Banksy Posts Biting, Satirical Tourist Video of Gaza

Operation Protective Edge killed over an estimated 2,100 Palestinians (most of whom were civilians) and destroyed 18,000 homes in the crowded… Read More

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This May Be One of Jon Stewart’s Best and Most All-Inclusive Tirades Against Fox News

Jon Stewart has made a comedy kingdom out of being vocally and sardonically baffled by the consistent hypocrisies and… Read More

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“It’s the Flip-Side of the 1970s”: Manhattan Real Estate and the Rise of the Ghost City

An article titled “Stream of Foreign Wealth Flows to Elite New York Real Estate” appeared in the New York Times over the weekend, kicking off a five-part series in which the paper, essentially, explains why the bulk of Manhattan is a ghost town at night. The pieces that followed included profiles of a “mysterious Malaysian financier,” a “besieged Indian builder,” “Mexican power brokers,” and, today, “the Russian minister and friends.” Taken together, they make for a chilling portrayal of what is means to live large in Manhattan circa 2015. … Read More

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Comedy Central Confirms that Jon Stewart Is Officially Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

During the taping of tonight’s episode of The Daily Show, it was rumored that Jon Stewart announced that he’ll… Read More

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Jon Stewart Takes on the Anti-Vaccine Crowd

Of all of the strange horrors that have already besieged us in 2015, perhaps the strangest is the case of… Read More

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The Weinstein Company Has Sold — Yes, That’s Correct — an Unpaid Internship for $25,000

There’s very little that hasn’t been said about the injustices of unpaid internships — the way they privilege the privileged, the… Read More

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‘Game of Thrones”s The Mountain Breaks Thousand-Year-Old Record in World’s Strongest Viking Competition

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson may be the third actor to play Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane (everyone’s favorite rapist, child murderer and… Read More

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