Vice Media Co-Founder Gavin Mcinnes Thinks “Women Are Pretending They Like Working”

When you see the words “Fox” and “woman” in the same sentence before a video clip, you wouldn’t be wrong… Read More

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Austrian Magazine ‘Vangardist’ Prints Issue in HIV-Positive Blood-Infused Ink

You probably haven’t heard of the queer Austrian men’s magazine Vangardist, which is distributed exclusively in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.… Read More

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Does ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Deserve PEN’s Freedom of Expression Courage Award? A Conversation

Earlier this week, six authors — Teju Cole, Rachel Kushner, Michael Ondaatje, Francine Prose, Peter Carey, and Taiye Selasi — announced their withdrawal as literary hosts of this year’s PEN America gala, over the group’s acknowledgment of Charlie Hebdo with its annual Freedom of Expression Courage Award. Responding to what Kushner referred to as the magazine’s “cultural intolerance,” the writers met with quick condemnation from both PEN itself and one of its loudest spokesmen, Salman Rushdie.

So, who’s right? Is the Charlie Hebdo staff’s martyrdom enough to justify honoring them? Or should an award like this be reserved for work that PEN and its constituency actually endorse? Flavorwire Editor-at-Large Sarah Seltzer and Literary Editor Jonathon Sturgeon found themselves on the opposite sides of these questions. Below, each argues their point of view. … Read More

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“What’s Underneath” Video Series Uses Fashion Culture to Uncover Rape Culture

The mother-daughter team behind eclectic personal style website StyleLikeU, Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, have produced a remarkable series called “The What’s Underneath Project,” a series of short videos in which fashion-forward people — artists, musicians, and others — sit in a studio and take off their clothes. Eventually clad in their underwear, but softly lit and beautifully styled, the subjects talk about their journeys, mostly focusing on the contrast between inner and outer conceptions of style and beauty. … Read More

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Mahatma Gandhi, Baltimore, and the Myth of Nonviolence

It’s like clockwork. There’s a riot in some disenfranchised corner of America — or, more likely, there’s a peaceful protest that turns violent on its fringes. The media beams back images of burning shopfronts and crying children. A man in a uniform appears on television, appealing for calm. There’s a whole lot of hand-wringing about the futility of violence, and then somebody posts something on Facebook about “Ghandi” [sic] — usually, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” pasted onto a nice sharable photo. There’s a long, pious conversation about how nonviolent protest is the only acceptable means of resistance in a civilized society, all involving people who have never known someone like Freddie Gray, and who have never lived in the same circumstances as the average resident of a Baltimore housing project. People like, y’know, me. … Read More

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Baltimore and Black Lives Matter: A Reading List

Today, Baltimore is under a state of emergency as protesters decrying the mysterious, shameful death of Freddie Gray in police custody take to the streets. The word “riot” has been bandied about, and news cameras have descended on the city, offering a confusing picture of flames and stone-throwing, often with little context. To add nuance, background, and theory to the stream of news, here is some of the best writing we’ve seen on what’s happening in Baltimore. … Read More

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Journalists Slam Dissonance Between White House Correspondents’ Dinner and Baltimore Protests

“The Secret Service is the only law enforcement to face repercussions if a black man gets shot,” was arguably Cecily Strong’s best quip during her gig at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. She followed this up later, by addressing the President directly about his hair color showing signs of age: “Your hair’s so white, it can talk back to the police.” … Read More

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‘American Reflexxx': Performance Art Video Uncovers Shocking, Violent Dehumanization

A disturbing video has begun to make the rounds on Facebook. Titled “American Reflexxx,” it’s the work of performance artists Signe Pierce and Alli Coates, and it involves the former walking through a city while the latter films her. The result is 14 minutes of deeply unsettling footage. … Read More

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