A Makeup Artist Debunks Those Unretouched Beyoncé Photos

Another day, more fake internet outrage. Yesterday, fansite Beyoncé World posted hundreds of unretouched stills from Bey’s 2013 L’Oréal ad campaigns (for Feria and Infallible lipstick), proving once and for all that the pop star has — wait for it — real human SKIN! The kind that is susceptible to pimples! Clearly every previously held perception of Queen Bey is shattered at the realization that she is a mere mortal. I’ll wait while you dismantle your shrine(s) to her.

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Sasha Grey Confirms that No, She Was Not Kidnapped and Chopped Up by Ukrainian Soldiers

It’s not every day that a former adult film star turned The Girlfriend Experience/Entourage actress becomes a part of what she… Read More

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Bill Cosby “Applauds” Eddie Murphy’s Refusal to Impersonate Him on ‘SNL’

Former Weekend Update host Norm Macdonald counterintuitively took to Twitter to write a longwinded account of the… Read More

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From Eddie Murphy to the Afterparty, Behind-the-Scenes Stories From ‘SNL 40′ Trump the Show

SNL‘s 40th anniversary bash was a mixed bag for all but the diehard fans, more of a sappy nostalgia fest than a showcase for new and original laughs. That result was predictable. When institutions reach a certain cultural cornerstone status, they’re granted the privilege to be deservedly, if dully, self-reflective. Yet the stories and photos that have subsequently surfaced from behind the scenes provide something of what was missing from the broadcast: a look at the spontaneity and unlikely collaborations, the friction and synergy created by having so many comic and musical geniuses in one place, at one… Read More

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Allison Williams Defends Her Father with Unrelated Anecdote About a School Dance

Allison Williams, star of Girls and unfortunate heiress to the Brian Williams helicopter incident stigma, gave a talk with Seth Meyers… Read More

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Vanilla Ice Arrested for Burgling Home While Shooting Home-Renovation Reality Series

Rob Van Winkle, handyman and important real-estate-world figure, or “Vanilla Ice,” rapper, has been arrested in Lantana, Florida for allegedly… Read More

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Tom Hanks Dances Down the Street With Carly Rae Jepsen… and Justin Bieber

“Call Me Maybe” — the song that, for far too long, had everyone ironically chuckling anytime the question of… Read More

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Rediscovered Lou Reed Interview Reveals the Musician Thought The Beatles Were “Garbage”

Blank on Blank, the PBS series that takes lost audio interviews with influential cultural figures and animates them in… Read More

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Billy Eichner Quizzes Michelle Obama and Big Bird on ‘Billy on the Street,’ Asks FLOTUS if She DVRs ‘Hot In Cleveland’

Billy Eichner applied his typically bombastic antics evenly to Michelle Obama and Big Bird, both of whom competed on… Read More

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