Elizabeth Olsen Sings Rilo Kiley’s “Go Ahead” in Clip From ‘Very Good Girls’

In a new clip from Naomi Foner’s Very Good Girls, Elizabeth Olsen sits in a Greenpoint cafe (perhaps you recognize it) strumming… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: LOLO Strips Down Her “Hit & Run”

When Pete Wentz recently announced the relaunch of his label Decaydance Records (this time as DCD2), the Fall Out Boy bassist noted that he’d be focusing his energy on two artists: New Politics and LOLO. The latter is Lauren Pritchard, a Tennessee-bred soul-pop singer starting to make waves stateside after a brief UK rise back in 2010 under her birth name. Some may recognize her voice from Panic! At The Disco’s recent hit, “Miss Jackson.” … Read More

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The Death of Gene Ween: Aaron Freeman’s Successful Second Act

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous quote about there being no second acts in American lives has become one of the great truisms of our entertainment industry. It’s even harder to go on to something new when you’ve been in the same band for 30 years, and when the image that band projects to the world is set in stone — in this case, that image is a man with a nitrous oxide bong strapped to his face, staring at you from the front of Leonard Cohen’s Greatest Hits. Ween were the great eccentrics of the rock ‘n’ roll world for the best part of three decades, and it’s doubtless difficult for Aaron Freeman — he who was until a couple of years ago known as Gene Ween — to step out from the pod and stand alone. But Freeman’s new album under the moniker of, um, Freeman (out now) finds him doing exactly that, and succeeding. … Read More

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Don’t Call It Anything: The Only Trouble With La Roux’s ‘Trouble In Paradise’ Is the Need for an Explanation

Pop music thrives on narratives. Catchy choruses can make stars, but it’s stories that keep artists in the zeitgeist even when the hits become less common. But the zeitgeist is greedy, and five years out of the spotlight is enough to inspire a “who?” in this era. Cue La Roux. … Read More

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Started From the Waldorf School: The Teenage Performances of 8 Superstar Rappers

Last week, a video of a teenage Kanye West performing at New York City’s Fat Beats record store hit the Internet, an unlikely gem the store’s former manager found while converting old Hi8 videotapes to DVD. And now, a beautifully titled song by a 16-year-old Eminem — “Pooh Butt Day” — has also emerged from the Internet’s depths, a surprisingly upbeat foot-tapper from an artist known for anger and darkness. … Read More

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Panic! At The Disco Donates $20 to the Human Rights Campaign for Every Westboro Baptist Church Protestor at Their Concert

While they may not have access to their own brain cells, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church clearly keep… Read More

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