David Byrne to Curate a Color Guard Soundtracked by St. Vincent, Nelly Furtado, Kelis, and More

David Byrne’s disco musical with Fatboy Slim, Here Lies Love, closed earlier this month, but unsurprisingly, he has another… Read More

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Charli XCX and Rita Ora Channel ‘Thelma and Louise’ for their ‘Doing It’ Video

Charli XCX has crashed prom, hijacked a school bus, and went full Clueless on film, but her latest video goes beyond… Read More

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25 Songs That Perfectly Capture the Female Experience

A few months back, with what we intended to be a wink, Flavorwire brought you a playlist of misandry anthems that explored some of the stronger reactions to the patriarchy through song. Of course, not every song written from the female perspective qualifies as such, or, indeed, factors in men at all. Some aim to explore what it means to be a woman in a relation to other women, be it our friends or mothers or children. Many take society’s expectations, beauty standards, and double standards to task. Through these 25 songs, we explore just a few facets of what it means to be a woman navigating the… Read More

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Into the Black Lake: The Curiously Abstract Beauty of Björk’s Break-up Album, ‘Vulnicura’

I’ve always found Björk’s music fascinating in a sort of abstract sense — her curious vocal delivery, her constant devotion to exploring the possibilities of sound. But with the occasional exception, like “Hyperballad” or “All Is Full of Love,” I’ve rarely found it emotionally affecting. It’s too oblique. Listening feels like looking at some sort of great futuristic gleaming sculpture, something you can appreciate for its artistry and beauty without ever quite being able to relate to it at a personal level. … Read More

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Israeli Man Arrested In Connection With Madonna Hack

In late December, half-finished demos of Madonna’s latest album, Rebel Heart, were leaked online in a security breach. The leak… Read More

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National Book Award-Nominated Novelist & Mountain Goat John Darnielle Is Releasing a Wrestling-Themed Album

According to John Darnielle’s Tumblr, he can “make several different kinds of biscuits.” He can also, as proved in 2014,… Read More

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