Flavorwire Interview: Amy Sedaris on ‘Broad City,’ Tinder, and Her New Movie ‘Goodbye to All That’

In the new comedy Goodbye to All That — which, thankfully, is not based on the classic Joan Didion essay — the charming, handsome Paul Schnieder (All the Real Girls, Parks and Recreation) plays a hapless recent divorcé diving into the brave new world of contemporary dating, from Facebook to women looking for hookups. It’s the directorial debut of Angus MacLachlan (who also wrote the screenplay), who may be best known as the writer of 2005’s Junebug, one of the best films of that decade, and the one that introduced Amy Adams to the world. … Read More

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Viola Davis Cast as Amanda Waller in ‘Suicide Squad’

While DC Comics’ Suicide Squad won’t be released until 2016, information keeps coming about the distant sort-of-superhero film, and people continue… Read More

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10 Great 2014 Movies You Can Stream (or Rent) Right Now

Well, moviegoers, the year is drawing to an end, and ‘tis the season for “best of 2014” lists. Ours will arrive later this week — and as with most, thanks to the Oscar-courting release patterns that have become the norm, it’ll be full of films you’ll either have to go to theaters to see, or that aren’t even at your neighborhood theater just yet. There’s nothing we can do about that, but in the meantime (as a kind of appetizer), we thought we’d offer up a few great movies that didn’t quite make the final cut, but have the advantage of immediate availability for streaming or rental. Add them to your queue for the holidays, or just click the title link to watch right now. … Read More

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Premiere, Bookings, Promo Appearances Cancelled for ‘The Interview’ Following Threat from Hackers

Things are getting a good deal hairier w/r/t The Interview, the goofy Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy about… Read More

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Poison, Pubes and Pubs: Links You Need To See

Poison–readily available in traditional domestic settings and requiring little brute force to use effectively–has long been considered a woman’s weapon. While most poisonings are committed by men–only 39.5 percent are committed by the fairer sex–if a woman kills, she’s most likely to have used poison as her method. At The Hairpin, Meredith Haggerty wrote a piece detailing some of history’s most famous–and horrifying–female poisoners, including Lucrezia Borgia (who was said to possess a ring filled with poison that she’d use at parties), pictured above. … Read More

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What Aaron Sorkin Doesn’t Understand About Badly Written Roles for Women

I really thought I was done being mad at Aaron Sorkin. This week marks the screenwriter’s promised retirement from his bully pulpit of choice, television, and with it his opportunity to journalismansplain the evils of clickbait and confessional blogging. But where there’s a will to give condescending sermons, there’s a way, and the past few days have seen both an op-ed begging journalists not to report on the Sony hacks (he’s a qualified judge of journalistic ethics because he wrote a show about journalists, you see) and a particularly infuriating revelation from said Sony hacks. Hopefully, the irony/general karmic vibe of the incident isn’t lost on him. … Read More

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David Oyelowo To Join Lupita Nyong’o in Film Adaptation of ‘Americanah’

Variety announced that Selma’s David Oyelowo (he portrays Martin Luther King, Jr. in the film) will co-star alongside Lupita Nyong’o… Read More

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