Sony Pictures Plans Protoculture-Pumped Live-Action ‘Robotech’ Film Franchise

The Robotech franchise, which had been languishing in Warner Bros.’ vaults since they secured the film rights in 2007,… Read More

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Catwoman Is Bisexual

You heard it. DC Comics’ Catwoman is bisexual. While previously there’d been a great deal of speculation within fan… Read More

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Spider-Man’s Dead Girlfriend Resurrected as Superhero

Forty-two years after Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man’s pre-MJ squeeze, met an untimely demise in The Amazing Spiderman #121, the character has… Read More

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‘Sex Criminals’ Is the Funny, Sex-Positive, Feminist Comic Series You Should Be Reading

Sex Criminals jokingly bills itself as a classic boy-meets-girl story, and in a way it is. Suzie and Jon meet at a party and are instantly attracted to each other (partly based on his ability to quote her favorite book, Lolita, but that small fact is easy to ignore). They hook up, as 20-somethings are wont to do, but then discover that they each have a… thing: When they orgasm, time stops. No, it doesn’t metaphorically stop, the way it would in the flowery language of romance novels — it literally stops, allowing Suzie and Jon to wander around a frozen world. What they each previously believed was a superpower unique him or her is now a shared oddity, bringing them closer together — “alone together” is a recurring motif — but also allowing them to go on a bank-robbing spree. See: Classic story.  … Read More

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Idris Elba, Anthony Mackie and Hayley Atwell Will Appear in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Avengers: Age of Ultron has revealed some new members of its already impressive cast list: Idris Elba, Anthony Mackie and Hayley Atwell.… Read More

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Here’s Your First Look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman in ‘Batman v. Superman’

Batman v. Superman: the Dawn of Justice, will be the second of DC Comics’ shared universe films, in which just about… Read More

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Spider-Man is Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the definitive admission that Jesus Christ those Amazing Spider-Man movies were awful, Sony Entertainment has joined forces with… Read More

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