Watch: Patti Smith and David Lynch Discuss Pussy Riot, Aging, Artistry and Severed Ears

The Fondation Cartier in Paris organized a discussion between late-sextaguenarian icons David Lynch and Patti Smith. Together, in a room that looked… Read More

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That Lana Del Rey/Eli Roth Rape Scene, Discussed

Editor’s note: This is a conversation between our staffers on the disturbing Eli Roth/Marilyn Manson/Lana Del Rey video that surfaced this morning, which Manson’s representatives claim he had no part in. As can be expected, it contains graphic content. … Read More

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One Direction’s New Album Is Worth Your Time Even If You’re Not a Pop Fan

I never thought a boy-band would turn me on to Journey, but here we are. With its piano line highly reminiscent of Journey’s “Faithfully,” One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” has sent me down an ugly Steve Perry rabbithole. But in some brilliant twist, I don’t even have to switch the album to get my early ‘80s pop-rock fix: One Direction have it covered just fine on their fourth full-length, Four, out this week. … Read More

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Interpol Are Free

This has been a harrowing week for anyone in western New York. But it’s been an especially … Read More

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Is Amanda Palmer’s ‘The Art of Asking’ Good For Artists?

The idea of reading Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help sounded faintly ridiculous — could I, too, learn the art of asking, just like Palmer, and maybe reach $1 million for my Kickstarter project? But as it turns out, Palmer’s book, an offshoot of her popular TED talk, “The Art of Asking,” isn’t really a how-to; it’s more along the lines of a memoir. Palmer figured out a strategy that works for her as an artist, and despite the fact that she’s undeniably divisive as a public persona, there is some wisdom in her ideas for artists and, arguably, women. … Read More

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“How Are Things on the East Coast?” A One-Act Play About Interpol

As you’ve no doubt read, the most high-profile people to have their plans thrown out by the crazy storm in Buffalo are none other than Interpol — they had to cancel last night’s scheduled Toronto show already, and as per Stereogum, they’re still stranded in their bus (but are apparently doing just fine and “will make it“). If you’re like us, you might have gotten to thinking: what would it be like being marooned in a snowstorm on a tour bus with Interpol for two days? Happily, the answer is here: behold How Are Things on the East Coast? — a one-act play about Interpol. … Read More

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