The Actress Who Played ‘Mulholland Drive”s Scary Dumpster Hobo Had the Hots for David Lynch

David Lynch’s films are always filled with horror, one way or another, but Mulholland Drive is perhaps the most horror-filled, with… Read More

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The Trailer for ‘Starry Eyes’ Is a Thrilling 2-Minute Glimpse into Desperation

Starry Eyes, the new horror comedy film from directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer and starring the fresh Alexandra… Read More

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Flavorwire Exclusive: Leaked Memo Details Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie, Other Political Thrillers Based on Real Events!

We’ve all had a good, hearty laugh over this idea of cinematic candy purveyor and accomplished public speaker Michael Bay helming a super-serious political thriller about your Fox News-watching great-aunt’s favorite political almost-scandal, Benghazi. But more than 24 hours have passed, and it seems that it isn’t a joke — in fact, thanks to a source deep inside Bay’s production company, Flavorwire has attained a secret memo detailing not only the Benghazi movie, but a whole slate of historical thrillers the director has in the works, in an attempt to drastically remake his image and filmography. … Read More

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“Beautiful Girl, Non-Speaking”: New Tumblr Documents Sexist Casting Calls

When they’re preparing for auditions, aspiring thespians flip through casting calls that might be relevant to their skills, interests, and physical type. Naturally, this proves a stressful process. Yet for women in showbiz, there’s the added indignity of having to scroll through casting calls that ask you to be, essentially, invisible — a prop, or worse. … Read More

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10 Terrible American Remakes of Great Foreign Films

This week, the Criterion Collection unveiled a new Blu-ray edition of The Vanishing, George Sluizer’s critically acclaimed and bluntly effective 1988 Dutch thriller. But it’s also a film with a tainted legacy, as most American moviegoers are far more familiar with the inferior and ill-conceived 1993 remake, starring Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland, and Sandra Bullock. Yes, it was another case of the disastrous American remake, and rest assured, for every Departed or Birdcage, there are three or four stinkers like these. … Read More

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Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks’ Release Horror Short / Music Video for “Catchy (Was Contagious)”

Avey Tare of Animal Collective loves horror movies. He loves them so much, he started a whole other band,… Read More

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10 Heavy Metal Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

You don’t have to think for too long to discover the commonalities between heavy metal and Halloween. Evil, horror, blood, gore, and ugliness go hand-in-hand with the imagery often used by your favorite metal band. And even people who don’t listen to metal seem to love to dress up like a campy, C-grade ’80s hair metal band — or, for those with a bit more imagination, a member of Slipknot. But this year, Flavorwire encourages you to think beyond the stereotypical metal-themed Halloween revelry and dig deep into the darker psychological recesses of human existence.

To help you do this, we chatted with Mike McPhadden, author of Heavy Metal Movies: Guitar Barbarians, Mutant Bimbos & Cult Zombies Amok in the 666 Most Ear-and Eye-Ripping Big Scream Films Ever! We picked ten horror — or just plain psychologically disturbing films — from McPhadden’s book that, while not always “metal” in the strictest sense, spotilight religious and spiritual tropes that are often used within metal lyricism and imagery, with enough blood and gore splatter to make your Halloween evening a memorable – if not disturbing — one. … Read More

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Seth Rogen Will Play Steve Wozniak For Sorkin and Boyle

That long-discussed, possibly terrific (or, let’s be honest, possibly really dull) Aaron Sorkin-penned, Danny Boyle-directed, only-three-long-scenes Steve Jobs biopic… Read More

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Watch: Flying Lotus Releases Wonderfully Disturbing Halloween-y Music Video

“The following contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.” So says the trigger warning before Flying Lotus’s newest NSFW music… Read More

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‘Bruk Out!': Inside the Hypersexual and Totally Empowered World of Dancehall Queens

“Bruk out” may be a phrase known only to Jamaican dancehall novices via the early Major Lazer song of the same name. Essentially it means to get wild, and by Major Lazer’s interpretation, the “Bruk Out” world centers around a gold-digging stripper named Jill. If documentary director Cori McKenna has her way, however, some may come to associate the phrase with a portrait of female strength via dancehall’s hypersexualized moves. … Read More

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