Talking Shit About Hemingway and Thoreau With The Toast Founder and ‘Texts From Jane Eyre’ Author Mallory Ortberg

To appropriately describe the power of Texts From Jane Eyre and Other Conversations With Your Favorite Literary Characters, the debut book by Mallory Ortberg — the funniest writer on the Internet and the co-creator of the wonderful website The Toast — it seems best to list the places where I laughed while reading it: on the subway, laughing hard enough that the L train glared at me; in bed with a wicked case of insomnia (my chortling woke up my husband); at the Flavorwire office, where we all fought over who got to read the book first. … Read More

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“Jian Ghomeshi Is My Friend, Jian Ghomeshi Beats Women”: Owen Pallett’s Refreshing Response to the CBC Host’s Firing

Canadian indie-rock musician Owen Pallett did something very, very rare today. In the wake of Jian Ghomeshi’s firing after a high-profile series of allegations from women claiming he assaulted them, Pallett acknowledged his friendship with the radio host.

But he also acknowledged the seeming veracity of the accusations against his friend. How often do you get that kind of nuance when celebrities are accused of domestic or sexual violence, that refusal to insist, “he’s not that kind of guy”? … Read More

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Ignore the BDSM Stuff — Jian Ghomeshi Is Just Another Powerful Man Accused of Abuse

Jian Ghomeshi, the radio host and former rock star whose firing this weekend is causing a stir across media both old and new, is kind of a big deal in Canada. Q, his arts show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is equivalent, if not more popular, than the biggest NPR shows, a popular stopover for public figures on both sides of the border. … Read More

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Exasperating Anti-Porn Editorial Fails to Acknowledge That Words Have Meanings

Words are important. After all, we can only communicate because we have a mutual acceptance of the objects and concepts to which our own series of abstract sounds refer. If you’re a semiotician, you can amuse yourself for hours pondering on the interaction between signifiers and their signifieds. For the rest of us, it’s important to think every so often about how important these interactions are to defining the way in which we interact with the world — and, in particular, how important the specific meaning we choose becomes to the way we discuss abstract concepts like politics. … Read More

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Longform You Have to Read: The Best of ‘Guernica,’ Now Available in Print

In a world where you have more options for satisfying longform reading than ever, your friends here at Flavorwire are taking the time once a week to highlight some of the best that journalism and longform has to offer. Whether they’re unified by topic, publication, writer, being classic pieces of work, or just by a general feeling, these articles all have one thing in common: they’re essential reading. This week, we’re featuring wonderful work from Guernica: A Magazine of Art of Politics, the formidable online publication that’s celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. … Read More

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Watch: Supercut of Everyone the Right-Wing Media Says Shouldn’t Vote

The whole problem started when women got the vote because… emotions got involved.

This is actually a statement made by Rush… Read More

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Move Over, James Franco: Tom Hanks Pens So-So Fiction for ‘New Yorker’

Move over James Franco and Steve Martin: you aren’t the only fiction-penning celebrities around. This week, The New Yorker features a short story by Tom Hanks — yes, that Tom Hanks — which seems to be heavily influenced by his time working on Apollo 13. While reading, I had do my very best to approach the story, a futuristic space-jaunt called “Alan Bean Plus Four”, as a lighthearted foray into fiction by a revered actor (director, screenwriter, producer, and cultural figure) and not as something I would mercilessly savage if I were in a fiction workshop and a “packet” of my peers’ writing had just arrived in my arms for a pre-class critique. … Read More

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Happy 10th Anniversary to the Boston Red Sox Finally Winning the World Series!

This week marks the 10th anniversary of an impossible feat; when the Boston Red Sox pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat with an improbable four game comeback against their sworn enemies, forever rivals, forged in fire, with the immortal fuck-up of The Curse of the Bambino as the kicking-off point, the ever-smug and very victorious New York Yankees. … Read More

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“Amazon Is Hurting America”: NY Times Columnist On Why the Hachette Conflict Goes Way Beyond Books

“, the giant online retailer, has too much power, and it uses that power in ways that hurt America.” Thus begins Monday’s ominously blunt column by New York Times regular and Nobel-prize winner Paul Krugman. Krugman, who covers the economy from a progressive perspective, does not approach the controversial question of Amazon: good or bad? as a an author with a recent book out, nor as a rabid culture consumer (although I did see him at a St. Vincent concert in Brooklyn once; shoutout to Paul Krugman’s music taste!) Instead, he’s writing as a politically-savvy economist who sees a company beginning to get out of control. And Krugman has some important thoughts about what Amazon has become so dangerous — not a monopoly, per se, but rather a monopsony. … Read More

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