Badass 1970s-Style Batman Posters

As with most superheroes who have stood the test of time, each era tends to get the version of Batman it needs (or deserves). Most recently, for example, we experienced a “dark,” conflicted Batman. And while the psychological realism of that incarnation certainly added some welcome depth to the character, the Dark Knight was noticeably… Read More

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Cozy and Contemporary Forts for Winter Hibernation

In our very transparent culture, privacy and solitude sometimes feels like it’s at a premium. Designers have tapped into our need for getting away from it all right in the comfort of our own homes. These contemporary, fort-like furniture pieces remind us of our childhood when it was a lot easier hide from the rest of the world. Bring your blankets, and get to snuggling in these cozy, contemporary forts. … Read More

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15 Eye-Catching Calendars to Keep You Organized in 2014

The new year approaches, and for those of you unwilling to let go of certain paper ephemera (we understand), it’s time to purchase a 2014 calendar. If scribbling your personal appointments on gorgeous letterpress paper or livening up your kitchen with 12 months of pop culture-inspired photos makes you tingle, we have some delicious calendar candy for… Read More

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The 15 Best Book Covers of 2013

My apologies for invoking one of the oldest cliches in the book, but: they say you can’t judge a book by its cover. We all know, however, that it’s a lot easier to do so, which is why so much money goes into the design of cover art. While we’ve already provided our lists of the best books of the year, let’s celebrate the best cover designs, as well. After all, these covers played a major part in what we chose to pick up this year.  … Read More

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Celebrate Philip K. Dick’s 85th Birthday With Mindbending Art From His Paperback Novels

If there is such thing as a holy day for science fiction fans, Philip K. Dick’s birthday is it. Born 85 years ago today in 1928, the author (who died in 1982) has attracted the sort of diehard followers who consider him a prophet, predicting and problematizing the future in stories whose common threads include totalitarian governments, religion, and — maybe most famously — robots. … Read More

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The 30 Best Movie Posters of 2013

We don’t cover the movie poster beat too much around here, and for good reason: most movie posters are terrible. They seem to all traffic in the same clichés, unimaginatively slapping the biggest possible picture of their expensive stars’ heads above a title and a release date. But some films go the extra mile, taking imaginative leaps with their key art (or, often, with the alternate versions they release on the Internet for extra buzz). So let us take a moment to salute some of the more eye-catching, ingenious, and beautiful movie posters of… Read More

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Fantastic Saul Bass-Style Reimaginings of Iconic James Bond Movie Posters

Saul Bass was a man of many talents. From Academy Award-winning filmmaker to graphic designer, his exacting aesthetic made his touch an instant brand. His most recognizable work includes the title sequences for famous films like North by Northwest, Ocean’s 11, and Psycho. Artist Alain Bossuyt channels Bass par excellence in these movie posters (spotted via Dangerous Minds) that act both as posthumous tribute to Bass and spot-on conceptual re-imagining of what would have happened if Bass had ever worked on the legendary Bond films. Add this to the list of things we wish had really happened. … Read More

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Stained Glass-Style Posters for Your Favorite ’80s Movies

Designer Van Orton made these gorgeous, intricate stained-glass posters for iconic ’80s movies, including Back to the Future, The Goonies, and Blade Runner, which we spotted at This Isn’t Happiness. The resulting prints are a clever, colorful ode to a golden age of popcorn flicks that still inspire semi-religious devotion in so many film fans. There are also some black-and-white versions, which could make for a fun (albeit ambitious) paint-by-numbers project. Check out more of Orton’s work on his Facebook page. … Read More

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Heads Up, Hypebeasts! NBA Jerseys Redesigned in the Style of Famous Artists and Fashion Labels

If any league decided to up the design quotient of their uniforms, it would definitely be the NBA. Basketball players have long brought (or have tried, at least, to bring) some sartorial game outside the court. From Jordan to Wade, the fashion decisions of basketball’s most famous names have often been fodder for those looking to pick on people many times the size of the average human and their consequent difficulties in finding cool clothes that fit. Ontario-based graphic artist Dead Dilly took that and ran all the way with it, creating a tight collection of dream rebrandings of NBA jerseys as designed by the likes of Banksy, Supreme, and Marc Jacobs. Truly, we fear what would happen if these ever hit the streets. Hypebeast mayhem would surely ensure. … Read More

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What Would Edith Wharton Think of Our Modern Home Decor Tastes?

One hundred sixteen years ago today, Edith Wharton published her first book. It wasn’t a novel, or a collection of short stories, but rather a treatise on The Decoration of Houses. Written with an architect she’d use in the decoration of her own houses, the book proved immensely popular and has been periodically reprinted. Wharton wasn’t exactly a minimalist, but she preferred simplicity and functionality in design to ornamentation. A lot of her views on those subjects pop up in subsequent novels, where she sometimes comments on the decor of a character’s home. Things have changed since Wharton’s time in the furniture industry, in terms of aesthetics, so we decided to take a bunch of her best and most authoritative lines from the first chapter of the book — “Rooms in General” — and juxtapose them with rooms as styled by those current experts in home decor, catalog stylists. The results were… mixed. Have a look for yourself. … Read More

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