Flavorwire’s 50 Best Album Closing Tracks: A Spotify Playlist

A couple of days back, we ran an exhaustive list of our 50 favorite album closing tracks. At our readers’ requests, we’ve taken to making Spotify playlists from these posts, and this one is particularly epic, given the quantity of flame-outs with double-digit running times that we’re dealing with. Fire it up, drop the mic and walk off stage… 50 times in a row! … Read More

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Back When The Oneders Stole Our Hearts: Links You Have to See

Today’s links have an overarching musical theme (and then, of course, there’s the requisite unrelated George R.R. Martin link). From fake bands brought to life by filmmakers to a real band a certain director is trying to resuscitate, to Michael Cera setting his aloof cutesiness to song, there’s plenty here to keep you occupied, although you might not want to actually listen to all of it. … Read More

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Understanding The Enigma That Is FKA twigs: A Pie Chart

FKA twigs is either a Big Deal or an unknown, depending on who you talk to. Among tastemaking music circles, the 26-year-old British R&B-pop singer/producer is one of the most exciting young artists of 2014, one who mounts a proverbial throne this week with the release of her debut album, LP1. To casual consumers of culture, twigs (real name: Tahliah Barnett) may be a mystery — the sort of name-checked singer they’ve been meaning to check out but aren’t quite sure “what her deal is.” There is one similarity between these two groups: they don’t necessarily understand FKA twigs. … Read More

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Chris Walla Quits Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Walla has announced his departure from the band, after 17 years. He writes in… Read More

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Questions Raised by Iggy Azalea’s Popstar Past As a Britney Spears Knockoff

Wait, so Iggy Azalea wasn’t a rap-obsessed young Australian who moved to Miami to clean houses and got discovered… Read More

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With ‘The Golden Echo,’ Kimbra Applies Lessons Learned from Gotye Hit: “There Are No Rules”

The first time I visited the Wikipedia page of Kimbra Lee Johnson — known to most simply as “Kimbra,” the 24-year-old singer from New Zealand — I thought someone was trolling her. Not that Wiki is exactly a reliable source, but famous people’s pages are typically groomed meticulously by their fans. Under genre, though, Kimbra’s page read: “pop, indie pop, electropop, jazz, soul, R&B, progressive music, progressive metal.” Then I spent more time with her music. I’ll add now: they forgot funk. … Read More

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Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” Video Lovingly Pokes Fun at Intergalactic Sci-Fi

Having trouble handling the wait for Star Wars Episode VII? Can’t stop, for lack of more information, imagining Adam Driver sporting… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Watch Betty Who Play Truth or Dare, ’90s Style, on ‘Slumber Party at Emmie’s House’

Nobody does late ’90s nostalgia quite like Emmie Lichtenberg. The New York party promoter and on-camera host has been known to rock yin-yang signs on her nails and “Backstreet’s Back” moves on the dance floor. Her deep passion for the era comes through in her web series, Slumber Party at Emmie’s House, which mixes modern emoji culture with the sleepover antics of twentysomething youth. … Read More

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14 Artists Who Are Keeping the Band Logo Tradition Alive in 2014

Logos once seemed a necessary component of a band’s public persona. To read the name Led Zeppelin is to see it written in the logo’s tall typeface (which, later, would be sort of co-opted by American Horror Story). To hear The Rolling Stones is to visualize that luscious mouth with its tongue hanging out. And who can think of The Grateful Dead without that lightning bolt skull striking their own head? … Read More

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