Pete Davidson’s Blowjob Monologue: A Funny, Frustrating Introduction From ‘SNL’s’ Only New Cast Member

“American Gayness” “got better” for me a long time ago. I left a middle school in a conservative town to go to an arts magnet — not, initially, because I found the arts particularly… magnetic, but mostly in hopes that it’d “get better.” Having, from high school through college to NY, skipped over the more tender parts of gay American youth, I’ve surrounded myself with a somewhat ignorant and self-serving bubble of “better.” … Read More

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Today’s Internet Infinite Regress: Profiling the ‘NYT’ Profile of The Fat Jew

Slowly, The Fat Jew seems to be engulfing the media. While it may sound quite loaded, that statement is neither an antisemitic nor a fat-phobic remark generalizing on the prevalence of Jews in media who avoid the gym (such as myself.) Rather, it’s an introduction to web-(semi)-celeb comedian Josh Ostrovsky, AKA Fabrizio Goldstein, AKA @thefatjewish, AKA Fat Jew, who, as tells the New York Times in their just-published profile, “would prefer that you not call him a fat Jew… but hope[s] millions more people will soon come to know him as ‘The Fat Jew.'” The emphasis on “The” indicates that this is a man – who, like most rising, er, artistes – wants to be notorious. … Read More

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Bill Hader to Host ‘SNL’ on October 11

These days, Bill Hader is hotter than New York’s hottest club (sorry about that one, Bill). Of course, unfortunately,… Read More

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Nick Offerman Offers Some Unexpected Advice About Dealing With Your Freshman Roommate’s Pubes

Freshman year can be hard – I, personally, recall feeling alienated, homesick, and exhausted. All of that probably could… Read More

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Tim Heidecker on the Tim & Eric Tour and New Show ‘Bedtime Stories': “We Were Inspired by ‘Louie'”

Tim & Eric know when to move along — literally and figuratively. Throughout their ten years on Adult Swim, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have created three different shows — Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule — with varying formats and characters, but always featuring their signature mix of deadpan, satire, and gross-out/surrealist humor. Later this month, they’ll debut their fourth Adult Swim series, Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, but they hit the road this week for a look back at Awesome Show with a North American tour alongside Dr. Steve Brule (i.e., John C. Reilly’s greatest role). … Read More

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Joan Rivers Dead at 81

Joan Rivers, comedy’s mouthiest heroine, died today at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital after a week-long health scare… Read More

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The 30 Harshest Comedian-on-Comedian Insults in History

Continuing our beloved series, Flavorwire looks into the rivalries, feuds, frenmities, and good-natured(ish) ribbing of an industry filled with the fragile egos, big personalities, and sharp wits that make for excellent insults: comedy. From Comedy Central roasts to Jay ‘n’ Conan to Twitter spats, there’s no shortage of verbal spats out there, but here’s a selection of the very best. Spoiler: there’s little love lost between Chevy Chase and, well, everyone else. … Read More

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‘American Juggalo’ Meets ‘March of the Penguins’ in Hilarious NSFW Video

Juggalos – worshippers of the Insane Clown Posse and similar “horrorcore” musical acts – are a nightmare-come-true for anyone with coulrophobia;… Read More

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