Death Grips’ “I Break Mirrors with My Face in the United States” Is Exactly What You’d Expect

Death Grips have always been enigmatic, which is a good thing, because they’ve always tried so … Read More

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The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Rihanna Goes “Blop,” Jamie xx Does Claps

Some weeks it’s all about the indies, and other weeks it’s all about the stars. This week saw the release of the Rihanna’s anticipated followup to “FourFiveSeconds,” titled “Bitch Better Have My Money,” and Jamie xx dropped a Romy Madley-Croft-featuring single from his debut solo album In Colour. We’ve got some Syrian stuff, some chill stuff, and some pure ’90s indie rock stuff for you, too. … Read More

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Duran Duran Finishes New LP Featuring Janelle Monae

It’s 2015, and there’s Duran Duran news that is worth getting exciting about, if only very cautiously: the band,… Read More

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Missy Elliott’s Top 15 Music Videos, Ranked

Missy Elliott’s breakout music video was 1997’s “The Rain,” directed by Hype Williams. Not only did it introduce her to the world, but it also introduced hip hop to a whole new era of visually stunning, highly creative, and memorable music videos. Her entire career so far has been full of these inventive and unforgettable clips, which are still awe-inspiring in 2015 — and still make viewers incredibly envious of her dance moves. Here’s a ranking of her top 15 videos — though, let’s be honest, the order is entirely subjective, because everything Missy Elliott does is… Read More

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Hear Rihanna’s Anticipated New Single, “Bitch Better Have My Money”

Did you ever think the proper onomatopoeia for a gun shooting was “blop, blop, blop?” Similar to the infectious gun… Read More

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How Azealia Banks Dispensed With Respectability Politics and Brought the Mainstream to Her Turf

When it comes to Azealia Banks, the most difficult thing to reconcile may be the fact that despite her loose-cannon reputation, she’s actually quite lucid. As an artist, she moves between pop confection and introspective hip hop with a fluidity that belies burgeoning skill and talent as much as it does a rapidly developing sense of music business acumen. As a personality, she’s mastered the ability to create sound bites (and tweets) that keep her referential, controversial, and in the press. … Read More

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Zayn Malik Has Left One Direction

Oh no, One Direction has gotten 1/5 less hotter as Zayn Malik has officially left the band, as announced today… Read More

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