Kim Kardashian’s Naked ‘Paper’ Magazine Cover Is About Camp, Not Sex

If sex is funny, then the butt is its punchline. Kim Kardashian’s greased-up naked ass coming out of a dress that looks like a trash bag on the cover of Paper Magazine isn’t best understood as wet-dream fodder, though I’m sure many young men will add it to their fapping collections alongside the sex tape that made Kardashian a household name. Rather, Kim K’s cover is a glorious joke, the most spectacular bit of trolling in the “Year of the Ass,” a declaration that says, “I am willingly objectifying myself, but I’m not taking myself too seriously.” It is pure camp. In fact, it’s a brilliant example of that sensibility — and on that count, more credit is due to Paper than to Kim, though it certainly portrays a different side of her too (HAR HAR). … Read More

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Cuaron, del Toro and Iñárritu Criticize Mexican Government over Missing Student Case

Variety reports that Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro González Iñárritu, the Mexican directors and founders of… Read More

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Watch: Michael Shannon Antagonizes Other Michael Shannon in Deerhoof’s “Exit Only” Music Video

I really cannot think of anything more erotic than a dominant Michael Shannon in a small room with a… Read More

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Pamela Anderson, M.I.A., PJ Harvey, Others Rally in Support of Edward Snowden

Laura Poitras’ phenomenal documentary about Edward Snowden, CitizenFour, has been in theaters for less than a month, but the effect on… Read More

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Matt Damon Cast in Alexander Payne’s Geopolitical Thriller ‘Downsizing’

Alexander Payne’s Downsizing has been in development since 2004, but because of technological issues and scale, he hasn’t been able… Read More

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Speculation on Harry Styles’ Sexuality Flares After Ambiguous Comment on British TV

Boy bands, by virtue of being male homosocial entities, often draw a bizarre amount of speculation over sexual preference, as… Read More

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Jamie Foxx to Star in Harmony Korine’s Revenge Film, ‘The Trap’

Harmony Korine, who directed 2012′s Spring Breakers and 1997′s Gummo (and other stuff in between), has announced that Jamie Foxx will star in… Read More

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Benedict Cumberbatch Announces His Engagement in British Newspaper Ad

Sorry, world. You, world, will not be marrying Benedict Cumberbatch. Sophie Hunter will. For British newspaper The Times has run an ad declaring… Read More

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Watch: Lea DeLaria, AKA ‘OITNB”s Big Boo, Takes Down Bigoted Sermonizing Preacher on Subway

Surely you’ve experienced it. You get on the subway, your face is in a strange armpit and somehow there’s… Read More

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