Stained Glass-Style Posters for Your Favorite ’80s Movies

Designer Van Orton made these gorgeous, intricate stained-glass posters for iconic ’80s movies, including Back to the Future, The Goonies, and Blade Runner, which we spotted at This Isn’t Happiness. The resulting prints are a clever, colorful ode to a golden age of popcorn flicks that still inspire semi-religious devotion in so many film fans. There are also some black-and-white versions, which could make for a fun (albeit ambitious) paint-by-numbers project. Check out more of Orton’s work on his Facebook page. … Read More

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Heads Up, Hypebeasts! NBA Jerseys Redesigned in the Style of Famous Artists and Fashion Labels

If any league decided to up the design quotient of their uniforms, it would definitely be the NBA. Basketball players have long brought (or have tried, at least, to bring) some sartorial game outside the court. From Jordan to Wade, the fashion decisions of basketball’s most famous names have often been fodder for those looking to pick on people many times the size of the average human and their consequent difficulties in finding cool clothes that fit. Ontario-based graphic artist Dead Dilly took that and ran all the way with it, creating a tight collection of dream rebrandings of NBA jerseys as designed by the likes of Banksy, Supreme, and Marc Jacobs. Truly, we fear what would happen if these ever hit the streets. Hypebeast mayhem would surely ensure. … Read More

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What Would Edith Wharton Think of Our Modern Home Decor Tastes?

One hundred sixteen years ago today, Edith Wharton published her first book. It wasn’t a novel, or a collection of short stories, but rather a treatise on The Decoration of Houses. Written with an architect she’d use in the decoration of her own houses, the book proved immensely popular and has been periodically reprinted. Wharton wasn’t exactly a minimalist, but she preferred simplicity and functionality in design to ornamentation. A lot of her views on those subjects pop up in subsequent novels, where she sometimes comments on the decor of a character’s home. Things have changed since Wharton’s time in the furniture industry, in terms of aesthetics, so we decided to take a bunch of her best and most authoritative lines from the first chapter of the book — “Rooms in General” — and juxtapose them with rooms as styled by those current experts in home decor, catalog stylists. The results were… mixed. Have a look for yourself. … Read More

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Amazing Gingerbread Replicas of Famous Art Museums

He’s done Beatles in burnt toast, Damien Hirst in M&Ms, and Rothko in Rice, but Henry Hargreaves‘ latest juxtaposition of food and art may be his most impressive. Collaborating with stylist Caitlin Levin, the artist has used those most seasonal of ingredients — candy and gingerbread — to recreate some of the world’s most famous art museums, from the Guggenheim to the Louvre. If you’re in Miami for Art Basel later this week, be sure to stop by Dylan’s Candy Bar and see the sculptures in person; if not, these dramatic black-and-white photos (spotted via Neatorama and Junk Culture) seem almost as good — although not nearly as tasty — as the real thing. … Read More

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Designer Toys for Grown-Ups

The holidays are a time for families and loved ones to celebrate togetherness, and they tend to arouse feelings of nostalgia that recall simpler times. The days of being a child and enjoying hours with your favorite toy don’t have to be a distant memory. There are plenty of playthings for grown-ups that encourage similar exploration and fun. We’ve gathered some of our favorite toys that emphasize great design, responsible materials, and conceptual artistry. … Read More

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Wonderful Architectural Illustrations Celebrate Film History’s Most Impressive Buildings

The relationship between film and architecture is often overlooked outright or confused as a secondary aspect of the film; as if the space the characters inhabit were not as important as the characters themselves. Whether you’re talking about a movie like Rear Window where the architecture is a crucial part of the film — a character in and of itself — or a movie like Moonrise Kingdom where the structures play a quieter although no less crucial role (what would Suzie be without that lighthouse perch, after all?), film and architecture are inextricably related. In his fantastic series ARCHICINE (spotted via ArchDaily), Federico Babina mines film history’s greatest buildings, extracting them from the noise of their respective movie’s contexts and highlighting them as the stars they are. … Read More

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20 Gorgeous Indoor Gardens

The word “conservatory” conjures images of elegant estates and greenhouses that most people can’t afford. Design You Trust’s advice about adding a conservatory to one’s home gave us visions of glass-enclosed loveliness — and we didn’t want our dreams of lush indoor gardens to end. We found 20 gorgeous gardens that are thriving inside homes, offices, and other interior spaces. … Read More

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Celebrate Evelyn Waugh’s 110th Birthday With the Fashionable Film Adaptation of ‘Brideshead Revisited’

I consider the 1981 television adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited a litmus test in gauging another person’s Anglophilia. Sure, you might be a huge fan of The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, have a line on the best fish and chips within a hundred-mile radius, call yourself a fan of a “football club” rather than referring to Chelsea as a “soccer team” — and you might be a really big fan of the book that’s widely considered Waugh’s greatest work. But if you don’t love all 659 minutes of the film adaptation that made a star of Jeremy Irons, then I need you to please take that Union Jack off your bedroom wall. … Read More

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Innovative Dollhouses Built by the World’s Best Architects and Designers

World famous architect Edwin Lutyens designed a stunning dollhouse for Queen Mary in the 1920s. The creation inspired UK property developers Cathedral Group to ask 20 contemporary architects and designers (in collaboration with artists and other creatives) to build a dolls’ house suitable for the 21st century. There was one other caveat: each design had to include at least one feature that would cater to children with disabilities. Bonhams will be exhibiting the finished works and hosting an auction, which is already taking place online. All proceeds support UK charity KIDS, which aids disabled young people and their families. We’ve selected several of our favorite designs, all stylish, innovative, and imaginative. Be sure to visit the auction page for more and to learn about this great cause — which we first learned about from Lost at E Minor. … Read More

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Simon Doonan’s Retrograde Rant About Female Pop Stars Belongs on Fox News

Slate is rightly known for its contrarianism; indeed, its writers tend to rejoice in it. This is generally fine — it’s always good to have an outlet for dissenting and unconventional opinions. Of late, though, they’ve outdone themselves as far as publishing clueless tracts about gender politics goes. First there was Emily “Dear Prudence” Yoffe’s depressing and ill-advised decision to wheel out the “women shouldn’t drink because it leads to sexual assault” argument. Even that, however, was trumped by “hilarious” fashion “personality” Simon Doonan’s preposterous piece yesterday about Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and other “porn-inspired pop divas.” Published under the giggle-inducing sub-LiveJournal headline “I Do Not Like Miley’s Outfit,” Doonan’s rant managed to be classist, sexist, borderline racist, and offensive to just about everyone, all within the space of 1000 words. … Read More

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