Mykki Blanco Is Leaving His Rap Career to Pursue Investigative Journalism

Well, this almost never happens — a musical icon swearing off musicianship to pursue… journalism and shift their focus…… Read More

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“Healing Is Fun for Me”: Torres on Her Raw New Album and Why SXSW Is Still Worth It for Artists

AUSTIN, TX: Mackenzie Scott is having a moment, in more ways than one. When I meet up with the 24-year-old indie-rock singer-songwriter known as Torres outside a cafe called Cenote on Austin’s east side on Friday, the second to last day of SXSW, she’s just had to beg the employees working a private event to let her use their bathroom so she can have the decency of vomiting in private. “I haven’t been sleeping or resting or eating like I normally do when I’m at home, so I think it just took a toll on my body,” she says. … Read More

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Florence and the Machine Release Video for “St. Jude”

Florence and the Machine’s album How Big How Blue How Beautiful may still be months away, but the group … Read More

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Bands vs. Brands: The Trouble With SXSW’s Attempt to Please Everyone

AUSTIN, TX: I’m sitting in a pew at Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church, weeping silently in the dark, as alt-country singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile belts out a cover of The Avett Brothers’ “Murder in the City,” unamplified, 20 feet in front of me. At some point during the 90-minute performance on Wednesday (March 18) as part of Carlile’s Pin Drop Tour — the highlight of my own SXSW this year — I burped and it tasted like McDonald’s. What a buzzkill. … Read More

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Carole King Stage Musical ‘Beautiful’ Is Being Made into a Biopic

Sony is turning Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, based on the life of the eponymous singer-songwriter, into a biopic. Like… Read More

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Why Music Fans Need to See Colin Hanks’ Tower Records Doc ‘All Things Must Pass’

AUSTIN, TX: “Everybody in a record store is your friend for 20 minutes or so,” Bruce Springsteen announces in All Things Must Pass, Colin Hanks’ nerdy, nostalgic documentary about Tower Records, which premiered last week at SXSW after seven years in the making. As ex-Tower clerk Dave Grohl points out later, this is not necessarily true of most record store employees, who have a snobbish reputation. But Tower was different. … Read More

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