New Video Takes on NyQuil’s Irritating “Parents Don’t Need Sick Days” Ads

I have cringed every time I’ve seen one of those NyQuil “Dads don’t take sick days” or “Moms don’t… Read More

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Happy Birthday, Choice! Abortion Stories Go Interactive for “Roe” Anniversary

The Guardian has celebrated today’s Roe v. Wade anniversary today by publishing an interactive display of individual abortion stories,… Read More

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Whitesplaining ‘Selma': A Hall of Shame

Over the past month, there’s been a steady drumbeat of mostly white voices complaining about the historical accuracy of Selma. We can now reasonably conclude that, in part, this disproportionate outcry really did hurt Selma‘s Oscar chances. All this even though, as Amy Davidson’s piece at the New Yorker shows, the historical liberties taken aren’t egregious, but instead reflect the proper context of the LBJ/MLK relationship around the time of the Selma march. … Read More

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Some Colleges Are Moving Past Eve Ensler’s “Cisnormative” ‘Vagina Monologues’ — And That’s OK

Approach anyone who matriculated at an American college in the last two decades or so, and they’ve probably attended, participated in, or critiqued a production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues. The Monologues, along with the related V-Day organization which combats violence against women, has created a staple alternative Valentine’s Day celebration. They’ve also become a part of the cultural vocabulary of late Gen-Xers and millennials, particularly anyone of the feminist or theatrical persuasions. “My vagina’s angry!” we cry, quoting one of the funnier monologues, in a mix of irony and nostalgia. … Read More

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#JeSuisGroot Protests Groot’s Oscar Snub

Oscar nominations were released this morning, and just like every other time the Academy has unveiled its list of nominees,… Read More

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From ‘Broad City’ to Fey and Poehler: When Female Comedians Tell Rape Jokes

“Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them,” goes the famous and profound quote attributed to Margaret Atwood. But what to make of a situation in which women artists, by acting like men, are trying to make us laugh at the threat men pose to women? … Read More

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Woody Allen Is Making an Amazon Show. Should We Watch It?

It’s been easy for me to say “let’s listen to Dylan Farrow and Bill Cosby’s accusers without discounting these men’s previous important body of work” up until now, since neither of them has made anything critically acclaimed in the few years since Blue Jasmine.

Frankly, I’ve been relieved every time Woody Allen’s new play or film has been declared forgettable at best, because it gets me off the hook. Bad reviews mean I don’t have to choose between my appetite for art and my feminist ideology. I had the same reaction to the cancellation of Cosby’s upcoming show. … Read More

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‘Vessel’ Documents the Voyage of a Rogue Abortion Ship

Vessel is another in a recent spate of documentaries about abortion providers that are simultaneously devastating and galvanizing for pro-choice viewers. They serve both functions because in our current climate, providing abortions, even where legal, has once again become an act of immense defiance and courage, a choice of throwing in one’s lot with women’s lived experience against oppressive states, violent protesters, and common indifference. Like the tremendous After Tiller, Vessel follows an abortion provider through a gauntlet of protests and patient counseling and ministering. … Read More

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