The Terrifying Case of Kamilah Brock Proves Life Is Crazier Than Fiction

Sadly, stories about hideous injustices being meted out to people of color in America are so prevalent that it’s hard to be surprised at them — but even so, there’s something uniquely horrifying about the case of Kamilah Brock. As per Gawker, Brock was pulled over in Harlem by police who accused her of being high on marijuana. No proof of this was ever found, but her car was nevertheless impounded by the NYPD. When she went to demand its return, she was restrained, sedated, and committed to Harlem Hospital for being “emotionally disturbed.” It took her eight days to convince staff that she was in fact perfectly sane, during which time she was dosed involuntarily with lorazepam and lithium and forced to attend group therapy. Once released, she was hit with a $13,000 medical bill. … Read More

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Why Hasn’t Ted Cruz Responded to ‘The New Yorker’s’ “Uppity” Slur?

“Uppity” is, to put it lightly, an ugly word. It’s got a long and unpleasant history in this country of being racially loaded, of being used to connote the idea of ethnic minorities — especially African Americans — getting above their station and challenging a white hegemony that should remain untouched. Unsurprisingly, its use in politics has been a particularly prominent issue throughout the Obama presidency, with the usual roll-call of right-wing dog whistlers — Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity — lining up to use, and then defend, the word in relation to Barack and Michelle Obama. With all this in mind, then, it was startling to see The New Yorker, of all publications, make an ass of itself this week in using the word to describe Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. … Read More

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Is Monica Lewinsky a Feminist Icon?

Monica Lewinsky is a heroine, and not just as the fictional subject of a web video series. Instead, as she takes tentative steps back into the public eye, she may be emerging as an icon for a younger generation of feminists, at least according to a long profile by Jessica Bennett in the New York Times in conjunction with Lewinsky’s well-received TED Talk on cyber-bullying last week. … Read More

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Mykki Blanco Is Leaving His Rap Career to Pursue Investigative Journalism

Well, this almost never happens — a musical icon swearing off musicianship to pursue… journalism and shift their focus…… Read More

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Horatio Sanz Discusses His Problems with ‘SNL”s Conservatism

Horatio Sanz spoke with Grantland’s Bill Simmons about having recently given a critical interview for the update of James Andrew… Read More

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The Twisted Logic of Blaming Waka Flocka Flame for a Fraternity’s Horrific Racism

The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe are eager to place the blame for the now-notorious racist song that has brought deserved shame on Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and led to two expulsions and the shuttering of the fraternity’s University of Oklahoma chapter. And who have they found to wag their fingers at? No, not the frat brothers themselves, of course. In a completely unprecedented move for the mainstream media, they’re blaming hip-hop music. … Read More

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How Kate McKinnon’s Bonkers ‘SNL’ Impression Could Actually Help Hillary Clinton

Move over, Amy Poehler. Kate McKinnon’s Saturday Night Live cold open as an extremely ambitious Hillary Clinton, a presidential wannabe making only a passing attempt to downplay her intentions, has got the chattering classes talking about how the impression might hurt her chances in 2016 — should she decide to run, of course. But an expert on gender, stereotyping, and political campaigns explains that McKinnon’s portrayal might actually help… Read More

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Rand Paul Bailed on His ‘Parks and Recreation’ Cameo at the Eleventh Hour

Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was scheduled to appear on an episode of Parks and Recreation, but backed out at the… Read More

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