The High Art of Mitt Romney [NSFW]

Dan Lacey’s work has been floating around the Internet since the last presidential election, when Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan introduced his bizarre — and at that point, primarily pancake-themed political art — to the world. Before everyone hits the polls tomorrow, we thought it would be a good time to round up some of Lacey’s latest pieces, what we’re dubbing the definitive “High Art of Mitt Romney.” Even if these NSFW paintings don’t end up in the Met one day, we have a feeling that they may work perfectly as your Facebook profile pic! … Read More

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Strange But True: Tattooed LEGOS

The mad men behind Pilot Extra-Fine ball-pens have made some great viral marketing of LEGOS with drawn on “badass” tattoos. Straight out of your mother’s nightmare, these LEGOS have dedications to Harley Davidson, lots of skulls, and maybe even a tramp stamp. [Spoiler Alert: There's definitely a tramp stamp.] Click through to view a few of the awesome LEGOs and possibly even get some inspiration on how to make yourself virtually… Read More

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10 Summer Songs That Need To Die

Every summer there are certain songs that are completely inescapable. Whether it be at your family’s awkward 4th of July barbecue reunion or blasting inside the department stores you already feel kind of lame being inside, these songs are totally unwelcome yet simply will not die. Below we have compiled a list of ten of these summer songs that simply need to go and check in to the retirement home and spend their last few days out of earshot. Some of these are beloved classics and we understand it may be hard to cast some of these into the fires of Lamedor, but one must have courage… Read More

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The 10 Best Celebrity PSAs from the ’90s

In some ways, looking back at the ’90s today feels like we’re looking at a foreign culture — one that just happens to like floral-print vests and white-wash jeans. But there is at least one connecting thread: PSAs. While today’s TV spots tend to focus the dangers of sexting and texting while driving, back in the good old days, it was all about keeping kids off of drugs and hooked on books. Click through to view our 10 favorites that feature celebrities of the… Read More

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How to Fake Like You’ve Watched Mad Men

Sick of feeling left out on Monday mornings? We’ve decided to help out Mad Men virgins who’ve never watched the show, and don’t care to invest the time in catching up now. Just like Mad Men‘s protagonist, Don Draper, you will be able to hide your true, embarrassing past and assume a more cultured personality after finishing this spoiler-heavy post. Plus, it will help you mingle more comfortably with the cable television-watching… Read More

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The Loneliness of Randy Jackson

When American Idol began what seems like forever ago now there were just three judges; Simon, Paula, and Randy. Now, as Season 10 looms in the not so distant future, only Randy Jackson remains, left all alone in what we can only imagine is existential despair. Below we have an exclusive poem that Randy wrote about the fleeting qualities of friendship and the uncertainty of a happy future entitled “A Dawg Who Has Lost His Bark.” We hope you enjoy… Read More

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Who Will Be the Next Indie It Girl?

When we asked readers yesterday if Gwyneth Paltrow was the mainstream’s Zooey Deschanel, we got an interesting response: a yawn. It turns out, many of you are sick of hearing about Zooey at this point. And frankly, we’re beginning to agree. Which begs another question: Who has enough style and substance to become the next Queen of the Indies? We’ve got 10 solid nominees after the… Read More

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10 Indie Celebrities Before They Were Famous

If you’re like us, whenever you see the latest “Before They Were Famous” articles full of Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus yearbook photos, you wish there were some Animal Collective or Neon Indian flashbacks as well. Drawing from this borderline stalker curiosity, we’ve compiled our own indie-version of the gossip magazine mainstay. Click through and learn how cool Beirut was as a kid, how Best Coast has an entrepreneurial spirit, and even how cute Julian Casablancas was as a baby! The things you can find on forgotten MySpace accounts… … Read More

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Christmas in July: Our Favorite Mad Men-Related Swag

We’ll admit it. Our excitement for the Season 4 premiere of Mad Men has been a little out of control of late. It’s almost reminiscent of the times when we would anxiously wait for weeks in advance of Christmas. While the thought of Don Draper sneaking down the chimney late at night makes us want to hide our sisters, it would be a fun idea to treat the Mad Men premiere like the gift-giving holiday. Click through for a few of our suggestions for Mad Men-themed presents to give to your fellow Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce enthusiasts — or even yourself! … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Faile Cathedral

Faile is a renowned Brooklyn-based street artwork collective that travels the world creating buzz-worthy projects such as their most recent installation, a contemporary cathedral in ruins in Lisbon, Portugal. The cathedral, which features ceramic tiles that are native to Portuguese architecture, explores the concept of freedom for a nation that only gained in independence from dictatorship forty years ago. Click through to view a few pictures of the project, as well as a short Faile… Read More

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