Taylor Swift Prohibits “This Sick Beat” from Appearing Without Licensing on Potholders, Christmas Ornaments and Whips

You can sing your heart out to the tunes of Taylor Swift’s 1989, but if you had plans to get… Read More

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Kanye West Previews His “Only One” Video, Opens Up About Fatherhood

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kanye West previewed the video for “Only One,” his stripped-down Paul McCartney collaboration… Read More

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“I’m Not Into French Music”: Lulu Gainsbourg Wrestles With His Father’s Legacy

“Lady Luck” is the title of a song by Rod Stewart. It also the title of songs by Jamie Woon and Deep Purple and Journey. It is a hotel/casino in Missouri. It is a personification of luck that reduces femininity to notions of temptation, mischief, and danger — one usually, as the list of musicians who sing of the phenomenon would suggest, invoked by men. “Lady Luck” now also appears both as the first single from Lulu Gainsbourg’s upcoming album and as that the title of the album, set for release February 2. It’s a bold move for Gainsbourg, the 29-year-old son of iconic French musician Serge Gainsbourg and model Bambou. The “Lady Luck” cliché comes prepackaged with some ineradicable sleaze. The song, however, happens to be pretty awesome — in the particular way that an appletini at a hotel’s rooftop bar is, genuinely, awesome and in the way that it’s maybe just a little self-aware and self-critical. … Read More

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“Nooooooo” Is the Only Appropriate Response to the Fact that Amanda Palmer Wrote a Poem About Jonathan Chait’s ‘NY Mag’ Piece

A resounding “nooooooo” erupted in our office when the first of my coworkers stumbled upon this Salon piece announcing… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Rebekka Karijord’s Feminist Ally Anthem “Oh Brother” Gets an Empathetic Video Full of Love

Sweden-based musician Rebekka Karijord didn’t see her father, who struggled with addiction, for most of her childhood in northern Norway. In her early teen years, she found a notebook of her father’s poems, lyrics, and sketches — most of which were about her and her mother — in the attic. She eventually travelled to Norway’s west coast to reunite with him, at which point he gave her two big plastic bags filled with his own lyrics. She used his words to find her own voice — an experience that comes full circle on her fourth album, We Become Ourselves, a stunning work that explores Karijord’s relationships with men with equal parts power and vulnerability through dramatic orchestral parts, tribal drums, sparse piano, and an overall vocal-driven style comparable to Lykke Li and Zola Jesus. … Read More

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The Sound of the ‘Broad City': A Musical Guide to TV’s Coolest Comedy

From Drake’s “Started From the Bottom,” in the now-famous nod to Missy Elliott’s “The Rain (Super Dupa Fly)” video last season, to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” soundtracking Abbi’s naked strut last week, the scene-stealing montage song plays an important role on Broad City — and will continue to as Season 2 progresses. But it’s also just one way the show’s music supervisor, Matt “FX” Feldman uses songs to flesh out Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s wild and weird New York. Click through to read more about how he curates the music for Broad City and listen to his playlist of ten tracks that will define its second… Read More

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The Demise of Blink-182: A Gchat Play in Five Acts

Millennials everywhere are in mourning, bless them, because Blink-182 have officially parted way with singer Tom DeLonge (although apparently that’s news to him). The band have been famously dysfunctional for years, and as such it’s not surprising that the communication around their apparent break-up has been lacking. Perhaps the most notable detail to emerge was that Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker haven’t spoken to DeLonge in months, preferring to communicate digitally. Their medium of choice was email, but really, it could and should have been Gchat — because then we wouldn’t have had to write these transcripts for them. … Read More

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