Wonderful Architectural Illustrations Celebrate Film History’s Most Impressive Buildings

The relationship between film and architecture is often overlooked outright or confused as a secondary aspect of the film; as if the space the characters inhabit were not as important as the characters themselves. Whether you’re talking about a movie like Rear Window where the architecture is a crucial part of the film — a character in and of itself — or a movie like Moonrise Kingdom where the structures play a quieter although no less crucial role (what would Suzie be without that lighthouse perch, after all?), film and architecture are inextricably related. In his fantastic series ARCHICINE (spotted via ArchDaily), Federico Babina mines film history’s greatest buildings, extracting them from the noise of their respective movie’s contexts and highlighting them as the stars they are. … Read More

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15 Amazing Examples of Invisible Architecture

Architecture the James Turrell way states: “The qualities of the space must be seen, and the architecture of the form must not be dominant.” That’s the approach one firm is taking with the Tower Infinity in South Korea, marketed as the first “invisible skyscraper.” The building will be wrapped in a “reflective skin” that reveals the surrounding environment. This transparency lends a beautiful and often fragile quality to buildings, but it can also be a poignant statement about man’s intrusion upon the environment. Here are 15 examples of invisible buildings we… Read More

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10 Photographs of Forgotten Homes That Depict the Aftermath of Gentrification

The urban areas of the Mid-Atlantic region are known for their recognizable architecture, particularly row houses. Entire city blocks, usually in poor and working class neighborhoods, are lined with these structures, and, with the ever-increasing gentrification, these typical sights are becoming less common. Photographer Ben Marcin’s collection Last House Standing (as seen on Feature Shoot) depicts a common sight: after the demolition of the lines of row houses, one last building sometimes remains, eerily cut off from its surroundings. Marcin shot gorgeously minimalistic images of these buildings in Philadelphia, Camden, and Baltimore.  … Read More

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15 Breathtakingly Bad Architecture Ideas

When you construct a building, you have to make sure that everything is right. You confirm that it is structurally sound, that every bolt and screw is tight, and that you didn’t miss any spots on the walls when you were painting. And if you’re building a skyscraper, you should also probably remember to leave room for elevators. … Read More

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20 Works of Architecture That Belong in a Sci-Fi Film

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is back with another political sci-fi thriller, Elysium, which opened in theaters this weekend. This time the class wars rage between the residents of ravaged planet earth and a luxurious space station. The space utopia frequently appears throughout science fiction — a symbol of progress, hope, and human curiosity. We don’t have to travel to the stars to enjoy futuristic architecture. There are plenty of bold, bizarre, contemporary buildings right here on earth that look like they belong on the set of a sci-fi movie. Here are 20 of them. … Read More

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Why Is Frank Gehry So Desperate to Align Himself With Facebook?

For a while, rumors have been circulating that Facebook would be relocating from a Midtown Manhattan office at 335 Madison Ave to the downtown tech stead of Silicon Alley. Yesterday, Serkan Piantino, head of Facebook’s New York engineering team, confirmed the news, announcing that they would be taking up 100,000 square feet of space on two floors of an existing building at 770 Broadway. … Read More

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15 Beautiful Off-Grid Homes We’d Like to Live In

The idea of eschewing electricity, running water, and the white picket fence is a terrifying prospect for the average American. Based on the number of modern off-grid homes in remote locations that rely on the sun and wind for energy, others clearly disagree. Earlier this week, we were charmed by an efficient, beautiful home located in the middle of a cornfield. We feature it past the break, along with other sustainable houses far from the rat race. These stunning, alternative abodes make a strong argument for unplugging and creating a green oasis away from it all. … Read More

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20 American Mansions Fit for Jay Gatsby

While The Great Gatsby is filled to the brim with powerful symbolism, houses play a particularly important role in defining F. Scott Fitzgerald’s characters. Gatsby himself built a gigantic mansion at West Egg that purposefully looked classical, giving the illusion of long-standing prominence. Fitzgerald based Gatsby’s mansions on many real-life homes (including the now-demolished Beacon Towers and Land’s End, which both stood on Long Island’s Gold Coast), but there are a handful of castle-like mansions on the Eastern Seaboard that would be perfect for a number of lavish, Gatsby-style… Read More

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Trippy Paintings of Modern Architecture Saturated With Color

When viewed in black and white, the buildings that artist Paul Davies depicts in his series of architecture paintings wouldn’t seem out of place in Palm Desert. Flat, boxy, and often surrounded by palm trees and pools, his subjects look like textbook post-Frank Lloyd Wright modern design. The twist is that Davies shows these structures in psychedelic patterns and colors. While some works are more outlandish than others, each painting is filled with surreal hues, from electric yellow to sunset pink. The cognitive dissonance between the buildings’ clean lines, which Davies achieves using stencils, and the crazy mix of colors the artist fills in makes for a dizzying yet intriguing viewing experience. Click through for a look at the series, which we discovered via Visual News, and visit Davies’ website to see more of his work. … Read More

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