Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Performed a Duet of Standards Duets on ‘Fallon’

Tis the season for standard duets. Barry Manilow’s got an album full of standard duets with dead people, Barbra Streisand has… Read More

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The 30 Best Albums of 2014

The musical trends of 2014 felt so obvious in the moment: DJ Mustard beats, technophobia, strong female pop duets dominating the charts, polarizing booty-love anthems, a house music revival for the masses, LGBT voices making space for themselves, politicized music that sounded particularly relevant post-Ferguson. But when we look back at 2014, I’m not sure we’ll remember all that. It would be easy to say, “2014 was the year Beyoncé went full feminist, Nicki went borderline misandrist, and Taylor went ‘pop,’ though she’s been it for years,” but that’s just not the whole story. With that in mind, we tried to tell the whole story in this ranking of the year’s 30 best… Read More

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Charli XCX Performed “Need Ur Luv” Atop a Piano On ‘Letterman’

Charli XCX, who released her extraordinary second album Sucker Monday, performed last night on David Letterman. The British singer… Read More

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Listen: Shamir Performs “On the Regular,” “I Know Its a Good Thing” and New Song on BBC Radio 1

As you scramble to keep abreast of all the end-of-year music lists telling you what listening triumphs and mistakes you… Read More

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