The Beautiful Story of Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson’s 4/20 Trip to Amsterdam

AUSTIN, TX: As Snoop Dogg himself admitted this morning, the first thing he thinks about after waking up is smoking weed. So when I heard that he’d be giving the music keynote at SXSW — held at 11 AM in recent years — I wondered what kind of state he’d be in, as he discussed his career and the music industry for an hour. In this regard, the highlight of the conversation was incredibly on-brand: tales of a trip to Amsterdam. With Willie Nelson. On 4/20. To shoot a video for a song called “My Medicine.” … Read More

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Modest Mouse Has A Good Time With Natasha Lyonne in “Lampshades on Fire” Video

The headline is a bit misleading, as headlines invariably are, but it’s not false: in the video for “Lampshades… Read More

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Members of Portishead and Radiohead Combine to Form “Heads United” for Charity Soccer Team

Two of indie rock’s biggest, most serious heads have combined to form Heads United, a charity soccer team. Yeah: Radiohead… Read More

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Robyn is Launching a Tech Festival for Young Women

Robyn is the boss of so many things — sing-rapping, electronica, dancing amazingly in platform shoes — and now… Read More

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Arcade Fire’s Win Butler: Even a Free Burrito Is “Selling Out”

AUSTIN, TX: To quote the leader of one of the biggest rock bands in the world, “It’s a waste of mental energy to think about this cesspool. You should just be in your cheap bedroom making something good.”

This cesspool, of course, is the music industry — specifically its current obsession with social media and digital data. Our… Read More

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10 Perfect Songs to Greet the Spring

It’s the first day of spring! The snow is melting, the necessity for wearing every item of clothing you own simultaneously is receding, and it’s still light outside when you leave work (even if they had to arbitrarily steal an hour of your sleep to make this happen). In all seriousness, it’s a lovely time of year, and it needs accompanying music — so here’s a playlist of songs to greet the spring, encompassing everything from Kanye West and Stravinsky to two Australian bands you’ve probably never heard of. Now, go and enjoy the… Read More

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When White Dudes Name Their Bands “Black Pussy” and “Viet Cong”

Rock ‘n’ roll is all about pushing boundaries and sticking a middle finger up to “the man.” But what if white dudes’ bands attempts to be edgy are actually insensitive, even offensive — and turn them into “the man,” excluding others from their experience? … Read More

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