Film’s Most Fashionable Bands, Ranked

This week, the first photo from Universal Pictures’ Jem and the Holograms live-action adaptation popped up online. The musical movie stars Aubrey Peeples as Jem, the onstage alter-ego of Jerrica Benton, who owns Starlight Music and runs a foster home for girls. Jem and her band are the epitome of 1980’s fashion, boasting big hair, neon colors, and gaudy accessories. The picture inspired us to take a look at some of cinema’s most fashionable bands. In the spirit of competition, we’ve also ranked them. Here are ten of the best-dressed bands in film (or at least some of the most interesting) who made the cut. Feel free to add to our list, below. … Read More

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Leonard Nimoy Has Died, But His Beloved ‘Star Trek’ Character Will Live Forever

The first thing I said after the New York Times alert appeared on my phone this afternoon was, “Spock can’t be dead!” And in a way, that’s true. Spock isn’t dead; characters don’t die.

But I struggle, as he struggled, to separate the actor from the role. Leonard Nimoy, who died this morning at age 83, alternately embraced and shrugged off his connection to the iconic Star Fleet officer, from his 1967 record Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space (an album that bears no resemblance to anything the canonical Spock might have created, but which was certainly — and charmingly — from outer space) to his 1977 autobiography, I Am Not Spock, to his 1995 follow up, I Am Spock. He didn’t have the self-seriousness of his friend William Shatner, who felt Kirk hang like a millstone from his classically trained shoulders. Nimoy would never tell a Star Trek fan, even in jest, to “get a life.” I think he understood that this, the world he helped create, was a kind of life. … Read More

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If You Like Joy, Watch Sam Rockwell Dancing

Sam Rockwell dancing is one of the pleasures of life. No matter what film he’s in, he’s always busting a… Read More

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Can National Theatre of Scotland’s ‘Let the Right One In’ Pave the Way for Horror on the Stage?

Throughout the National Theatre of Scotland’s Let the Right One In, adapted from John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel and Tomas Alfredson‘s film, audiences are subjected to a parade of lyrically gruesome images: a man tied upside-down to a tree, his throat perfunctorily slit and drained into a bucket; another man literally self-effacing with acid; a diminutive teenage girl in a candy-pink sweater whose mouth brims with vomit when she actually tries to eat candy, and whose face cascades with blood every time she enters a home uninvited. All of this stirs a reverent, rapt silence in the audience. This is not the type of play where spectators listlessly turn to their programs mid-show, pretending that looking up the catering credits will somehow enhance their experience. … Read More

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‘Focus’ Is the Will Smith Comeback Movie You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

Sometimes a movie star drifts away so quietly, you don’t even notice. From the $800 million-plus-grossing Independence Day in 1996 through the $600 million-plus-grossing Hancock a dozen years later, Will Smith was one of the biggest — if not the biggest — movie stars on the planet, deploying his off-the-charts charisma and unflappable cool in such monster hits as Hitch, I Am Legend, I, Robot, and the Bad Boys and Men in Black movies. And then, he just sorta… stopped. His 2008 drama Seven Pounds was an uncharacteristic underperformer, Men in Black III (which followed a four-year absence from the screen) made boatloads of money and almost no impression, and After Earth — in which he played second fiddle to his son Jaden — was a notorious flop domestically (though it did just fine overseas). And thus Will Smith, once a brand name, finds himself with something to prove. Luckily, his latest movie Focus proves it — reminding us why he became a star in the first place, and providing a glimpse of where he might go from here. … Read More

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Hint-Heavy Video Blog by Sam Mendes Accompanies New Images from ‘Spectre,’ the Next James Bond Film

Earlier today, a series of new photos released by Empire revealed the first images of Blue is the Warmest… Read More

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Jessica Chastain Signs on to ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Prequel

Following 2012’s critically acclaimed Snow White and the Huntsman (jokes), Universal is gearing up to produce a spinoff film,… Read More

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The 50 Best Movies About Hollywood

While many movies set in Tinseltown feature similar tropes and concerns — the awe-struck wannabe, a ruthless deal gone wrong, and a wrong career move that turns deadly — no two movies about Hollywood are exactly alike. The diversity of subjects in these films speaks volumes of the variety of La La Land residents who make up the Hollywood experience. Whether it’s a modern-day Babylon or a dream factory, movies about Hollywood are striking both for their cynicism and star-struck naiveté. In time for the release of Maps to the Stars, director David Cronenberg and screenwriter Bruce Wagner’s long-gestating satire, here is Flavorwire’s list of the 50 best movies about… Read More

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