Aziz Ansari Goes Big by Going Small in ‘Live at Madison Square Garden’

Aziz Ansari’s Live at Madison Square Garden special, which premiered on Netflix early this morning, marks a definite improvement in Ansari’s already-strong comedy game. Selling out Madison Square Garden is an impressive feat for a comedian, but what’s more impressive is how easily the small comic commands the large stage. But then again, Ansari has always been performed on a huge scale, so maybe it’s only natural that he looks at home on the MSG stage. … Read More

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Samantha Bee Is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ to Host Comedic News Program on TBS

Though The Daily Show will allegedly be continuing after Jon Stewart’s devastating departure, it’ll also be missing one other… Read More

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The Funniest and Most Vicious Comedy Central Roast Speeches

We’ve reached the “publicly begging people to show up” phase of planning for Justin Bieber’s March 30th roast on Comedy Central; yesterday, the noted Photoshop template took to social media to ask Seth Rogen, whose low estimation of Bieber is well known, to tear him a new one on national television. As the hype surrounding the Kevin Hart-hosted event (Kate McKinnon, presumably, didn’t have time for the gig given her SNL schedule), we’ve rounded up some of the best appearances from the network’s 17-year tradition of having comedians puncture stars’ egos, and each other’s, on camera. … Read More

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Yes, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Can and Should Make Fun of ISIS

The headlines on Sunday declared that Saturday Night Live was “blasted” for its ISIS parody ad which “sparked controversy” and “stirred outrage.” While the condemnations weren’t as widespread as headlines would have us think, it’s certainly true that many viewers on the Internet declared that the sketch “crossed the line.” … Read More

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‘Parks and Recreation’ Executive Producer and “Humblebrag” Creator Harris Wittels Dead at 30

Harris Wittels, a rising young talent in Hollywood, died on Thursday of a potential drug overdose, TMZ reports. He… Read More

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From Eddie Murphy to the Afterparty, Behind-the-Scenes Stories From ‘SNL 40′ Trump the Show

SNL‘s 40th anniversary bash was a mixed bag for all but the diehard fans, more of a sappy nostalgia fest than a showcase for new and original laughs. That result was predictable. When institutions reach a certain cultural cornerstone status, they’re granted the privilege to be deservedly, if dully, self-reflective. Yet the stories and photos that have subsequently surfaced from behind the scenes provide something of what was missing from the broadcast: a look at the spontaneity and unlikely collaborations, the friction and synergy created by having so many comic and musical geniuses in one place, at one… Read More

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Watch: Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi Reveal Vampires Don’t all Love Evanescence

After a decade of prime vampire fanaticism, there’s an inevitable bounty of essentialist rumors circulating about the nature of… Read More

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