Lena Dunham’s BuzzFeed Op-Ed Illuminates the Difficulties of Telling Rape Stories

After Random House announced that it would change the pseudonym Lena Dunham used to describe the man who assaulted her in college— due to his similarity to a real person with the same name — Dunham penned an op-ed for BuzzFeed, recounting the aftermath of writing about assault. She explained that revenge and outing her rapist were never on her agenda. … Read More

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The Conversation We Should Be Having About Mark Wahlberg’s Entitled Pardon Request

News broke this week that Mark Wahlberg — actor, producer, restauranteur, and the star of the upcoming Christmas Day release The Gambler — has applied to have his 1988 felony assault conviction in Massachusetts expunged from his record. The timing and the content of the news paints a grim portrait of celebrity entitlement in an age of protest and unrest. … Read More

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Judd Apatow’s Uneasy Feminist Awakening

With his recent lashing out at Bill Cosby in the vein of a Depeche Mode lyric with an anti-rape-culture twist, Judd Apatow has further cemented his newfound stance as a feminist. … Read More

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Why Chris Rock’s “Burn Hollywood Burn” Tour is Right On Time

Chris Rock has run out of fucks to give. His new movie, Top Five, debuted with a bang at the Toronto Film Festival, igniting a fierce bidding war for distribution — won by Paramount Pictures, which ponied up $12.5 million, more than twice the picture’s production budget. Reviews for the picture, which Rock wrote, directed, and starred in, were rhapsodic; they called it his Stardust Memories. And maybe it’s that position of confidence that’s prompted him, in a flurry of interviews and op-eds, to ravenously bite the hand that feeds him, calling out the movie industry for its intellectual hypocrisy and institutional racism. It’s rather thrilling to watch this razor-sharp celebrity call bullshit, consequences be damned; it’s also a reminder that even the most ostensibly liberal environments are a long way from sunny, “post-racial” America (as if we needed any more reminders of that this week/month/year/etc). … Read More

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Azealia Banks Scolds “Igloo Australia” AKA Iggy Azalea Over Silence on Black Issues

At this point, one should just expect that eventually, regardless of who you are, Azealia Banks will pick a… Read More

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Maisie Williams Will Star As Ellie In ‘The Last Of Us’ Film

Maisie Williams, who plays the underage badass Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, is the top pick to play Ellie… Read More

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