10 Unforgettable Zombie Apocalypses in TV History

From surprisingly awesome horror sequels and terrifying artwork to scary movie personality tests, we hope we’ve adequately provided you with a diverse range of activities for this Halloween. And with the day finally upon us, we’re rounding things out with a tried (and sometimes true) classic: the zombie apocalypse. Below we’ve collected some of TV’s greatest spins on the genre, a diverse list of sometimes scary, and often funny (reflexively speaking), episodes which could also double as some entertainment for this evening, or any day really, because zombies, they’re year-round now! Have a favorite TV zombie? Do share! … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: 25 Unforgettable Moments from TV’s Fictional Elections

Who had the better campaign video, George Michael or Zack Morris? Is President Bartlet or President Roslin more of a badass? Was Greendale President-elect South Park or Kramer’s loss at Del Boca Vista Phase III the bigger upset? In anticipation of the very real election that’s less than two weeks away, check out our supercut featuring some classic moments from TV’s fictional campaigns, and let us know if we missed any of your favorite candidates! … Read More

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10 TV Cliques We’d Like to Hang With

One of the qualities of a good hang-out show is getting to live vicariously through the crazy adventures of a group of friends that are far cooler than we’ll ever be, for their quick-witted banter, complex schemes, unlimited brunch/booze budget, and ability to sleep with one another without getting weird. And because Happy Endingsone of the most underrated hang-out shows on TV, in our opinion — is returning tonight, we decided to pay tribute to some of the most awesome friends in TV history. Is there a clique you would like to hang (or not hang) with? Let us know!  … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: 50 TV Characters in Hilarious Halloween Costumes

It’s no secret we’ve spent a lot of October covering DIY Halloween getups. But for those who would rather live vicariously through others, or who are still looking for some inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of if the funniest costumes in TV history. Also, if anyone can explain how Penny and Max’s “mom-and-baby” costume works (see opening clip), would you mind dropping us a line in the comments? We’ve been scratching our heads on the logistics of that one for a while. … Read More

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10 Terrifying TV Episodes To Stream Now!

This month we’ve been counting down 50 Essential Horror Films, but if you’re more of a TV fan or find yourself short on time, we recommend checking out one of these terrifying episodes. Are you afraid to drive on highways at night? Do you find mirrors inherently scary? Have you contemplated zombie attack escape routes for multiple occasions? From classic Hitchcock and David Lynch to CW monsters and Masters of Horror pulp, there should be something here to suit everyone’s horror tolerance. So turn out the lights, crawl into your prefabricated blanket fort, and follow the links to get spooked. Is there a TV episode that still haunts you to this day? Let us know in the comments! … Read More

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The 10 Best Books About Miserable Media Jobs

So you think you want to work in media. We asked Jessica Grose, former Slate and Jezebel editor and author of this month’s Sad Desk Salad, what books she would recommend for anyone considering a career in blogging. She did us one better with this comprehensive list on the less glamorous side of publishing, advertising, and film — fields notorious for high burn out, abusive bosses, and soul-crushing competition.

Grose’ debut novel, the story of a young blogger who must decide just how much more she’ll compromise for her life in the media grind, is partially inspired by her own experiences as a stay-at-home writer. “There’s a way you can become a total weirdo couch gremlin when you don’t have to go outside and talk to people every day,” Grose told us. “It’s a bizarre phenomenon that can make you lose a little bit of perspective.” And the title, a reference to “prime-posting time” (or when cubicle dwellers chomp on their midday salads while scrolling celebrity gossip), came to her on her desk at Slate in late fall 2010. “I Tweeted something about having a sad desk salad, and the novelist and writer Lily Burana tweeted back to me something like, that would make a great novel title.”

Needless to say, anyone part of depressing desk-lunch culture will appreciate this story. And those with “sad media” jobs needn’t despair completely, for Grose offered this bit of affirmation: “If you think it’s a stepping stone for a job that is not sad and that you’d actually want some day, stick it out and suck it up; you won’t be there forever.” … Read More

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10 Changes That Could Save 'Glee'

When Glee came on the scene in 2009, it ushered in a new TV business model, one predicated on mega iTunes, merchandise, and concert ticket sales. During the initial media blitz Fox said it hoped to keep the show’s original, quirky feel, and four seasons later it’s easy to see how that turned out. When the shiny parts recede into the background, when we snap out of Blaine Warbler’s entrancing rendition of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” it’s difficult to defend what the show’s become (empty, sloppy, and just way too big).

That said, Dexter’s recent late-in-the game surge reminded us it’s not impossible to turn things around, and in Glee’s defense it’s markedly improved from last season. Last week’s “Break Up” showed guts and delivered an emotionally satisfying conclusion to some pretty big story arcs. The show’s clearly made some positive changes, and if it can tighten up, remember some fundamentals from its incredible first season, and still move forward, we think it could get its mojo back. Below we’ve outlined some ideas to save the once beloved (and great) show, because as Mr. Schue taught us from day one, Glee Club is all about reinvention. … Read More

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Comic Book Characters Who Should Have Their Own TV Show

After five seasons on Smallville, DC’s Green Arrow returns to the CW tomorrow night, this time with his own series and a brand new pair of abs. If the hooded vigilante hits the mark (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), Arrow would be one on a short list of successful TV superhero programs in recent years. Not too long ago AV Club did a nice piece on why networks can’t get the genre right, making the good point that it’s not the “powers” part that matters most, but human story that expands beyond them. Arrow doesn’t technically doesn’t have powers, so he’s already off to a good start. And since TV is only getting better at grand, humanity-exploring serials, it stands to reason that there could be any number of successful superhero programs in the future. Which leads us to the big question: If you could choose any comic book character to get their own series, who would it be?! We turned to some experts in the field for their thoughts, and of course invite you to add your own to this impressively diverse wish-list in the comments. … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: “30 Rock’s” Darkest Kenneth Moments

Who is Kenneth Parcell? Six years later, we still have no idea. Sure he sees in Muppet vision and always writes in votes for God, but this man has a secret dark side, far darker than we may ever know. Is he immortal? Is that a wig? What happened in that hotel room at the 2008 Summer Olympics? And how does Doris even pay rent? So many questions, and with only 13 episodes this final season, not enough time to find answers. Perhaps some revelations will come through when we finally meet his mom’s “friend” Ron; we actually don’t know much about the man, except that he seems to have caused Kenneth a great deal of psychological damage, but we feel confident the incredibly versatile Bryan Cranston was a wise casting choice. In the meantime, you can catch up on Kenneth’s most dubious moments below, and of course don’t forget to catch the whole gang’s return tonight at 8:00pm ET on NBC for, sigh, the beginning of the end.  … Read More

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12 Actors Who Played Two TV Characters at Once

As we recently learned via an interview with Mindy Kaling at Entertainment Weekly, the return of Kelly Kapoor to The Office before the end of the final season isn’t out of the realm of possibility, which would be nice considering her rather anti-climatic departure from the show in the premiere. (Then again, her abrupt “See ya suckers! Exeunt KELLY” is totally in line with the character.) Needless to say, the interview got us thinking about other actors and actresses who played two TV roles at the same time. Some couldn’t be more different, while others are clearly cut from the same cloth — but all of them warped our brains a bit. We’ve rounded up 12 examples below; leave your additions in the comments. … Read More

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