What’s on at Flavorpill: Links that made the Rounds in our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we marveled at the irony of the head of the Galactic Empire ringing the opening bell at the Stock Exchange. We loved the recycling initiative at Worn Again, but decided that recycled vintage leather might be more our style. We continued to follow the hardest working man in… Read More

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Rate-a-Trailer: The Karate Kid Remake

Sony finally unveiled the first look at the Karate Kid remake with Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s precocious son Jaden Smith, and it certainly appeals more than Hilary Swank’s portrayal as The Next Karate Kid. Chan looks like he’ll make an entertaining replacement for Pat Morita in the iconic role as Mr. Miyagi, while Jaden plays Dre, a young boy who moves to China with his mother, played by Taraji P. Henson. Come check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you… Read More

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How Much Money Did the Best and Worst Films of the Decade Make?

Movie critics have always been the gatekeepers of what to see and what to avoid at the box office, or at least that’s what they want you to think. Does that mean a bad review will dash hopes for blockbuster glory? We decided to take a look at the best and worst received films this decade and see if it had any bearing on their box office returns. After the jump, check out our… Read More

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Christmas Music Videos from Around the World

As Jezebel noted in their roundup of the 10 Cheesiest Christmas Music Videos, holidays songs are inherently corny, especially when a sexy Santa or washed-up child star is the one doing the crooning. But does the cheese factor translate? To investigate, we’ve gathered Christmas music videos from five other countries. They are all very, very strange, and there is an inexplicable preponderance of “Jingle… Read More

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Christopher Nolan’s Inception Poster Revealed

After the success of Dark Knight, everyone was wondering what director Christopher Nolan was going to do next. There were rumors that another Batman movie was already in the works, complete with Megan Fox as Catwoman. Thankfully it wasn’t true, and Nolan fans turned their attention to Inception, his latest project, which previewed this past summer during screenings of Inglourious Basterds.

And yet, the plot was still a mystery. Here’s what we know: Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the CEO of a company which has developed technology that allows you go/see into dreams and memories. Ken Wanatabe is the villain blackmailing DiCaprio’s character. Ellen Page stars plays a graduate student who works in the company and serves as DiCaprio’s sidekick. Marion Cotillard is his wife, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, an associate working at the firm.

Peep the freshly-premiered poster after the jump, and tell us what you think of Nolan’s latest. … Read More

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Video of the Day: The Top 100 Videos of 2009

Fasten your seat belts, kids: Gawker.TV just put together the top videos of 2009 into one 3 minute clip. It’s an intense rundown of the the most talked about/blogged/reblogged/tweeted/stumbled videos of the last 11 and a half months. So what makes this different from all the other video of the year lists? Everything is included: from Keyboard Cat and the recent Snooki punch out to David after the Dentist. If you didn’t have the time to watch the best viral videos of 2009, check out the video after the… Read More

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Rate-a-Trailer: Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood

Simply put, Ridley Scott’s version of this popular tale is Robin Hood for the Braveheart crowd. If you were a fan of Kevin Reynold’s glossy take on the popular English myth back in the ’90s, then this decidedly R-rated update might not be your thing. But, if you loved Gladiator and Black Hawk Down’s quick cut violence and hyper-realism, this should be right up your alley. Check out the heavy metal soundtracked trailer and some stillsafter the jump, and let us know what you… Read More

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Top 10 TV Shows That Died Too Soon

With yesterday’s announcement that everyone’s favorite New Zealand duo, Flight of the Conchords, would not be coming back for a third season on HBO, it got us thinking about other shows that didn’t stick around, much to the chagrin of fans. Whether it was poor ratings, contract disputes, or stars moving on to other projects, they were gone before the TV-viewing populace really knew what they were missing out on. After the jump, our top… Read More

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Video of the Day: Wes Anderson 101

Earlier this year the Mueseum of Moving Image‘s website, Moving Image Source, published a five-part video series produced by Matt Zoller Seitz detailing Wes Anderson and his various stylistic contributions to film. Working under the thesis that Anderson is the most influential filmmaker of the post-Boomer generation, Seitz explores his pantheon of artistic heroes. As true fans already know, Anderson’s mentors aren’t limited to cinema, but rather, a host of creative mediums. Get schooled after the jump. … Read More

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Is It All Downhill After a Hip-Hop Debut?

Most people improve at something the older they get, but with emcees, this is rarely the case. Even the artists themselves agree. A number of factors might be at work: loss of motivation, lack of material, the detested “selling out,” personal troubles (jail, death, etc.), loss of originality… Sometimes they just want to become a preacher. Whatever the reason, most rappers create their finest albums their first time in the studio. Don’t believe us? Eight albums that prove it’s… Read More

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