Taylor Swift, Steve Albini, Spotify, and the Fruitless Quest for a Music Industry Savior

If you ever need a reminder that all those rose-tinted remembrances of the pre-internet music industry do not account for the full story, look no further than Steve Albini’s seminal 1993 essay for The Baffler. It’s called, simply, “The Problem With Music.” In it, Albini details the flaws of the major-label music system in actual numbers and simple math — something that’s not done often enough in trade and consumer publications alike when it comes to how musicians actually make their money. … Read More

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T Magazine Interview Proves Jaden and Willow Smith Not Far from Dominating the World with Their Prana

Better watch out, guys. Jaden Smith is “going to imprint [himself] on everything in this world.” And while that sounds… Read More

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Listen: Sia and Beck Sing “Moonquake Lake,” Cameron Diaz Sings “Little Girls,” and More on ‘Annie’ Soundtrack

Both Sia and musicals are pretty polarizing — both encapsulate a childlike glee and use exaggerated, chewy diction that… Read More

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More from the Solange Wedding: the Musician Dons a Looser Gown, Dances with Son to “No Flex Zone”

At this point, you’ve probably seen the photos of Solange and music video director Alan Ferguson’s ridiculously tasteful wedding,… Read More

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Giorgio Moroder Announces New Album with Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Sia, Kylie Minogue

Since the 2013 release of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, 74-year-old disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder has been experiencing a late-career… Read More

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Why Sisterhood in Pop Music Is the 1990s Trend We Need to Resurrect

I don’t want to shock anybody here, but the ’90 are back. Or, at the very least, our tendency to over-romanticize the ’90s has led to the return of the certain staples of the decade: plaid, crop tops, and an energetic re-appreciation for Beverly Hills: 90210. But there’s a particular ’90s trend that we’re missing: sisterhood in music. And not in a clichéd, shared-pants sense of the word. … Read More

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A Comprehensive History of Amanda Palmer Pissing Off Everyone

Amanda “Fucking” Palmer has a book out this month. It’s called The Art of Asking, and it sets out madam’s philosophy on life, which pretty much amounts to taking the stuff that people just keep on offering you! Because of course they do! Palmer has an unparalleled ability to inspire rage in people; sometimes it’s justified, sometimes less so. This ability has prompted some thoughtful writing over the years, but hey, before you read that, why not brush up on exactly why she upsets people so much in the first place? Here, then, is a definitive history of Palmer’s foot-in-mouth moments and flights of self-absorption. … Read More

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