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Flavorpill & Heineken Dare You to Open Your City

Presented by Heineken

This summer, Heineken and Flavorpill are rewarding bold moves and inquisitive souls. All you have to do is enter your phone number at Answer the call (if and when it comes), and your risk will be rewarded in the form of some seriously awesome experiences. Open your city, and we’ll open your world. … Read More

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The Ultimate Roadtrip Soundtrack

Presented by Starbucks

Although it’s tempting to bump Beyoncé all the way, we’ve rounded up some excellent new tunes to soundtrack your summer roadtrip. Whether you’re going upstate, down-shore, or cross-country, you can press play on these tracks for a refreshing summer playlist. Once you’ve got these contenders for “song of the summer,” check out Flavorpill’s exclusive Summer Guide for our top picks of awesome things to do this summer. … Read More

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Offbeat Adventures in Chicago

Presented by New Belgium

It stands to reason that Chicago’s second-city complex would lead to a lot of validation-seeking boasting and bragging – and it sure can. But there’s also that pesky Midwestern meekness, not to mention a well-learned, necessity-birthed knack for the clandestine (see our storied histories of speakeasies, house-music loft parties, alternative-exhibition galleries, etc.), both of which contribute to an undeniable fact: This town can keep a secret. Without giving away too much, we’ve decided to open the vault on a few favorite hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path highlights, and obscure delights, plus one bonus offbeat adventure: New Belgium’s Tour de Fat, an annual celebration of “bikes, beer & bemusement,” lands Saturday, July 12th at Palmer Square with a bike parade, dance contest, live music, and thousands of local cycling enthusiasts. Don’t miss it! … Read More

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Beach Style: Behind the Scenes with Dusen Dusen

Presented by Perrier

We recently teamed up with Perrier to commission limited-edition beach towels from

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Al Fresco Cinema: The Best Outdoor Movie Spots in the Country

Presented by Starbucks Iced Coffee

IMAX and 3-D attempted to amp up the movie-going experience, but for our money, nothing beats watching a movie under the stars in the great outdoors — or local city park, for that matter. Putting a refreshing spin on cinema, the following al fresco spots are our favorites in the nation. Pack a picnic and make a date. To pack in even more refreshing summer fun, NYC & LA culture vultures should check out our custom Flavorpill summer guides. From flicks to food and comedy, we’ve rounded up the top events of the season. … Read More

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Hand-crafted Creativity at Work

Presented by Hangar 1

Hangar 1 Vodka is all about hand-crafted, California creativity. To celebrate that ingenuity, Flavorpill is presenting Call to California, a craft event series exploring the unique, the artisanal, and the creative. If you’re in SF or NYC, you can enter for a chance to win a spot at one of these exclusive events. For everyone else, we talked with the tastemakers and entrepreneurs themselves; from surfboards to rock-climbing, photography to terrariums, learn what keeps these creatives fired up.  … Read More

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Refresh Your Library: Better Summer Reads

Presented by Starbucks

Longer summer days mean more time for reading. In a season of highlights, it’s tough to trim the list, but we’ve rounded up our favorite new books that should absolutely be in your beach bag this summer. After you refresh your library/e-reader, check out our Ultimate Summer Guides for awesome things to do in LA & NYC (if you can pull your nose out of these books). … Read More

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Naked Juice’s Day in the Park, Or: When Adults Play Tug-of-War

Presented by Naked Juice

Naked Juice packed in way more fun field games for their Day in the Park — which hit San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Portland, and Philadelphia. On May 18, over 2,000 people gathered for yoga, tug-of-war, and yes: bubble soccer. Check out some highlights below! … Read More

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Offbeat Adventures in Washington DC

Presented by New Belgium Brewing

If TV anti-heroes like House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood are to to believed, DC is a carnage-packed coliseum defined by a single insatiable desire: the pursuit of power. Perhaps for folks up on the Hill, but they mostly came from afar, and for that one reason. They aren’t the real Washington residents. In pockets of the city where the Washington Monument is a simple speck in the sky, DC is a bastion of odd, offbeat adventure. Join us as we explore six contemporary cultural institutions and events that make DC as culturally intriguing as it is politically potent. Bonus offbeat adventure: New Belgium’s Tour de Fat, an annual celebration of “bikes, beer & bemusement,” lands Saturday, May 31st at Yards Park with headliner Reggie Watts and thousands of local cycling enthusiasts. Don’t miss it! … Read More

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Culture Fit: Our Favorite City Parks in the US

Presented by Naked Juice

While we’re big fans of binge-watching Orange Is the New Black and old episodes of Orphan Black (seriously: huge fans), summer is calling, and we’d like to encourage you to make the most of it by getting out of doors and seeing what your city has to offer culturally. A great start: these awesome city parks around the country. Each boasts special summer programming including concerts, films, and fitness, plus interesting architectural elements and natural flora that even your 60-inch HD television can’t replicate. Proof of outdoor excellence can be found at several of these this Sunday, for Naked Juice’s Day in the Park. Register to attend and you could win a free bike! … Read More

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