John Oliver Obliterates Sweatshop Labor Shadiness of “Fast Fashion” Chains Like H&M

“Sweatshops aren’t one of those 90s problems we got rid of, like Donnie Wahlberg,” said John Oliver in last night’s… Read More

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20 Iconic Fashion Moments From Jane Austen Adaptations

“Our abuse of our gowns amuses but does not discourage me; I shall take mine to be made up next week, and the more I look at it the better it pleases me,” Jane Austen wrote to her sister. “My cloak came on Tuesday, and, though I expected a good deal, the beauty of the lace astonished me. It is too handsome to be worn — almost too handsome to be looked at.”

Although Austen’s novels almost all deal with the themes of self-knowledge, growing up, and the nature of romantic love, she was hardly above loving or thinking about fashion. … Read More

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Stylish Illustrations of Every Single Woman Don Draper Has Slept With

We’ve spent six and a half seasons of Mad Men trying to answer the question, “Who is Don Draper?” At this point, we have enough information to guess that the point is, we’ll never know — that Don might not even have a core self after all. But for those still collecting clues, the women with whom Don (increasingly briefly) shares his life (or just his bed) provide a fascinating negative-space portrait of a self-destructive womanizer. So it’s only fitting that artist, illustrator, and art director Hannah Choi has, in turn, created a series of stylish portraits that immortalize every single woman Don has slept with — from Betty and Megan to “Candace the escort” and the nameless beauties he meets in bars. Click through for some highlights from The Women of Don Draper, and follow the project on Tumblr for inevitable updates. … Read More

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The Best Eye-Popping Office Designs of the 1970s

The 1970s are often remembered for a garish palette, but it was a decade of great change — especially in terms of design. With the last season of Mad Men premiering tomorrow, set during the start of the 1970s, we have office design on the brain. “Office design in the 1960s and 1970s actually became more humanistic, with greater concern for the ability of the individual worker to have some freedom in the design and specification of his or her work area,” state the authors of Designing Commercial Interiors. Ergonomic designs were an essential part of the ’70s office environment. Many companies started recycling efforts and championed sustainable building design as a response to the ongoing energy crises. Experimental furniture, high-tech materials, and eye-popping colors were all the rage. We’ve highlighted some of the finest office designs from the ‘70s, which tease a look at Mad Men’s updated digs, below. … Read More

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Awesome ’80s-Style VHS Covers for Current Movies and TV

Look, nobody really misses VHS. Sure, there’s a small and weird movement of VHS artisans whose nostalgia for their childhood and an apparent love for tracking lines has convinced them that the ugly, low-res analog mainstay is a superior format, and some note that a lot of movies never made the DVD crossover so it’s not a bad idea to keep a VHS deck around (and this is true) — but generally speaking, VHS died because DVD is superior in every way, end of story. But that doesn’t mean those of us who came of age in the VHS era don’t have some leftover affection for the ugly packaging and pre-Photoshop artwork that lined our video store shelves (see, it was this place you went, and you picked out tapes, and took them home and watched them, and came back and paid an exorbitant late fee), which is why so many movie geeks have flipped for “Stan VHS.” According to “Stan”’s Tumblr page, he got the idea of making old-school VHS covers for new movies and TV shows, and posted them on April Fool’s Day, claiming them to be the work of “a Parisian hipster named ‘Stan’ [who] only watched modern films and TV series on VHS.” You can read his full article here, if you speak French; otherwise, here are the clever covers he put together for the project. … Read More

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‘This Is Your Brain on Drugs': Stylish Posters Illustrate the Effects of Psychoactive Substances

Though children of the ’80s will probably always conflate psychoactive chemicals with breakfast foods, your brain is nothing like an egg and drugs don’t fry it sunny-side up. Meaghan Li‘s This Is Your Brain on Drugs, a series of minimalist posters created for the designer’s psychology class, offer a much more evocative and aesthetically pleasing vision of substances’ effects. Click through for a selection of images from the project, which we spotted via Design Taxi. … Read More

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“You’re Only as Good as Your Last Haircut”: The Collected Fran Lebowitz on Fashion and Style

The Internet’s favorite item this week, and with good reason, is Kathleen Hale’s Elle interview with professional New Yorker/noted Wolf of Wall Street actress Fran Lebowitz. For those who haven’t read it yet, it starts with Lebowitz refusing to talk on a cell phone and meeting Hale at Burger Heaven instead and only gets better from there. At 64, though, Lebowitz already has a treasure trove of style (and life) wisdom to her name, collected here now that we’ve been reminded we could all use a little more Fran in our… Read More

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France May Pass Bill Banning “Excessively Thin” Fashion Models and Jailing Those Who Hire Them

Reuters reports that France might be on its way toward passing legislation like that’s already been enacted in Italy, Spain and… Read More

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Without Joan Rivers, ‘Fashion Police’ Needs to End

On September 4, 2014, Joan Rivers passed away. With her, too, died one of the last bastions of insult comedy, a brand of humor that takes aim at anyone and everything, and that is either completely awful (Daniel Tosh, Lisa Lampanelli, plenty of others) or artfully abrasive (Rivers, Lenny Bruce, a scarce few more). The E! Network’s Fashion Police should’ve died, too. … Read More

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Kathy Griffin Leaves ‘Fashion Police’ After Seven Episodes, Cites Creative Differences

It’s been a rough few months of for E!’s Fashion Police. After Kelly Osbourne’s departure back in February… Read More

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