Monica Lewinsky Gives Passionate TEDTalk Speech at Vancouver Conference

Monica Lewinsky captivated the audience at her headline address at the Vancouver TEDtalk conference, where she spoke of the aftermath of the Clinton… Read More

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Charlie Sheen Is Grosser Than You Thought, Sends Racist Tweet to Obama

College basketball fervor seems to be bringing out the absolute worst and most bigoted in people — yesterday, Ashley… Read More

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“There Can Be Only One”: The ‘Highlander’ Theory of Pop Culture Death Matches

In 1986, Highlander, a seamy little B-picture featuring Sean Connery and a cast of unknowns in ’80s noir New York, was unleashed upon the world with this tagline: “There can be only one.” In the complicated mythos of Highlander — which would go on to spawn five sequels, a television series, novels, animated series, and a rumors of a reboot starting in 2008 — “there can be only one” referred to the fact that we lived in a world where there were Immortals, a special class of people who live forever unless a fellow Immortal beheads them. The last Immortal standing got all the power. … Read More

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Ashley Judd Intends to Press Charges Against Misogynist Trolls Who Threatened Her on Twitter

Actor, YouthAIDS ambassador and political activist Ashley Judd went to a basketball game between Kentucky and Arkansas teams this weekend… Read More

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John Belushi’s Widow and Dan Aykroyd Started a Blues Brothers Record Label

Dan Aykroyd and Judy Belushi (John Belushi’s widow) have launched Blues Brothers Records, a label that will be dedicated to… Read More

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Comedy Central Is Cutting Paul Walker Jokes from the Justin Bieber Roast

A plethora of insults were uttered during the taping of Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast, but jokes about Bieber’s… Read More

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Andy Cohen Brings You “Radio Andy,” a Cohen-Branded Sirius XM Station

After years of being the producer of television’s most serious material and making housewifery Bravo’s central cultural phenomenon, with his… Read More

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Drake Takes to Twitter to Dissociate From Concert Film, ‘Drake’s Homecoming: the Lost Footage’

Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage — a concert film of footage of Drake at 23, playing Toronto’s Sound Academy… Read More

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Famous White Women: Stop Saying Other Oppressed Groups Have It Better

Add Madonna to the list of prominent white, female cultural figures who think women have it “worse” than people of color and gay people. In an interview with Out magazine last week, her Madgesty had some real wisdom to drop about what women face as they get older. But then she veered into sounding a lot like Patricia Arquette after the Oscars. … Read More

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