Vashti Bunyan Discusses Her New and Final (?) Album ‘Heartleap’

“Heartleap,” the title track on Vashti Bunyan’s newest album (released last week), was the last she wrote, the last she recorded. And since she announced that this album may be her final musical endeavor in a sporadic career spanning 44 years, it may be the last song she ever writes, the last she ever records. On Drowned in Sound, she described this song’s rare process: on an album that was all about careful deliberation — a care that took seven years to administer and turn into an album — this was an atypical piece of music, in that it came to Bunyan almost immediately. Simply: she was staring at a painting by her daughter, acclaimed artist Whyn Lewis, then she picked up her guitar. … Read More

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Taylor Swift Chases You From New York in Terrible New Song “Welcome to New York”

Taylor Swift’s new track, Welcome to New York (track 1 on her upcoming album 1989), celebrates — in blindly manic fashion —… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Soft Swells Soundtrack Love On The Run In Their “Floodlights” Video

You can hear California in Tim Williams’ voice. So for those who happen to know a thing or two about surfing, his band’s name — Soft Swells — makes sense (it’s slang for baby waves). Hearing Soft Swells’ music, it makes even more sense. The term “surf rock” can bring to mind The Beach Boys or Link Wray, but there’s a lightness in Soft Swells’ harmony-drenched indie rock that feels more skin to another appropriately named act, Nada Surf. On Soft Swells’ recently released sophomore album, Floodlights, they complicated their sunny songs just a little. The LP’s title track is perfect example of that, and Flavorwire is pleased to premiere its music video below.

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A Crash Course in Sleater-Kinney, So You Can Get Excited About Their Reunion

How’s your Monday going? Could it benefit from some rad tunes that give you power in every fiber of your being? Are you scared yet? Well, you shouldn’t be, because today is a great day. Today, Sleater-Kinney announced their reunion, and of course they did it in a we-don’t-fuck-around manner that mirrors their artistic approach. (Lest you need reminding that “doing it right” is a frustratingly rare tactic for band reunions amidst these “Oh, Coachella will pay us how much to reunite?” reconciliations). There will be a big tour, there will be a new album (No Cities to Love, out January 20 via Sub Pop), and there will be joy. Oh yeah, and there’s a new single, “Bury Our Friends,” which Sleater-Kinney hid in their new vinyl box set, Start Together (out tomorrow). As if you didn’t already think they were clever already… or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you have no idea. Allow me to just say, I am excited for the very moment when you discover that. Sleater-Kinney is not generally a band that offers up diminishing returns if you invest in them. … Read More

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