Bill Cosby Performs First Show Since November, Uses Images of Himself with Nelson Mandela as Stage Decoration

Yesterday, Bill Cosby did his first standup show since November. The performance, which saw the comedian sporting a “Hello Friend”… Read More

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Supporting ‘Charlie’ and the Right to Satirize: Links You Need to See

After the display of inhumanity (a stupid word, really, for something really just describing a frightening human capacity for favoring ideology over human life) — by gunmen who broke into the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and took the lives of 12, injuring many more — the whole day seemed underscored by the sickening notion, as we’d seen recently with the Sony Hacks, that comedic criticism is becoming more and more of a life-threatening undertaking. Atlantic writer Peter Beinart drew parallels between these recent instances of media-centric terrorism, while also addressing the fact that the antagonizing forces in both cases have not officially been identified. Over at Slate, there’s an article on the importance and evolution of the political cartoon in France. Celebrities such as Salman Rushdie and Tina Fey have also voiced their concerns on the state of free speech, as well as their vehemence about protecting it.  … Read More

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Salman Rushdie Issues Statement Championing Religious Satire and Condemning Charlie Hebdo Shooting

This morning, the world was greeted with perhaps the first great international tragedy of 2015, merely a week into… Read More

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“Je Suis Charlie” Appears in Different Languages on ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Website

After the shooting at the offices of Parisian satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo left 12 dead and 4 critically injured this… Read More

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China Bans Puns

The Guardian reports that China has officially banned wordplay, on the basis that it promotes “cultural and linguistic chaos.” China’s… Read More

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