Heartwarming ‘Old Faithful’ Photo Series Proves Senior Dogs Have A Lot of Love Left to Give

“Senior dogs end up in shelters for a variety of reasons, sometimes because of neglect or abandonment, sometimes because their owners simply cannot care for them. The health of older dogs is at high risk in a shelter environment, and as a result, they may be less adoptable then the younger dogs (or perceived as such by the public),” reports senior dog advocates and all-volunteer group The Grey Muzzle Organization. Photographer Pete Thorne, who we discovered on Co.Design, puts a spotlight on the senior dog community in his series Old Faithful. His portraits capture the character and determination of old dogs — from a bone cancer survivor and several blind pups, to those abandoned in shelters and passed around puppy mills during their lifetime. These dogs have seen it all and their faces tell many stories. Meet some of the pups in Pete’s photos series in our gallery. Visit the artist’s website to stay up to date on how you can purchase his planned book. … Read More

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Gone Girl, Bad Weather, and the D: Links You Need to See

Everyone’s content has been on point today, so I just want to thank y’all (y’all here being used in the feminist sense) for making today’s post really easy to write. Here’s what you need to read (or look at) from today’s internet goings-on. … Read More

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12 Delightful Gifts for the Culturally Savvy Cat Lover

The love of a great cat is not something one can celebrate openly. Those who would counter with the Internet’s great love of cats forget that you cannot respond to someone showing you a picture of their baby with your corresponding cat pic. You have to find other ways to express your appreciation of the feline kind, and you also have to do it in a way that indicates that you are slightly self-aware about how the only people who openly worship cats usually end up being arrested in raids of dilapidated townhouses. The best way for all cat lovers to do this is to simply appreciate cat-related cultural material. Here are our picks for the gifts you can give this holiday season that say, “I know you love cats. And that’s OK!” … Read More

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Photos From an Adorable, Literature-Inspired Cat Fashion Show at The Algonquin Hotel

Yesterday was the annual Cat Fashion Show at New York’s Algonquin Hotel, where eight cats were decked in wonderfully delightful costumes. Ada Nieves, cat fashion designer (amazingly, yes), dedicated this year’s designs to the Algonquin Round Table, the famous group of New York’s literary elite who gathered at the hotel in the 1920s. The Algonquin Copy Cats Round Table collection honors authors and writers who could’ve been a part of the bunch. Matilda, the hotel’s light gray resident pet, prowled around as patrons bid on raffles for feline goods. The benefit, held in partnership with Bideawee, a pet welfare organization, raised several thousand dollars. … Read More

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Famous Artists Photographed With Their Cats

Tracey Emin’s recent interview with the Daily Mail revealed that the divisive artist is currently working on sculptures of her cat — and that’s not a euphemism. “He’s a good little soul to have around. He stops me from feeling alone,” she said of her beloved pet, Docket. Artists have often looked to their feline friends for inspiration throughout history. The mewing muses were the gods of their own religion in ancient Egypt, and not much has changed since then. Everyone knows cats own the Internet (sorry, dogs). Click through to meet the kitten companions that have melted the hearts of famous… Read More

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The Strange, Sweet Ways People Adore Their Pets

When we first spotted Isabella Rozendaal‘s On Loving Animals photo series at Brain Pickings, we could sort of relate. Many of us own pets and aren’t entirely guiltless when it comes to humanizing animals. However, the Dutch photographer’s work proves that many folks take this to the extreme.

Rozendaal’s affectionate, strange, and even devastating images reveal the many ways we project facets of our lives and personalities onto our pets. The artist spent a year in Holland documenting these complex relationships — or what she calls an “obsessive, sentimental, and sometimes inconsiderate love of animals.” She followed owners and their furry darlings to the vet, at home, to pet shows, and to the grave. In some cases, the luxuries these attentive moms and dads afforded their beastly babies were entirely peculiar. Other customs and rituals — like dogs and cats with their own chairs (or should we say, thrones?) — are more widely practiced, but when considered through Rozendaal’s distant lens, suddenly feel unusual.

Rozendaal was kind enough to share her work with us. Head past the break for a closer look, then visit her website for the fascinating stories behind each photo. … Read More

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15 Incredible Dog Costumes Inspired by the Movies

Dogs are often good sports about letting their humans lovingly humiliate them, AKA dress them up. And let’s be honest: fawning over your dog’s duds is for the owner’s amusement, not the pup’s — which is probably how National Dress Up Your Pet Day got started. On January 14, pets around the world will be wondering how they hell they got themselves into this mess, or they’ll be thanking you for their cool costume. We were impressed by the number of film-inspired dog costumes (cats want no part in this, of course) and seeing how each dog’s personality was brought to light with a little movie magic. For inspiration, click through our gallery of incredible dog costumes past the break. … Read More

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Watch One Dog Up Close and Personal During Playtime

Canine shaky cam adventures could be the next phenomenon in POV cinema. (Step aside, Paranormal Activity.) One genius person attached a GoPro camera to a stick and the result is an adorable and interesting perspective: that of the dog toy. We think watching this dog’s eyes roll around excitedly in its head will make you smile (seriously, how could it not?), so click past the break to enjoy. … Read More

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