Enjoy! … Read More

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