‘Parks and Recreation’ Executive Producer and “Humblebrag” Creator Harris Wittels Dead at 30

Harris Wittels, a rising young talent in Hollywood, died on Thursday of a potential drug overdose, TMZ reports. He… Read More

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From Eddie Murphy to the Afterparty, Behind-the-Scenes Stories From ‘SNL 40′ Trump the Show

SNL‘s 40th anniversary bash was a mixed bag for all but the diehard fans, more of a sappy nostalgia fest than a showcase for new and original laughs. That result was predictable. When institutions reach a certain cultural cornerstone status, they’re granted the privilege to be deservedly, if dully, self-reflective. Yet the stories and photos that have subsequently surfaced from behind the scenes provide something of what was missing from the broadcast: a look at the spontaneity and unlikely collaborations, the friction and synergy created by having so many comic and musical geniuses in one place, at one… Read More

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Watch: Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi Reveal Vampires Don’t all Love Evanescence

After a decade of prime vampire fanaticism, there’s an inevitable bounty of essentialist rumors circulating about the nature of… Read More

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Conan Spoofs ‘Fifty Shades” Hardware Store Scene with Commercial for Terrifying, Makeshift BDSM Gear

Fetishism of course predominantly involves the sexualizing of things otherwise not thought of erotically. The human mind’s capacity to make just… Read More

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Adam Sandler’s ‘Ridiculous Six’ Relocates to Netflix as Part of 4-Film Deal

Adam Sandler has moved his Western ensemble-comedy Ridiculous Six to Netflix. The film was previously with Paramount, and before that Sony, but… Read More

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Louis C.K.’s ‘Live at the Comedy Store’ Is a Special With the Spontaneity of a Workshop Set

In Louis C.K.’s (second) email accompanying the announcement of his surprise new special Live at the Comedy Store, the comedian talked about small comedy clubs (as opposed to the larger theaters he’s been performing in) and why they have been — and remain — so important to him as an inventive, constantly performing comedian. Live at the Comedy Store was, as the title suggests, filmed at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, one of the many smaller comedy clubs where C.K. paid his dues as a comedian, and one that he still goes back to. Available via his website for $5, the special is something of a tribute to these clubs. It is also, of course, uproariously funny. … Read More

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