The 6 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Ballet 422,’ ‘Before I Disappear’

It’s a remarkably quiet week on the home video front; the “biggest” new releases on the shelf are the long-delayed (and much booed) Jeff Bridges/Julianne Moore epic The Seventh Son — not, sadly, a Lebowski sequel — and Spike Lee’s unfortunate Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. But Netflix is streaming one of our favorite sleepers of last year, and the Blu-ray shelves include a terrific dance doc, two stellar Criterion thrillers, and a pair of entertaining comedies from Monty Python alums. … Read More

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10 Horror Movies That Were Really Cursed

The Hollywood remake machine shows no signs of stopping — if this weekend’s latest big-screen retelling is any indication. A 3D remake of the horror classic Poltergeist, directed by Tobe Hooper and produced/co-written by Steven Spielberg, hit theaters. The film has garnered mixed reviews, but the movie’s presence recalls stories about the original Poltergeist, which has been dubbed cursed by fans and critics. Read on for the spooky real-life story behind the original film — and several other terror tales that were really haunted and… Read More

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25 of the Bitchiest Joan Crawford Quotes

Joan Crawford had caustic relationships with her children, film studios, and fellow stars (ahem), earning a reputation as a hard-nosed bitch who prized her career above all else. She was a relentless self-promoter, difficult, and was dubbed box office poison as quickly as she was “Queen of the Movies.” But Crawford was known for playing the determined working girl in cinema — women who had a rough start, but eventually found love, respect, and success. These big-picture images were inspirational to female audiences, and Crawford became one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood during Tinseltown’s male-dominated reign. By her own admission, Crawford loved playing bitches on film. In honor of the Queen B’s deathiversary this month, we gathered some of Crawford’s bitchiest quotes. … Read More

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Amy Schumer Is Writing and Starring in a Mother-Daughter Action Comedy

Amy Schumer’s trenchant, meticulous and most importantly, hilarious attacks on America’s ingrained sexism keep getting better and better, and… Read More

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‘Poltergeist’ and the Inherent Frustrations of Movie Remakes

The key difficulty in talking and writing about movie remakes is simple: it’s very hard to not just spend 500 or so words asking, over and over, “Why?” Such films seldom improve upon their original, at least anymore; once was the time when a John Huston would remake an unloved picture like The Maltese Falcon, but these days the entire reason for a remake is to capitalize on name recognition and leftover nostalgia. Yet such qualities are what end up crippling the remakes, ensuring a curiosity factor (and, y’know, dollar) but little more. And the essential paradox of the remake has seldom been as explicitly — and often frustratingly — actualized as it is in Gil Kenan’s new Poltergeist, which assembles a very gifted group of people to go through another movie’s paces, a cover band you wish would just play their own songs. … Read More

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Gaspar Noe Discusses What 3D Genitals Can Add to Cinematic Depictions of Love

It’d seem that, at least according to Irreversible director Gaspar Noe, we’ve never truly seen an authentic depiction of love onscreen:… Read More

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From Cannes to Lifetime: A ‘Grace of Monaco’ Disaster Timeline

Dozing off on the couch Memorial Day evening with a belly full of improperly cooked-out burgers and cheap beer is a bit of a holiday tradition (in our house, anyway), but this year, there’s a particularly fascinating bit of television programming for you to nod off to: Grace of Monaco, in which Oscar winner Nicole Kidman plays iconic movie-star-turned-princess Grace Kelly. This was supposed to be a giant movie: opening the Cannes Film Festival, awards season push by the Weinstein Company, Oscar glory. Instead, it’s quietly making its stateside debut on Lifetime, a network better known for cringe-worthy original biopics and tales of women in jeopardy. So how did such a prestige project end up on a punchline network? Let’s roll the tape. … Read More

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