“Problem,” “Royals,” and Other Pop Songs Transformed into Flowery Sonnets

Although the two forms of poetry were borne of vastly different eras, sonnets and pop songs actually have a lot in common: they follow a pretty standard formula, they’re short and sweet, and often, their subject is love. One blog noticed these similarities and fused them together into “Pop Sonnets,” rewriting the lyrics of pop songs into sonnet form. The results are hilarious and brilliant — Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea’s “Problem,” for instance, goes from “I should be wiser/ And realize that I’ve got/ One less problem without you,” to “I dream of days before our love was marred/ By infidelities and sordid lies/ — Too fanciful to learn that, should we part/ The load of problems’d lift off my heart.” Read the rest of “Problem’s” sonnet-ification below, along with updated poetic versions of “Call Me Maybe,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Stacy’s Mom,” and other pop gems. … Read More

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The Return of D’Angelo: Older, Less Naked, but Still a Once-In-a-Lifetime Talent

There were rumors he wasn’t going to show up. It took an hour for him to take the stage on Sunday night, as the crowd in Commodore Barry Park swelled and the air was thick with smoke. Heck, even when he was playing, starting off with an endless jam, girls in the audience were like, “Is that him?” Seeing Michael Eugene Archer, better known as the soul singer and reclusive genius D’Angelo, is a very different proposition in 2014 to what it was in his early 2000s heyday. … Read More

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Flavorwire Video Premiere: Roladex, “Glass Statuette”

Apart from having a great name, Seattle label Medical Records does a fine line in minimal coldwave-y synth sounds both past and present. Such sounds are always welcome at Flavorwire central, so we’re delighted to premiere the video for Seattle-via-Texas group Roladex‘s single “Glass Statuette.” The song is a study in poptastic retrofuturism, with icy analog synth sounds and pop hooks aplenty, and the video’s aesthetic works perfectly with these sounds — it’s all pixelated textures and washed-out colors, along with a gloriously ’80s gullwing-doored Lamborghini, and the whole thing looks like it’s being played back on a wonky VHS tape. “Glass Statuette” is released on a limited split 7″ with labelmates ((PRESSURES)) — the single comes on fancy yellow vinyl, and you can hear both sides (and order a copy, if so inclined) here. In the meantime, click through to check out the video! … Read More

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Two New Prince Albums Coming This Fall

Prince has played the long game when it comes to teasing PLECTRUMELECTRUM, an album made with his newish backing band… Read More

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Watch the Video for Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J’s “Bang Bang”

Before their opening performance at last night’s VMA’s, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J premiered the Beats commercial —… Read More

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Exclusive Photo Gallery: Afropunk 2014

Over the weekend, the Afropunk Festival returned to Brooklyn’s Battery Park for another year — the annual free event is a Flavorwire favorite, and this year’s line-up didn’t disappoint, with Body Count, Shabazz Palace and the return of the elusive D’Angelo topping a pleasantly eclectic bill. Our photographer Andrew Boyle was on hand to document the action, cataloging the artists, the crowd and the general ambience. Click through to check out our exclusive photo gallery from this year’s event! … Read More

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MTV VMAs 2014: The Year of the Class Act

No pop-star threeways, no meat dresses, no speech-crashing, no boob jiggles, no compacts thrown, no assless pants, no shade, no “This World Is Bullshit,” and definitely no twerking. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards, airing living from The Forum in LA on Sunday (August 24), were downright tame, even snoozy. That is, until Beyoncé and Miley shook things up in the last half hour. But the two pop juggernauts did so without controversy — an approach that seemed to trickle down to define this year’s ceremony. Even a Nicki Minaj wardrobe malfunction, which she handled beautifully mid-performance without revealing more than her navel, came to define the rapper’s three performances during the night, including celebrations of the ass during opening number “Anaconda” and a booty-bumping moment with Usher. … Read More

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