Zara Golden


Vampire Weekend, Beirut, MGMT Model for Vogue


In an attempt to capture the energy of the “seven young lions roaring out their brands’ presence,” January’s Vogue has got Sasha Pivovarova wearing some of this springs finest ready-to-wear; and as props, they’ve chosen eight musical acts to play back up. Amongst them? Vampire Weekend, Beirut’s Zach Conden, MGMT, The Horrors, Adam Green, Chester French, The Golden Silvers and Mika. Indie’s… Read More

Roseanne as Fashion Icon: Third and Delaware


File this one under things you never knew you needed: fashion highlights from every single Roseanne episode! That’s right, this dedicated tumblr’s got screen shots from every episode, proving that, when it comes to clothes, this family has got something to say! Seems like the Conners are more than just that family, they’ve truly got the makings to be an “It” family as… Read More

A History of Lil Wayne as Rock Star


“Mine was delivered yesterday by the post office, and is, indeed, a copy of Rebirth.”


Lil Wayne is no stranger to leaks, but this seems like a bad omen for an already troublesome album. After a year’s worth of false starts, push backs and leaked singles, the rapper’s foray into rock and roll, Rebirth, has been leaked, RapRadar reported yesterday. By Amazon. Via snail… Read More

The King of R&B Gets Even More Real with a Memoir


R.Kelly has never really struck us as one to hold back. With 10 studio albums (most recently last week’s warmly received Untitled), a 22 chapter hip-hopera, and more finess-fueled sexcapades than we care to count, he’s taken us from the bedroom to the courtroom, from the basketball court to the barber shop, and from jungles to outer space. It’s hard to imagine that the King of R&B has left much territory uncovered, and with his patented style of real talk, never the… Read More

Michael Bay’s Victoria’s Secret Commercial Defies All Laws of Subtlety


Guys! He did it! Michael Bay’s new Victoria Secret commericial aired last week during the fashion show, and as the most explosive 90 seconds on television, it seems like a sure win in the director’s war against all things subtle. This isn’t Bay’s first commercial (you can thank him for those Got Milk ads, for one), nor is it his first go around with Vicky’s. It is, however, probably the most concise take on his inner thoughts we have seen yet.… Read More

The Pope’s Playlist: Muse, Mozart, Fleet Foxes, and Tupac


To celebrate it’s UK launch, MySpace Music has been busy putting together a series of celebrity playlists. R&B boys Pretty Ricky’s list suggests an unsurprising taste in bedroom music, while fans can imagine what Beyonce might be playing for her hubby Jay-Z. Inexpicatley, amongst these celebrity lists is one put together by the Vatican.… Read More

Video of the Day: Werner Herzog Is Seeing Lizards


In many ways, Werner Herzog’s reputation has come to precede his films: quick to improvise, and with commentaries as renegading as his unbridled films, and a clear voice penetrates all of his work through and through. After a highly lauded foray in documentary, Herzog returns to drama this weekend with Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. He recently sat down with New York’s Vulture Blog to discuss one of the films more Herzogian scenes, leaving us assured that his charming German accent will ring through once more, even without any… Read More

Download 10 of 2009’s Most Under-Appreciated Gems


Best of the Year lists shouldn’t bring the end. After all, these lists make for a great way to catch up on all that you might have missed while you were spinning that new Phoenix album endlessly. Making this time of discovery easier yet, has rounded up their 50 most downloaded of 2009, and is offering everyone 10 free MP3s for download.

Looking at their list, we’ve eliminated albums that weren’t from 2009, and skipped over the obvious-es–the Grizzly Bear’s, the Pheonix’s and the Passion Pit’s. Those are for everyone else’s lists. Here are 10 deep cuts, just for… Read More

The Decade’s Super Bowl Halftime Performances


The football season might have just started, but whispers of halftime performers are already beginning. Sports Illustrated is now rumoring that The Who will take the stage. This makes sense: while the early part of the decade brought lot’s of Mickey Mouse Club alumni (Justin, Britney, Christina, more Justin), more recent years have favored the classics, with Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Prince, Tom Petty and most recently Bruce Springsteen rounding out the last few… Read More