Richard Saja’s Festively Subversive Embroidery

Alright, purists. Don’t get your studded panties in a bunch, but we’re just going to go ahead and call these swell embroidery remix works “punk rock” because they are punk rock, sort of. Spotted by the arty Tumblr of Hassie Holmes, the “Historically Inaccurate”  work of Richard Saja takes on an old, rather dull medium and goes nut all over it. See very proper Victorian ladies grow rainbow mohawks and gentlefolk perched on garden swings become festooned with clown-nosed, star-shaped, explosive fashions. Neat stuff, a little reminiscent of the Chapman Brothers’ remix treatment of Goya’s etchings, but nice. Enjoy. … Read More

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Flavorpill’s 10 Most Anticipated Art Exhibits of 2013

Are you ready for a year of new art exhibitions? Whether you’re itching to revisit old favorites or ready to embrace brave new frontiers, we’ve got a selection of exciting art shows that love to break the rules. From cutting-edge new media exhibits to shows celebrating an avant-garde departure from mainstream culture in a decade past, get ready to be inspired. Is the New Aesthetic the new Surrealism? Take a peek at 2013 and mark your calendars! … Read More

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‘Clouds’: An Experimental, Interactive Tech-Art Documentary

Wouldn’t you want a documentary film about coding and new media to be something new itself? A film like you’ve never seen before? Artists and creative technologists James George and Jonathan Minard are working hard and dreaming deep to finish their “full-screen, immersive, interactive audio-visual experience” featuring 30 new media artists, curators, designers, and critics. Why should you Kickstart Clouds? They’re not just exploring the very fringe of rapidly changing ideas and possibilities of tech-art: They’re making a piece of tech art about it. … Read More

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Incredible Geometric Snow Art

When I’m 54, I want to be Simon Beck. Just look at these intense geometrical designs. Can you believe these were created by hand, or rather, by snowshoe footprints? Beck has been making these pieces of land art since 2004 by trampling around freshly fallen snow at the French Les Arcs ski resort. It reminds me a bit of Jim Denevan’s art, only it’s done by just one man — no art elf helpers. Sometimes it takes six hours of very deliberate, pre-planned walking. Sometimes it takes two days. Also, did I mention he’s 54? You go, Simon! You go… in a precise snowflake pattern. Spotted by Colossal, check out his freshest work in our slideshow, and see even more on his Facebook page. … Read More

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Captivating Photos of a Teen Gang in '50s Brooklyn

[Editor's note: In celebration of the holidays, we're spending the next two Tuesdays by counting down the top 12 Flavorwire features of 2012. This post, at #9, was originally published January 4th.] These boys look like trouble. You can tell by the way they grease back their hair, toke their smokes and snap their fingers… Legendary New York photographer Bruce Davidson documented a gang of “troubled teenagers coming of age” in 1959 Brooklyn, capturing the young almost-underbelly of a conservative, “innocent” society. They called themselves the Jokers. See them look tough, get tattoos, get into fights, dance to records, nuzzle with their gal pals and loiter cinematically. Spotted by the Retronaut, indulge yourself with this look back in time, with a tinge of glamorous masculinity and teenage angst. … Read More

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Awesomely Bizarre Soviet Space-Themed Holiday Cards

Happy New Year! Why yes, that is a Santa riding a sleigh powered by space rockets. But no, it’s not a Christmas thing. Are you not familiar with Ded Moroz, the Slavic version of Santa Claus who shows up on New Year’s Eve to deliver presents? That’s not a Christmas tree, either — that’s a Yolochka (“little pine.”) Etc. All of that is explained in detail at, but can we please talk about this cosmonaut theme? Why is Santa riding a Sputnik to the moon? Why is there a gaggle of children dancing in space? Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Soviet space-themed holiday greeting cards, spotted by Dangerous Minds, where inspiring propaganda takes flight to great — very great — heights. Enjoy. … Read More

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The Most Controversial Artworks of 2012

This has been quite a controversial year for art, and we’re not talking Jeffrey Deitch making a mess at the MoCA or that work selling for this many millions or some blue chip gallery doing whatever, wherever… Well, I’m not going to talk about that. Not that it’s not relevant — sure it is! — but it’s pretty inside baseball. Instead, why don’t we just take a look at the art that, for better or for worse, caused international controversy, cocked the heads of the masses, and made the art world ponder its relationship with society? … Read More

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Famous Moments in Music History as 8-Bit GIFs

Musician Joshua Carrafa’s epic Tumblr project Music History In Gifs is nothing short of amazing… if you like music, GIFs, and bit art. We’re literally torn between which amazing animated moment to spotlight here. The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show? Prince’s famous transformation into a symbol? The Nirvana Nevermind baby? Metallica vs. Napster? Tupac against the world? See our favorite GIFs in the slideshow below! … Read More

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What Can We Learn from These Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes?

In the wake of the tragic shooting and killing of children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, gun culture and gun control law are in the spotlight. There are many questions, not the least urgent one being, why would a civilian bring a gun into their home in the first place? Photographer Kyle Cassidy travelled 20,000 miles around the country taking portraits of the so-called “everyman” gun owners in their home, asking that very question, compiling the work in the book Armed in America, recently spotted by Kottke. Not all answers hit the outright disturbing note of this one: “I own a gun because I’m a fuckin’ American and a Marine. It’s my God-given right.” However, undoubtedly, we can look back at this project with renewed concern about what it means to be a gun owner in the US and renewed skepticism as to whether we need better answers or better laws. … Read More

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Glamourous Portraits of Pet Fish

Prepare to see pet fish like you’ve never seen them before… unless you spend hours of meaningful eye contact with your beloved aquarium-bound buddy, that is. Photographer Ernest Goh project The Animal Book explores the relationship between domestic pets and their human masters through formal, emotive, close-up portraiture. “Humans tend to like to anthropomorphize animals and soon after considered their pet to be part of the family and looked upon as a member with a character and soul,” the photographer explains, allegedly capturing the “that human-like character imposed onto them by their owners.” Here’s looking at you, fish. … Read More

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