Jessie Ware Debuts New Song, Suggests You Enjoy With Whiskey

British R&B pop genius Jessie Ware debuted a new song today, “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe.”

Co-written with Miguel and produced… Read More

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David Bowie Gets His Own Holiday In Chicago

David Bowie’s reign is limitless: he’s officially staked a claim in time itself, as he now has his very own… Read More

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé Reportedly Working on Collaborative Album

Well, this seems like good news: while post-elevator-scandal, post-fraught-adultery-related-lyrical-tweaks, everyone was speculating on the likelihood of Beyoncé and Jay-Z… Read More

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Mashup of 23 Amateur Youtube Musicians Creates Song Resembling Early-2000’s Brit-Pop

Remember Morcheeba, the British psych-pop band (which actually still exists, in some form or another)? Well, they’re the… Read More

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Deluge of Angel Olsen News, Including New Song, “High and Wild” Video and Tour Dates

Angel Olsen’s BurnYour Fire for No Witness was released in February, but its curious coupling of playfulness and devastation have… Read More

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Stream Leonard Cohen’s New Album ‘Popular Problems’ on NPR First Listen

Leonard Cohen turns 80 on September 22, and will be releasing his thirteenth studio album, Popular Problems to commemorate… Read More

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‘Love Me Back’ by Merritt Tierce Is as Unsparing as the Best of Lana Del Rey

When it comes to enjoying the music of Lana Del Rey, I’ve never been happier to be an ex-music journalist. I don’t have to overthink her place in society, what it means that she was pitched as “indie” but turned out to have been a chancer going on ten years in the industry; maybe an industry puppet, maybe her own vision, maybe who knows (or cares). As a civilian, I get to enjoy the music of Lana Del Rey for what it offers: widescreen drama, with an unsparing, complicated and often submissive woman in the center of these sad songs. … Read More

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