Joan Didion on Modeling For Céline

When an icon poses iconically for a storied fashion brand, breaking the internet and freaking out fashion girls in the process, then… Read More

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Anti-Fame Enthusiasts Shia LaBeouf and Sia Collaborate for Intense “Elastic Heart” Video

Before there was the platinum blonde wig, there was the paper bag. Pop singer Sia Furler has become known for hiding her face and using wigged proxies like Lena Dunham and 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, but the first incarnation of this attempt to maintain anonymity was the same as Shia LaBeouf’s: a paper bag mask that decried fame. In fact, Furler donned a bag months before LaBeouf debuted his “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” stunt at the Nymphomaniac premiere last February. In October 2013, Sia appeared on the cover of Billboard Magazine wearing a paper bag that touted her enormous commercial accomplishments as a songwriter before adding — imagine it — “…and [she] doesn’t want to be famous.” (The paper bag aesthetic has crept into Sia’s press photos as well.)

… Read More

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Noted Gender Expert Russell Crowe Explains Why Actresses Over 40 Complain About Hollywood’s Obsession With Youth

There are already plenty of reasons to loathe Russell Crowe. He is, by most accounts, a bullying boor; he hasn’t made a good movie in years (2007, by my clock); he’s one of those actors who insists on also playing rock star. Well, if all that weren’t enough, we can now add “sexist mansplainer” to Crowe’s CV, thanks to a face-palming interview in The Australian Woman’s Weekly, wherein he just wishes that all these lady actresses would learn to act their age. … Read More

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Phylicia Rashad Wants Us to “Forget These Women” Accusing Bill Cosby. We Can’t.

Cosby Show costar Phylicia Rashad has come to the defense of her TV husband, citing a “conspiracy” that amounts to dozens of separate rape and drugging and attempted assault accusations against the star.

“Forget these women,” she told Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411, in a conversation at an industry event. “What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture.” She continued: “Someone is determined to keep Bill Cosby off TV… and it’s worked. All his contracts have been canceled.” … Read More

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Nicole Kidman Reminds Jimmy Fallon of the Time They Sort of Dated and He Completely Messed it Up

Last night, Nicole Kidman appeared on The Tonight Show to promote Paddington, but instead of focusing on stuffed bears, she reminded Jimmy Fallon… Read More

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Celebrate Nicolas Cage’s 51st Birthday With His 51 Looniest Out-of-Context Dialogue Quotes

Time to unleash the bees, chew the cockroaches, cut the chitchat, and throw on the jacket that symbolizes your individuality and belief in human freedom: it’s Nicolas Cage’s birthday. It’s hard to know how to properly celebrate the Cage-ster’s 51st, since he means so many things to so many people: peculiar hair, bizarre acting choices, inexplicable project selection (seriously, this filmography is full of low-rent movies you’ve never even heard of). But when we think of Nicolas Cage, we think of him as a master of the non sequitur. Like Christopher Walken before him, Mr. Cage gravitates towards characters who mouth odd, left-field dialogue, rendered all the more befuddling by Cage’s… distinctive line readings. And thus, to mark his 51st year on earth, we’ve selected and ranked our 51 favorite, totally out of context, bonkers bits of Nicolas Cage dialogue. Enjoy — and impressions welcome. … Read More

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Those Kristen Stewart Beach Photos Aren’t a Triumph — They’re an Invasion of Privacy

You won’t find them here for reasons I’ll get to in a second, but you may have heard about those photos: the ones where famous person Kristen Stewart and non-famous person Alicia Cargile hang out on a beach in Hawaii, looking about as happy as two young, beautiful people hanging out on a beach in Hawaii should. But these photos aren’t your typical creepshots of celebrities being Just Like Us, only hotter and richer: they’re creepshots of Stewart and Cargile holding hands and changing outfits and being maybe probably more than platonic. Cue shitstorm. … Read More

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