Underappreciated Blu-ray Gift Guide 2012

There are going to be plenty of people finding copies of excellent Blu-rays from the big studios like Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Disney, and Fox under their trees this holiday season. The number of happy folks unwrapping their Blu-ray copy of The Dark Knight Rises or Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures will be astounding. But what about all those more independent-minded studios out there? We here at Flavorwire don’t think some of the great releases from these smaller guys should be forgotten so we put together an Underappreciated Blu-ray Gift Guide for your 2012 shopping needs. Treat the cinephile in your family to a little something special this holiday season with one of these great releases. … Read More

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10 of Film History’s Meanest Bullies

The ruthless bully character has been a movie staple for decades, but the limited theatrical release of the new documentary Bully on March 30 ushered in a new kind of example – the heinous, reprehensible real-life bully. While we certainly don’t advocate bullying in real life situations, we’ve got to admit that we don’t mind seeing a little fictional bullying take place on the big screen. So here’s our breakdown of ten of the biggest, and baddest, movie bullies of all time, from nightmare-inducing teen thugs like Scut Farkus and Biff Tannen to more recent (but equally vicious!) additions to the canon, like Regina George. … Read More

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10 Great Hockey Scenes in Movies

It has been quite a few years since a really good, fun hockey movie has hit theaters here in the US. That’s about to change on Friday when Michael Dowse’s Goon — which currently has a 79% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes — comes to the big screen. Written by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg (Knocked Up), the film stars Seann William Scott (American Pie) as an incredibly nice (but not so bright) guy who lands a job as the enforcer on a minor league hockey team, and it’s a hilarious take on hockey the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 1977 classic Slap Shot. It also gave us a great excuse to run down some of the greatest cinematic hockey scenes of all time. Be sure to let us know your favorite in the comments. … Read More

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