Amy Schumer Is Writing and Starring in a Mother-Daughter Action Comedy

Amy Schumer’s trenchant, meticulous and most importantly, hilarious attacks on America’s ingrained sexism keep getting better and better, and… Read More

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Bill Murray Is a Deadpan Reindeer in Teaser for Sofia Coppola’s ‘A Very Murray Christmas’

Sofia Coppola’s Netflix Christmas special has, for a while, been the subject of speculation and thrilled befuddlement: what could… Read More

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Jane Fonda Talks Age and the Sociopsychological Complexities of Plastic Surgery

Jane Fonda is currently at Cannes for the premiere of the Paolo Sorrentino (director of The Great Beauty) film, Youth, in… Read More

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J.K. Rowling Slut Shames Neville Longbottom


Despite its ubiquity and tyranny over every living thing, this powerful force somehow still shocks people when it… Read More

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“A Chance for Justice”: Janice Dickinson Sues Bill Cosby for Defamation

Janice Dickinson is fierce—on the runway and off, and now she’s taking Bill Cosby to court for defamation. Last year,… Read More

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Bill Murray Bursts From a Cake in Sweet Farewell to Letterman

Bill Murray stopped by the Late Show last night for Letterman’s second-to-last show, but “stopping by” is putting it way too… Read More

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The Particular Horror of Hearing Creepy Stories About Famous Men Who Should Know Better

Between Gawker publishing rumors that beloved comedian Louis C.K. has a tendency to expose himself (and I don’t mean emotionally) to women in the comedy world and today’s BuzzFeed piece alleging that a well-known TV character actor most recently seen on Mad Men acted inappropriately in the publication’s offices, it’s been a banner week for learning that a few male celebrities whose work addresses sexist and downright creepy behavior… may also practice that behavior. … Read More

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