Ursula K. Le Guin to be Presented with Lifetime Achievement Award by National Book Foundation

The National Book Foundation, presenter of the National Book Awards, announced today that it will award its 2014 Medal… Read More

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Get More Excited For Martin Scorsese’s ‘New York Review of Books’ Doc With the Trailer

Martin Scorsese plus the New York Review of Books? It’s a match made in New York heaven, isn’t it? But,… Read More

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“Everyone Is a Woman in Their Own Way”: Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton on ‘Women in Clothes’

Just as this year’s September issues are being lugged to the recycling bin, along comes the brand-new book Women in Clothes — edited by the all-star team of writers and artists Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton — as a true fashion bible, using the essays and insights of 639 women of all stripes to create a comprehensive and enjoyable look at women’s relationships with fashion. In fact, Women in Clothes is basically the September issue of your dreams, leeched of all the aspirational fashion bullshit, and leaving us with nothing but the smartest, most interesting voices discussing fashion through such lenses as gender, class, ethics, and race. … Read More

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Read This Before This: 10 Great Books Based on Other Great Books

Literature is a never-ending, overlapping, sometimes circular conversation — between writers, between readers, between books themselves. This fact can make for some fascinating and rewarding reading. After all, what’s more interesting than listening in on one genius talking to another? There are some novels that are better if you have a little bit of background going in — and sometimes that background is nothing more or less than another great novel. Here are a few books you should pair the way you would a fine wine with an excellent cheese — each enhancing the other and making for a very satisfying… Read More

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A Maya Angelou Hip-Hop Album is Coming Your Way

Pretty soon, we’ll all be listening to Maya Angelou do hip-hop. The iconic poet (who already has three Grammys… Read More

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Someone Has Finally Figured Out the Identity of Jack the Ripper

Self-described ‘armchair detective’ Russell Edwards claims to have solved the unsolvable and found the answer to one of history’s… Read More

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The Eerie Prescience of Jennifer Egan’s Fiction

Jennifer Egan invented Facebook. Jennifer Egan knew you were going to become obsessed with your phone way back when you still had some Nokia flip thing in your pocket. Jennifer Egan’s written about babies swiping at devices in the future. Over the course of four novels, including 2011’s Pultizer Prize-winning A Visit From the Goon Squad, one short story collection, and some journalism, Egan has proven herself to be weirdly, oddly, and consistently prescient about what the future holds. But will she ever be spoken of in the same breath as your techno-doomsday prophets like William Gibson? … Read More

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10 of the All-Time Greatest Masturbation Scenes in Literature

This week saw the release of Ben Lerner’s 10:04, which, beside being a truly remarkable book, happens to feature a hilarious scene of masturbation. Despite the fact that it has been dubbed by some “literature’s last taboo,” the onanist impulse crops up more than you’d think in novels, and often makes for some great — or at least greatly amusing — writing. After the jump, a few favorites from literature both classic and contemporary for you to giggle over. … Read More

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How Greil Marcus’ New Book Gives BuzzFeed the Finger and Rescues the List as an Art Form

If naming his new book The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs is Greil Marcus’ idea of a joke, then it’s quite a practical one, designed to get readers to pick it up and thumb through, perhaps starting with a few ideas of their own. And even if Marcus is in complete earnest, it’s an au courant conceit, ripped straight from the click-lines of BuzzFeed’s ubiquitous listicles. … Read More

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