Watch the Gorgeous Trailer For the Latest Studio Ghibli Film, “The Tale Of Princess Kaguya”

Studio Ghibli has been going strong since former Creative Director (and all-around genius) Hayao Miyazaki retired in 2013. The… Read More

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Watch the New Trailer for ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’

Matthew Vaughn is an interesting case—initially known as Guy Ritchie’s producer, his subsequent directorial efforts have, in many ways,… Read More

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Steven Soderbergh Turned ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ into a Black-and-White Silent Movie

Steven Soderbergh’s website Extension 765 serves several purposes, most of them commercial: he sells his artwork and… Read More

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The 10 Creepiest Kids in Movie History

Today, the Criterion Collection releases The Innocents, Jack Clayton’s magnificently moody and psychologically complex adaptation of Henry James’ novella The Turn of the Screw. Aside from the crisp, deep-focus black-and-white cinematography, the elegant scares, the edgy abstract imagery, and Deborah Kerr’s terrific leading performance, the film is made particularly memorable by the two truly disturbing children at its center — and thus, with Halloween sneaking up like a well-dressed child with a knowing smirk, we take a look at some of cinema’s creepiest kids. … Read More

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‘Seymour: An Introduction’ and the Rebirth of Ethan Hawke

Here’s the thing that’s easy to forget about Ethan Hawke: less than a decade ago, he was James Franco. For a generation (specifically, a generation typically signified with an X), he would always be the cynical, unwashed, flannel-wearing would-be alt-rocker of 1993’s Reality Bites, and much out his output following that film seemed the product of a carefully cultivated Serious Artist image. Acting wasn’t enough; he wrote bad books and turned them into bad movies. But as with Franco, the thinness of his other ventures and the caricature he could so easily lapse into made it easy to forget that there was a very fine actor behind all that other nonsense. And over the past few years (with no small assist from his longtime collaborator Richard Linklater), Hawke has realigned and matured, as both actor and screenwriter, remaking himself as one of indie film’s most reliable figures. And now he brings Seymour: An Introduction, which he directed, to this year’s New York Film Festival — and it is not only a very fine documentary, but a warm and likable one to boot. … Read More

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Amazing Playing Cards Inspired by Classic Cult Movies

If you’re a fan of cult movies, there are plenty of ways to show your love for them: posters on your wall, T-shirts on your chest, pictures in your social media profiles. But the good folks at the creative agency Human After All went beyond those obvious vehicles to find a genuinely cool bit of cult movie merchandising: cult movie playing cards, with each card in the deck illustrating a cinematic favorite. The decks are in production now, but its makers were kind enough to send us over a few samples; check them out after the jump, and follow them on Twitter or go to their website to find out how to get a set of your own. … Read More

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Angelina Jolie’s Next Movie Is About Elephant Poaching, Titled ‘Africa’

Angelina Jolie has announced she’s making a new film, this one about elephant poaching in Africa. Titled–fittingly–Africa, the film… Read More

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Might Play Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone-Directed Biopic

Your favorite brainy-girl’s heartthrob, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is in talks to play Edward Snowden in an Oliver Stone-directed biopic of… Read More

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Watch the Ridiculous Red Band Trailer for Seth Rogen and James Franco’s ‘The Interview’

In The Interview, Seth Rogen and James Franco work for a TMZ-like organization and are sent to North Korea… Read More

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A Visual History of the Cannes Film Festival Poster

The unveiling of the official Cannes Film Festival poster has become just as exciting as learning about the selections. The festival poster has always attracted the attention of cineastes everywhere, but the striking 2011 poster featuring an elegant 1970 photo of actress Fay Dunaway set against delicate text seemed to renew interest in the art form. In honor of the first Cannes Film Festival, which took place today back in 1946, we’ve compiled a visual history of the Cannes poster. From surreal illustrations, to memorable film stills, and the original artworks of beloved directors, these posters (and accompanying facts) remind us why the annual celebration on the French Riviera is still the most glamorous, essential, and exciting film festival around. … Read More

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