Watch: Last Night’s ‘South Park’ Spoofed Lorde

Whether somewhat guiltily or not (leaning towards not), I’ve taken to watching a LOT of Lorde-related content lately. Whether… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Future of What’s “No War Dance Floor”

It’s been a while since Brooklyn has produced an electro-pop outfit worth paying attention to, but, hey, if you wait long enough, anything can happen. And so now we have Future of What, a playfully political BK band fronted by singer-songwriter Blair Gimma and backed by Max Kotelchuck and Sam Axelrod. … Read More

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Watch: Children Resurrected at Their Funeral in Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Never Catch Me’ Video

Flying Lotus announced his soon-to-be-released album You’re Dead! a while ago, and now the video for its first single, “Never Catch… Read More

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Flavorwire Video Premiere: Jonny Telafone, “The Prayer”

A shirtless, bearded man. A small white dog. FORBIDDEN LOVE. Well, sort of — this video by Australian “bedroom auteur” Jonny Telafone features the eponymous Mr. Telafone crooning about “unspoken desires” and “beautiful eyes” while clutching a rather nonplussed looking Maltese terrier, an image that’s as amusing as it is mildly disconcerting. (Especially when the dog starts, um, licking his nipples.) The video was directed by fellow Antipodean Geoffrey O’Connor (of Crayon Fields and solo renown), and it’s great, gazing on the curious couple through atmospheric blue filters and contrasting them with flashes of religious imagery. The song’s ace, too — it’s ’80s-influenced late-night R&B that falls somewhere between How To Dress Well and Telafone’s labelmate Darren Sylvester. It’s the lead single from his upcoming album Romeo Must Cry, which is out through Chapter Music next February. Click through to check it out. … Read More

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10 Albums You Need to Hear in October

You could spend October geeking out over those massive Belle & Sebastian and Sleater-Kinney reissues, or you could check out some new jams. They’re not mutually exclusive activities — we actively encourage you to do both. But if you are in the market for new albums, there are a lot of great ones out this month. Weezer don’t fail miserably at getting back to their heyday. Flying Lotus blows our mind. Ex Hex make us want to throw a dance party and invite only too-cool punk kids. Kindness gives us another mix overflowing with warm… Read More

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Prince’s 10 Most Prince Moments

Prince has two new albums out this week, bless him — he’s never been one for self-restraint, and that’s one of the reasons we love him, right? Just like everyone else, we’ve been listening to PlectrumElectrum and Art Official Age all day, and we’ll no doubt be publishing our thoughts on them in due course. In the meantime, though, it seems like a fine time to celebrate music’s most eccentric genius with a survey of his, well, most Princely moments. Read them all and we’ll serve you pancakes… Read More

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Aretha Franklin Performs “Rolling in the Deep” Live on ‘Letterman’

Yesterday, Aretha Franklin shared her cover of “Rolling in the Deep,” (by someone named… Adele?) off her upcoming album,… Read More

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