Gone Girl, Bad Weather, and the D: Links You Need to See

Everyone’s content has been on point today, so I just want to thank y’all (y’all here being used in the feminist sense) for making today’s post really easy to write. Here’s what you need to read (or look at) from today’s internet goings-on. … Read More

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Goodbye to All That Four Loko: The End of an Era of Cheap Drinking

As a Midwesterner, I was weaned on swill like Old Milwaukee, Milwaukee’s Best, and, harshest of all, Old Style. Heineken was considered exotic because it was imported, we toasted with Miller High Life (“The Champagne of Beers”) instead of real champagne, and I searched all over town for the Miller Lite throwback cans because I’m a sucker for beer nostalgia. As a younger man, I proudly chugged my inexpensive beer, sometimes swapping it out for a Newcastle or Guinness if I had a few extra dollars to spare, but usually drinking something a friend refereed to as “gut rot” more often than not. When you’re young, dumb, and looking for drunken fun, drinking crap is a badge of honor. You would rather do shots of Wild Turkey than sip a single malt, and while straight Kool-Aid mix and whatever liquor you have handy might not taste especially great, it usually did the trick. … Read More

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A Whiskey Distillery Grows in Brooklyn: Talking Moonshine With Kings County Distillery’s Colin Spoelman

The thing about walking into the Navy Yard building that houses small-batch whiskey producer Kings County Distillery is that it looks exactly like what you’d imagine: old brick walls and a marker over the front door that commemorates the date when the building was completed, set amid a cluster of other ancient, nondescript brick buildings. It didn’t hurt that I walked to this little corner of Brooklyn on an overcast day that seemed to mark the true beginning of autumn, a full month late. … Read More

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I Hate the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Autumn is undoubtedly my favorite time of year: leaves falling, Oktoberfest beer flowing, flannel sheets reemerging from summer storage, and the slow death of the disgusting heat that turns me into an angry, sweaty beast from June through the middle of September. All is perfect, all is well, save for one minor detail: Starbucks rolls out their awful Pumpkin Spice Lattes. … Read More

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Marilyn Hagerty’s ‘Grand Forks': Unpretentious Food Writing Is the New Outsider Art

The term “outsider art” has always bothered me. It implies that if you want to be an artist of any sort, you need to go through the proper channels, fill out the right paperwork, live in the right place, and make sure you look and act the part at all times. It is a term nearly as infuriating and insulting as the one Americans use to describe Fela Kuti or Os Mutantes: “world music.” These are terms we apply to art that we see as the “other,” good or bad. Hence the labels, and the hundreds of essays that will follow about how all American art is a capitalist tool to decorate the walls of the bourgeois, blah blah blah. … Read More

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Rorschach Tests Recreated in Peanut Butter, Ice Cream, and Squid Ink

Madrid-based photographer Esther Lobo stumbled upon the idea of recreating classic images of Rorschach tests with food quite accidentally, according to Junk Culture. But her series, titled Rorschach Food, was developed in a pretty classic Roschach way. “I dropped the food over soft plastic plates and then I bended them to obtaine the symmetric stains,” she says. “Finally I placed the source of the stain over the symmetrical image, and so documented the psychological portrait of each food stuff.” Incorporating things like ice cream, mustard, pasta sauce, and, uh, squid ink, Lobo’s series perfectly captures the essence of those original images. I’m not sure if I see anything in these pictures, but I do know that I’m suddenly starving. … Read More

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Candy Meth and Los Pollos Hermanos: The Best ‘Breaking Bad’-Inspired Food

You’d think a show as violent as Breaking Bad would suppress your appetite, but it’s surprisingly hard to watch without getting hungry. Breaking Bad has been saturated with food from the beginning, and it’s almost as famous for breakfast and Funyuns as it is for its gruesome plot elements. Food is such a huge part of the show that the menu for a viewing party writes itself, and some hungry viewers have gone far enough to make Breaking Bad food items. There’s a surprising glut of snacks inspired by the show to indulge in, from homemade fried chicken to official show tie-ins. Below, we round up some of the best refreshments for Breaking Bad superfans. … Read More

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