30 Best Celebrity Instagrams From the 2014 Met Gala

Last night was the glitziest, most glamorous evening in the fashion universe: the Met Costume Institute Gala. Also known as the Met Ball or “Fashion Prom,” the Gala brings Hollywood and the fashion industry together to celebrate the opening of the Costume Institute’s latest exhibit. This year’s exhibit is a retrospective on Charles James, known for his structured aesthetic and glamorously elegant gowns. Most of last night’s ball gowns didn’t stray far from a classic style, but as the Met Gala is known for experimental fashion (remember Kim Kardashian’s wearable Givenchy garden from last year?) there were a few outliers. Namely, Rihanna (who stunned in Stella McCartney), Cara Delevingne (also in Stella), and everyone who wore Prada — including the normally flawless Lupita Nyong’o, who was some kind of mermaid trapped in a fishing net? I guess? … Read More

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Beautiful Design Objects for Booze Enthusiasts

We’re finally getting a taste of that summer sun. Few things pair better with a breezy day outdoors than a fine beverage. Beer gardens, wine tastings, and craft beer houses will be packed this summer, but why contain your enthusiasm for booze to places beyond your front door? We’ve rounded up some stylish objects and furniture pieces for thirsty design lovers that will inspire you to raise a glass from the comfort of home. … Read More

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‘The Worn Archive’ Is the One Fashion Book You Need to Buy This Year

Judging by any magazine you might grab off the shelf, writing about fashion in a smart way that doesn’t alienate anybody due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, clothing size, and economic background is a massive — and at times impossible — task. At the end of the day, fashion is a commodity, and if the Vogue writers don’t sell fashion to the right consumers (ones with money), then most big fashion magazines will cease to be. Media and the industries it covers (be it film, publishing, automotive, etc.) have always made strange bedfellows, as one really does need the other to thrive. Yet the way fashion is covered by mainstream media, and the complaints audiences have long held how they hold up an impossible standard for many in terms of body image and what is affordable, it sometimes feels like fashion magazines, filled with more pages of ads than articles, are basically big catalogs with a little bit of editorial copy added in for good measure. … Read More

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Brilliant Works of Architecture Made Easier to Understand (and Even Nicer to Look At)

As a former architecture student at UCLA, Michie Cao was fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of the great works of modern architecture, but always felt that it wasn’t easy for people who didn’t truly understand design and construction to appreciate what made them so perfect. To fix this, the School of Visual Arts grad student came up with Archigrams, a whimsical set of small prints showcasing some of her favorite architectural marvels, complete with facts to help people better understand the process and art behind the structures. … Read More

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‘Seven Sisters Style': Vintage Photos of Women’s Collegiate Fashion

Since its original publication in 1965, Take Ivy has gone on to become the Bible of preppy and Ivy League style. Even today, the book’s influence can be felt on the runways of Ralph Lauren and Gant, and it remains a must for any stylish bookshelf. While the Japanese photographers who created the book captured a perfect moment in American fashion, it has always remained a mystery why there wasn’t a female counterpart to Take Ivy, especially considering the existence of the always-stylish Seven Sisters colleges. … Read More

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The Business Cards Pop Culture Characters Would Have If They Changed Careers

There’s something both fabulous and horrifying about how static fictional worlds can be. The actors live in their own self-contained realms, with nary an opportunity for a life beyond the final shot, or page, or episode — save for maybe fan fiction. But Italian creative designers Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato have envisioned new lives for pop culture icons, complete with chic, minimal business cards for their new careers, which we spotted on Design Taxi. Hogwarts becomes a cleaning agency; the Titanic, a scuba dining school; Amélie, a “selfie photographer” (whatever that means). But it’s certainly a career refresh. … Read More

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Wes Anderson’s Movies Crisply Summarized in Stylish Charts

Part of Wes Anderson’s appeal is undoubtedly his distinct aesthetic, making his films stick with you in their meticulously crafted tweeness, even as minor plot details fade away. For those who are in danger of forgetting the basics, graphic artist Ben Biondo has summarized Anderson’s films in snappy, graphical form (for a series we spotted on Trendland), complete with a summary, filming locations, budget, and the opening-weekend box office. The charts don’t cover all his films — Moonrise Kingdom is missing from the list — but they’re a good primer on most of the work Anderson’s undertaken since 1996. With its clean layout and sans-serif font, Biondo’s interpretation mainly follows the filmmaker’s aesthetic, although each graphic also features a main character from the film illustrated in a fragmented style totally distinct from Anderson’s imagination. … Read More

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10 Other Stupid Non-Fashion Trends Inspired by Normcore

According to The Cut, the newest fashion trend sweeping the crazy streets of New York City is a surprising one. Dubbed “normcore,” it’s not the trend of young women dressing like Cheers-era George Wendt (much to our dismay), but rather young people “embracing sameness deliberately as a new way of being cool, rather than striving for ‘difference’ or ‘authenticity,'” by which the writer Fiona Duncan means: standing out by not standing out. You know, like wearing non-New Yorker clothes such as khakis and sweatpants and turtlenecks and sneakers. Sure, this is just one more bit of proof that New Yorkers and fashion people live in a bubble, believing that every choice we make is interesting and fashion-forward, but what if it inspired some other non-interesting non-fashion trends? We came up with a few we’d like to see. Or not. … Read More

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12 Design-Savvy Ways to Camp Indoors

Ah, the great outdoors. It can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated. There are bugs, bears, and masked serial killers to contend with. If camping sounds a bit too strenuous, and you prefer toasted marshmallows from artisan bakers in Brooklyn, here are a few ways to bring the outdoors inside to your humble, but stylish abode. … Read More

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