Orson Welles’s Final Film to Screen At Last

Orson Welles’s The Other Side of the Wind is one of the most storied of all unfinished/unreleased movies, a… Read More

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‘Tinseltown,’ ‘Classic Hollywood,’ and the Secret, Sexy History of Movie Scandals

“To the boys and the girls of the land these mock heroes and heroines have been pictured and painted, for box office purposes, as the living symbol of all the virtues,” Ed Roberts wrote in 1922. “Privately they have lived, and are still living, lives of wild debauchery.” Roberts, a former editor of the movie magazine Photoplay, wrote those words in the introduction of The Sins of Hollywood: An Exposé of Movie Vice, a slender volume that cast a decidedly more cynical eye on the stars of Tinseltown than the worshipful periodical where he’d previously worked. Cataloging and detailing the gossipy whispers surrounding such figures as Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, Rudolph Valentino, and Mabel Normand, Sins was aimed squarely at a public starving for dirty details, imagining their silver-screen faves drifting through Hollywood’s wild gin riots and cocaine soirees and outrageous orgies, readers simultaneously tsk-tsking their indulgences and living vicariously through them. … Read More

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How Did the ‘Hobbit’ Movies Go So Horribly Awry?

Hello there, fantasy fans! As you may or may not know, this December 17th will bring us the release of the third and (hopefully!) final Hobbit film, The Hobbit: Can You Believe They’re Still Making These Fucking Things? The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies — and just in case you were planning on sitting this one out (and seriously, who could blame you?), distributor Warner Brothers has a couple of strategically timed information leaks to lure you in. First, they’ve engaged fellow Time Warner subsidiary Entertainment Weekly to run an early feature on director Peter Jackson’s “battle plans,” trumpeting the film’s climactic, 45-minute battle sequence. And secondly, the studio has told Forbes that the film will be preceded by the first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman. Put together, these two announcements smack mostly of desperation — a quality that has come to overwhelm this increasingly irrelevant… Read More

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Sandra Oh Turns to Indiegogo for Animated Feature About Young Canadian Poet

Former Grey’s Anatomy actor Sandra Oh has a fun new project in the works: an animated feature titled Window Horses, about Rosie,… Read More

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Meet David DeCoteau, the King of Homoerotic On Demand Schlock

A lot has changed since David DeCoteau began making films, but one thing the producer/director has never lost sight of is the bottom line. When DeCoteau changed the title of his 2011 movie A Dream Within a Dream to 1313: Nightmare Mansion, the veteran exploitation filmmaker found a surefire way to boost his audience. … Read More

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Watch Trailer for Feminist Iranian Vampire Film, ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’

The vampire genre experienced its insufferable peak when Twilight and True Blood were both going simultaneously, then slowly started to fade when everyone… Read More

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CNN Films and RADiUS to Make Film About Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, the team behind the Oscar-winning documentary The Invisible War, will (respectively) direct and produce a… Read More

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