Nicki Minaj Graces the Cover of Autumn/Winter ‘Dazed and Confused’

Nicki’s having a moment. With her collaboration with Beyoncé, three performances at this year’s VMA‘s, never-ending theorization about… Read More

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Justin Bieber Strips at ‘Fashion Rocks,’ to Mixed Reviews

Ever since Justin Bieber grew a pube however many years ago, it seems he’s experienced a weird form of bodily disorientation,… Read More

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In Defense of Taylor Swift’s Female Friendship Renaissance

Taylor Swift graces the cover of Rolling Stone once again this week, and the most striking thing about the Josh Eels-penned profile is its focus on Swift’s female friendships, as opposed to her previously active, now dormant dating life. Of course, Swift’s newfound friendships — namely those with supermodel Karlie Kloss and Girls creator Lena Dunham — have been pointed to again and again with a bit of head-scratching in the press, particularly Swift’s Dunham-inspired discovery of feminism and a style transformation that nods to Kloss’ own. Admittedly, it is slightly unsettling how Swift and Kloss have morphed into a single six-foot blonde monster with an endless supply of designer cutoff shorts, but the Rolling Stone cover takes it to new heights — and sheds some light on this new phase of the 24-year-old’s growing independence as she makes her first home outside Nashville, in a $15 million Tribeca apartment, no less. … Read More

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“Like Being Alive at My Own Funeral”: John Waters on 50 Years of Filmmaking

“I’d like to thank the Lincoln Center for really making me respectable and filthy at the same time.” And with those words, cult filmmaker, author, raconteur, and living legend John Waters kicked off “50 Years of John Waters: How Much Can You Take?” (“I don’t know the answer to that!,” he joked. “How much of myself can I take?”), the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s retrospective of a half-century of perversion, transgression, and general bad behavior. “I’m not gonna get anything better than this,” Waters enthused, at Friday night’s opening event. “What am I gonna get, a Kennedy Center Honor? This is like being alive at my own funeral.” … Read More

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Why Joan Rivers Mattered

Joan Rivers died yesterday at 81, after complications from surgery. She was a legendary comedian with a 50-year-career that started in dank Greenwich village clubs and hit its peak with Rivers’ appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, regular guest-hosting gig on the Johnny Carson-era Tonight Show, and, in 1986, her own late-night show on Fox. The Late Show With Joan Rivers was the first talk show on a major network hosted by a woman. … Read More

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The 10 Oddest Elvis-Inspired Movies Of All Time

Into the barren wasteland of late August and early September comes this week’s sole new wide movie release, and you’re forgiven for knowing nothing about it. It’s called The Identical, and it is kinda sorta weirdly about Elvis, except not! There’s a long tradition of this sort of thing — few pop culture figures have inspired more cinematic hypotheticals, dramatizations, and all-out fictions. Here are a few of the weirder ones. … Read More

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Celebrity Nudes: At Least We’re Finally Blaming the Hackers, Not Their Victims

Perez Hilton is hardly a poster boy for radical feminism, or even basic empathy. This is a man who’s happily linked to invasive “upskirt” photos of Miley Cyrus; disrespected the privacy of celebrities who’ve opted to stay in the closet; and generally adopted an attitude towards famous people akin to the one Mean Girls‘ insecure teens reserved for the targets of their “Burn Book,” except Hilton’s blog isn’t satire. All the more reason, then, to take note of Hilton’s decision to remove nude photographs of Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice from his site, plus apologize for posting them in the first place. … Read More

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Fuck Suicide? No, Henry Rollins, Fuck You

Last week, I wrote here about depression and suicide, apropos of the death of Robin Williams. In the week since, I’ve thought a lot about the media coverage of his death, and how impressive and non-sensationalist most (albeit not all) of it has been. Well, the tone changed yesterday afternoon, when Henry fucking Rollins waded in with a column for the LA Weekly entitled “Fuck Suicide.” In it, Rollins addressed the death of Robin Williams with his usual sledgehammer subtlety — leading with an acknowledgement that “I am sure some will strongly disagree with what I’m about to say,” and wheeling out pretty much every manifestation of the “suicide is weak/selfish/etc” trope one can imagine. … Read More

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