Watching Teenage Car Crashes in Slow Motion: Are Justin Bieber and Shia LaBeouf Doomed?

In Teddy Wayne’s 2013 book The Love Song of Jonny Valentine, the protagonist is an 11-year-old pop star with a great range, a love of Michael Jackson, a manager named Jane, and an entourage. He’s the head of a multimillion-dollar corporation that involves singing songs about true love to tween girls every night — and he’s also the loneliest boy in the world, playing video games and searching for anyone who could be his absent father. It is a quick, sharp, sad-as-hell read, the story of a boy stuck in a glimmering prison; it is also a book that completely presages Justin Bieber’s recent publicity troubles as his star is on the wane. As a reader, you spend the book feeling bad for poor, lonely Jonny, ready and waiting for the moment that he snaps and breaks out of his life. … Read More

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Celebrity Impersonator Arranges Breathtaking Collabo Between Britney, Smeagol, and Louis Armstrong

Have you ever lamented the fact that Cher and Steve Buscemi haven’t done a duet? Or perhaps you’re pissed that Shakira and… Read More

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Spike Lee: “We Predicted Gentrification”

“I’m not gonna talk about gentrification tonight,” Spike Lee said early in last night’s Q&A, following the Brooklyn Art Museum’s… Read More

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9 Awful Cultural Figures Who Would Go Away If We Ignored Them

Yes, Ann Coulter wrote a ridiculous column about how the World Cup is an insult to American values, and no, I’m not going to link it here. The really remarkable thing about this whole sorry affair, which has been stinking up social media for the last couple of days, is that anyone still cares what Ann Coulter think. She’s the perfect example of someone who’s only in any way renowned because people pay attention to her for being an extremist; if people stopped giving her airtime, she would melt back into richly deserved obscurity. Like the rest of people on this list! Begone, all of you! … Read More

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The Apology Olympics: Celebrities’ Awful Behavior Matters Less Than How They Atone for It

The minute Gary Oldman’s insane Playboy interview appeared online, it was obvious to anyone with even the dimmest understanding of the celebrity news cycle that an apology would be forthcoming. The question was, would it be a “good apology” or a “bad apology”? Would it be Jonah Hill telling Jimmy Fallon and the world, in no uncertain terms, that “faggot” is a hurtful, unacceptable word and interrogating his own unthinking use of it? Or would it be more like Lana Del Rey compounding her false accusations that a Guardian interviewer misrepresented her by explaining to Frances Bean Cobain, via Twitter, that her words about Cobain’s father had been misrepresented in the interview? … Read More

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Read Beyoncé’s Poignant Tribute to Michael Jackson

Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing. True to ever-respectful, always-killing-it form, Beyoncé took to her … Read More

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Watch Meryl Streep Talk Fame and Beauty Standards in Animated Interview

In 2008, around the release of Doubt, Meryl Streep gave an interview with Entertainment Weeklyin which she discussed Hollywood’s harsh beauty standards… Read More

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Enough About Lena Dunham’s Book Deal: Let’s Discuss Her Very Public Love of Literature

In the new issue of Zoetrope All-Story, Lena Dunham contributes a short essay on her discovery of Alice Munro’s work. Fueled by a lazy night with the recent Munro adaptation Hateship, Loveship on demand, she turned to the collection that includes the original story, Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage, describing a night spent under the covers with the book, underlining nearly every line. … Read More

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