Syfy Orders Pilot of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Dystopian Corporation-Skewering Drama, ‘Incorporated’

It’s widely known — and taken as fact — that besties Ben Affleck and Matt Damon work well… Read More

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Wayne Coyne Interview Continues to Raise the Question: “WTF Is Going On?”

Almost a year ago, Flavorwire reported on the transformation of the Flamings Lips‘ frontman Wayne Coyne from a revered… Read More

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What Chris Rock’s Selfie Project Can Teach Us About Racist Policing

Chris Rock is taking a selfie every time he gets pulled over by the cops. Despite being one of the most successful comedians in history, this unofficial project implies, he still gets harassed for the crime of “Driving While Black.” … Read More

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David Bowie is Co-Writing an Off-Broadway Musical Based on ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’

The New York Times reports that David Bowie is returning to theater. In the 1980s, he played the title role in… Read More

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Chocolatiers Make Life-Sized “Benedict Chocobatch”

UKTV’s recent survey of 2,000 British women found that Benedict Cumberbatch was considered the sexiest British actor… and thus, naturally,… Read More

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Trailer for Amy Winehouse Documentary Reveals Sad, Intimate Footage of the Artist

There seems to be no shortage of devastating music documentaries coming our way. Yesterday, a clip was released… Read More

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Patricia Arquette Joins Celebrity Memoir Club

For many, Patricia Arquette’s character made the movie Boyhood. After a seeming acting dry spell (though she was on Boardwalk Empire just before… Read More

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Cynthia Lennon Dies of Cancer at 75

Cynthia Powell Lennon, the first wife of The Beatles‘ John Lennon, has died from cancer at her home in Spain,… Read More

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Patton Oswalt, You’re Not Helping the Trevor Noah Situation

Yesterday we pleaded with the Internet to use the Trevor Noah “old tweets” scandal to have a productive conversation about both what’s edgy vs. what’s just tired in comedy, and to what extent we should hold public figures responsible for their years-old social media posts. Throughout the day I saw some good responses about anti-Semitism, about comedy, and about forgiving ourselves for our past social media sins. … Read More

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