Lykke Li Does an Interpretive Dance in New Video and Stars in Avant-Garde Peugeot Commercial

Lately, I’ve really been appreciating when indie pop stars flaunt their modern-dance roots in videos – a far cry from… Read More

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New David Bowie Music Coming Soon

David Bowie went a decade between his two most recent records, 2003′s Reality and 2013′s The Next Day, but perhaps he’s awakened some… Read More

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The Devil’s Music: 10 Songs Based Around the Tritone Interval

If you’ve ever studied any music theory or are just given to reading about music, you’ve probably heard of the tritone — it’s an interval that’s three whole tones apart, and its dissonance means that it sounds sinister as hell. Some time in the 18th century, possibly earlier, it was dubbed diabolus in musica (the devil in music), and its use has historically been frowned upon in liturgical music, which generally relies on unison and harmony. (This, perhaps, gives rise to the oft-repeated story that the tritone was banned by the Catholic Church.) All this, of course, means that using it in your songs carries a certain inherent badassness — something exploited by the musicians who populate this list. … Read More

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Here’s Weird Al’s Clever “Blurred Lines” Parody, “Word Crimes”

Finally, finally, finally, we can listen to the stupidly catchy tune of “Blurred Lines” without the shame and disgust that comes… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Motel Beds Cover Matthew Sweet’s “I’ve Been Waiting”

Dayton, Ohio’s Motel Beds have never taken the most obvious path. Their history as a band is akin to driving off a cliff only to land in the middle of a racetrack half a decade later. They’re speeding towards the finish line now, at a pace that challenges fellow Dayton resident Robert Pollard’s Guided By Voices, legends associated in the local scene with Motel Beds. Case in point: They released a 29-song lo-fi demos collection right around the same time they finally released their debut full-length, 2010′s Feelings. It only took them seven years, with a big hiatus in the middle. … Read More

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Stream La Roux’s Upbeat New Album ‘Trouble in Paradise’

If you’re having a bummed-out Tuesday morning, here’s a fool-proof prescription: listen to La Roux’s new album, Trouble in… Read More

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Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, and Brie Larson Are Jenny Lewis’ Band in “Just One of the Guys” Video

Every woman’s girl crush Jenny Lewis rounded up a few other crushes for her absolutely delightful “Just One of the… Read More

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The Most Morrissey Lyrics From Morrissey’s New Album

He’s back! Yes, pop’s most famous misanthrope, Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey of Salford, has a new record out today. It’s called World Peace Is None of Your Business, and it finds him in as cheery a mood as ever. The album’s songs address fun topics like suicide, murder, and, worst of all, marriage, in lyrics that are quintessential Moz from start to finish. If it’s all too much, though, well, here are the most Morrissey moments of the album, summarized in a convenient list! … Read More

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