Flavorwire Premiere: Adam Torres Finds Beauty in Loss With His “Voices From the Top of the Mountain” Video

At age 20, Adam Torres, then of the band Southeast Engine, wrote and recorded his first and only proper album, Nostra Nova. He released it in the most DIY of manners in 2006, while living in a college town in Ohio’s Appalachian foothills. This is not a remarkable tale. Many young singer-songwriters record albums and release them with so much hope in their hearts, only to have their songs go mostly unheard outside of their scene. It’s not a tragedy, it’s just the reality of the music world.

Luckily, Adam Torres will not end up one of those people. … Read More

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‘Game of Thrones” Natalie Dormer Stars in Hozier’s Video for “Someone New”

Hozier has released a video for “Someone New,” off his 2014 self-titled album; it features Game of Thrones star… Read More

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Alternate Routes: Aphex Twin Gives It Away, The Dude Sleeps

Alternate Routes is a column from Flavorwire contributor and WFMU DJ Jesse Jarnow, in which he’ll explore music solely distributed outside the Big 3 of Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

Aphex Twin’s recent celebration of digital freedoms in the form of a massive SoundCloud dump is the opposite of a new paradigm for the music industry. For starters, Richard D. James isn’t (directly) making any money off the nearly 200 tracks and counting he has posted since late January under the name user48736353001, even enabling the “download” option on material that once might’ve constituted several hefty box sets. For another, James’ feat almost definitely isn’t repeatable. In a matter of weeks, James more than doubled the amount of music in his already weighty discography. But whether or not it represents any kind of new direction in music distribution, it clearly constitutes a new kind of experience for the obsessed listener, and a perfect channel for James’ prolific brand of dense electronic music. … Read More

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Carly Rae Jepsen Declares She “Really Like[s] You” 67 Times on New Single

Carly Rae Jepsen skyrocketed to half-ironic fame three years ago by turning the clumsy, conversational declarations of a crush into… Read More

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The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Kanye #ALLDAY Edition

It’s Kanye’s world, we’re just livetweeting it. This week’s best new music includes the redemption of GOOD Music associate Big Sean (with the release of his third album, Dark Sky Paradise, this week), and also Nick Jonas, who did West proud with a killer “Only One” cover. … Read More

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If You Like Joy, Watch Sam Rockwell Dancing

Sam Rockwell dancing is one of the pleasures of life. No matter what film he’s in, he’s always busting a… Read More

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A Selection of Hitherto Unseen Responses to Famous Songs

The idea of writing a song lyric as a letter is one that’s as old as music itself, but if you’re like Flavorwire, you may have occasionally found yourself wondering: what if the recipient of the song in question wrote back? What might they have to say? Wonder no longer, dear readers, because through the magic of a program that grants access to the the hitherto undiscovered secret archives of rock (aka Photoshop CS5), here are the unseen responses to a bunch of our favorite “letter” songs. … Read More

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