On Loving “Bad” People: Links You Need to See

With the polar vortex looking down on the East Coast and the sun setting on one of our last days of loveliness, perhaps we should be focusing on indoor activities: This may be a little old, but BuzzFeed’s piece about people’s pooping preferences is extremely timely and crucial. Most of us have been privately pooping since we were five or so, and thus our habits have solidified, let’s say, in isolation, without outside influence. There are some odd findings here; for example, 9% of those polled take off their shirts to poop. Not sure what purpose that serves, but you know, whatever…floats your boat. … Read More

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House of Blues and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Hollywood Will Be Demolished to Make Way for Luxury Hotels

Soon the glory-days of the Sunset Strip — where you could purchase a “Peanut Butter Fudgepacker” smoothie and do your weekly… Read More

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Tavi Gevinson Listens to ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ on Long Walks, and More From Her Reddit AMA

Tavi Gevinson, every young person’s favorite multi-hyphenate, just finished up a Q&A over at Reddit. In it, several… Read More

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Robin Williams Dead in Apparent Suicide

Robin Williams was found dead earlier today (August 11) at his Bay Area home, in what is believed to… Read More

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Breaking: Conor Oberst Rape Accuser Recants Accusations

In January this year, Conor Oberst was the subject of a rape accusation that was posted as a comment on xoJane and quickly sent the Internet into a rabid fit of speculation and finger-pointing. Today, his accuser — Joanie Faircloth of North Carolina — issued a public statement recanting the accusations, calling them “100% false” and explaining that she “made [them] up … to get attention while I was going through a difficult period in my life and trying to cope with my son’s illness.” The statement — of which Flavorwire has seen a signed and notarized scan — publicly retracts the allegations and apologizes to the singer. It’s not clear yet whether Oberst will continue to pursue his libel action against Faircloth. … Read More

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