The 15 Golden Globes 2015 Moments Everyone Will Be Talking About

The early theme of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards was one of diversity. Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey set a tone of irreverent feminist fun. Of course there were exceptions and dud moments — this is a Hollywood awards show, after all. But with heartfelt shout-outs to gay AIDS victims, rape survivors, civil rights activists, trans people, authentic women characters, and stars’ romantic partners of all stripes punctuating the night, it felt like the notoriously boozy telecast had, at least in some respects, finally caught up with its diverse… Read More

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Cosby Rape Quip: “You Have to Be Careful About Drinking Around Me”

London, Ontario, hosted comedian Bill Cosby last night for a show, and audience members reported an incident in which the comedian… Read More

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From Woody Allen to Bill Cosby, Can We Hear Survivors and Still Honor Legacies?

Phylicia Rashad is saying that she has been misquoted, that she never said — as was widely reported — “forget those women” when speaking about her TV husband Bill Cosby’s long (and growing) list of accusers.

Instead, she clarifies by saying basically the same thing, with a different emphasis. She wants people to consider the man’s cultural legacy, and not see it ruined. “He’s a genius. He is generous. He’s kind. He’s inclusive,” she explained on an ABC interview. “What I said is, ‘This is not about the women.‘ This is about something else. This is about the obliteration of legacy.’” … Read More

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Viola Davis Slyly Jabs ‘The New York Times’ in People’s Choice Acceptance Speech

Last night, Viola Davis accepted the People’s Choice award in the category of “Favorite Actress in a New TV… Read More

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Bryan Cranston, Lupita Nyong’o, Matthew McConaughey and More Announced in Second Round of Golden Globes Presenters

Today, the Hollywood Foreign Press has announced its second round of Golden Globes presenters (the first were announced on… Read More

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Bill Cosby Performs First Show Since November, Uses Images of Himself with Nelson Mandela as Stage Decoration

Yesterday, Bill Cosby did his first standup show since November. The performance, which saw the comedian sporting a “Hello Friend”… Read More

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Jessica Chastain Responds to Russell Crowe’s Comments on Actresses, and It’s Magnificent

As we discussed yesterday, Russell Crowe made waves recently in an Australian magazine interview by suggesting… Read More

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