Courtney Love’s Surprise Single “Miss Narcissist” Kicks off a Summer of Love

Courtney Love released “surprise” single “Miss Narcissist” today. The real surprise may be that — with more than a decade since… Read More

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Inside FKA twigs’ Deeply Erotic ‘Congregata’ Shows

Halfway through the first of three sold-out shows that constitute the American debut of FKA twigs’ “Congregata” stage show last night (May 17), a group of dancers from New York City’s long-standing ballroom drag and voguing scene took over the stage at Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Hangar. Naturally this burst of energy kicked off with a bit of shade: “Did twigs say she was coming to New York?” their ringleader asked, incredulously. Adorned in varying states of glittering glamour ranging from full drag to low-cut onesies and corsets, these male dancers served up impressive aerial spins and drops, battles driven by hand performance, and plenty of catwalk realness. It was a respite from the show’s stunning high-wire eroticism, and yet the voguing break served to underline the most intoxicating element of twigs’ music: a sense of longing. The crowd still wanted to go deeper with twigs. … Read More

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‘Empire’ Hits All The Right Notes With Billboard Music Awards Medley

The highlight of last night’s Billboard Music Awards was arguably performed by people who identify primarily as actors. Empire stars… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: The Dead Ships Mine Sci-Fi B Movies for Hilarity With “Big Quiet” Video

When Devlin McCluskey, the frontman of Los Angeles trio the Dead Ships, was in need of a space cadet outfit for their new sci-fi-themed video, he found the bare minimum in a hopeless place: a motorcycle helmet with the face guard sawed off, and a pair of women’s red tights. McCluskey’s task was to recreate costumes from a pair of vintage sci-fi films he had found while searching for space-related footage in the public domain: an Italian sci-fi film called Cosmos 2000, and a Soviet film about a mission to Venus. His band’s goal: to fit themselves into these absurd scenes via green screen, with slapstick results. … Read More

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WATCH: Taylor Swift Gets Thrown From a Window by Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham Smokes a Cigar, and “Bad Blood” Ensues

Throughout the last few weeks, Taylor Swift had been tweeting portraits of all the famous people who were set to appear… Read More

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The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Solange’s Solemn Groove for Baltimore, Mac DeMarco’s Jealous Pop

Indie rock — whatever that even means anymore — takes the cake this week, with the important caveat being Solange’s new song in honor of the travesties in Ferguson and Baltimore.

… Read More

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