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50 Gifts for Your Valentine That Don’t Suck

Ah February, ye of the punishing cold, disappointing social calendar, and most existentially troubling holiday to ever be invented, we meet again. Here at Flavorwire, we have a little tradition around this time: rounding up ways to avoid giving (or getting) anything lame this Valentine’s Day. Yes, crumbly, awkward chocolate roses, and the dude who swore they were a creative option, we’re looking at you. So check out this year’s suggestions, from the cozy to the crazy, from the edible to the bed-able (yes, that happened). And treat yourself to a happy holiday, whether with that special someone, friends, or all by your… Read More

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Gift Guide: What to Buy the Witch in Your Life This Holiday Season

Sure, you might associate witchcraft mostly with Hallowe’en, but magick can happen all year round. And considering the pagan influences still palpable in our contemporary holiday season, why keep yourself from lavishing gifts on the best (or baddest) witch in your life? You could even give a few of these gifts to those who haven’t yet dabbled in witchcraft, and remind those afraid of magick that it doesn’t all have to be eyes of newts and hexes. Here’s a guide to what you can get for your witchy loved ones (or yourselves!) this holiday season, with special thanks to the Internet’s resident clean person / sister of the moon, Jolie Kerr, for the helpful suggestions. … Read More

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25 Presents for Your Valentine That Don't Suck

In the interest of making things a bit easier for everyone involved this Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up presents for that special dude or lady in your life that are actually desirable — ie, there’s nary a sad plush toy clutching a rose in sight. From pretty affordable prints to DIY pickling kits, click through to check out our… Read More

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100 Gifts for 100 Cultural Icons

If you’ve been reading Flavorwire for the past few years, then you already know that one of our favorite holiday traditions is doling out gifts to 100 boldfaced names in culture — it doesn’t matter whether they’re dead or alive; naughty or nice; highbrow, lowbrow, or somewhere in between. Click through to see who made the cut this year, and while you’re at it, find the perfect gift for the Amy Poehler, Philip Roth, Zooey Deschanel in your own… Read More

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20 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Don’t Suck

Dear old dad. We don’t know about you, but we’ve taken an unofficial office poll and decided that fathers are some of the toughest people in the world to shop for. It’s not that they’re picky — far from it, in fact. It’s just that most dads go out and buy the things that they really want, and don’t really desire much outside of that. So! If you, like us, experienced a mild panic when you realized that Father’s Day is less than a week away, have no fear; we’ve rounded up some interesting gift options that were inspired by some of our favorite celebrities. Whether your dad reminds you of a manly woodworker like Nick Offerman, a total science geek like Bill Nye, or a lifelong “experimenter” like Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, we’ve got you — and your pops — covered. Enjoy! … Read More

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Graduation Gift Guide: A Present for Every Major

As we previously noted, commencement season is currently in full swing, which means that you’ve probably spent time lately struggling to find the perfect present for the graduating someone in your life. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re shopping for a sibling, your significant other, or that kid who you used to babysit, we’ve got a slew of brilliant ideas that are inspired by various majors. Some of them are a little more clever than others, but they’re all gifts that we’re sure any grad — whether recent or someone who’s been out of school for quite some time now (cough, cough) — will be thrilled to receive. Click through to check them all out, and be sure to let us know which gifts you like the best in the comments. … Read More

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20 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Suck

Why are cultural icons so much easier to shop for than the people who we know in real life? We have absolutely no idea, but the rule definitely applies when it comes to finding interesting gifts for Mother’s Day. Sure, you could go the traditional route and send mom a greeting card, take her out to brunch, or buy her a plant, but how predictable is that? You’ve got less than a week to go before the big holiday, but if you’ve got a mom who reminds you of Patti Smith, Liz Lemon, Hillary Clinton, or a slew of other famous ladies who we love, then we’ve got you covered with the perfect present! Let us know which gifts are your favorites in the comments. … Read More

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Triple Word Win: Gifts for Scrabble Lovers

Browse your dictionaries and sharpen your pencils — tomorrow is National Scrabble Day! One out of three American families owns Hasbro’s popular word game, which is sold in nearly every country in the world. It’s hard to believe that tiny, wooden, innocuous letters can inspire such a fiercely competitive spirit in people — but the game is also popular with families and friends just looking to spend some quality time, who don’t mind using their brains in the process. So, before you busy yourself hosting a Scrabble game tomorrow, or wondering if the kids at the 2012 National School Scrabble Championships are way smarter than you (they probably are), head past the break to indulge your inner board game geek. We’re celebrating National Scrabble Day by sharing a few game-centric treats — ranging from food to fashion — that deserve your dollars and cents. Happy Scrabbling! … Read More

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Quirky Valentine’s Day Ideas for Pop-Culture Enthusiasts

Is your relationship comparable to that of Mario and Princess Peach? Richie and Margot Tenenbaum? Ron Swanson and a plate of ribs? If you answered “yes” to any of these unstoppable duos, then this Valentine’s Day gift guide is for you! Sure, candy and flowers are great, but the quirky pop-culture nerd in your life might prefer something a little more fitting to their film and TV tastes. How about a snuggle-worthy pair of Barney Stinson suitjamas? Or a lovey-dovey print of the film you watched on your first date? Check out ten offbeat gift ideas for your sweetheart after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know of the other pop-culture presents you’ve found whilst prepping for good ol’ February 14th. … Read More

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25 Gifts for Your Valentine That Don’t Suck

For a holiday that’s purportedly all about love, Valentine’s Day is pretty divisive. You’ve got plenty of people who can’t stand the idea of buying a cheesy greeting card or a dramatically marked-up bouquet of flowers — which is totally understandable. But this archaic pagan ritual doesn’t have to be a total bummer. That’s why we’ve put together a shopping guide for February 14th that is chock full of trinkets that we’d be happy to give or receive anytime of the year. Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of the color red involved, but that kind of comes with the territory. Let us know in the comments which of these gifts you love! … Read More

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