NBC Kills Upcoming Cosby Comedy Series in Light of Rape Allegations

NBC has announced that Bill Cosby’s (furiously) anticipated comeback on NBC will not be a comeback: the untitled comedy is not… Read More

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Progressive, Tea Party, or Anarchist: Whose Side Is Katniss Really On?

Since I began turning its pages, I assumed The Hunger Games was a rallying cry for like-minded progressives and radicals. This was thanks to its pretty upfront indictment of state-inflicted violence and, in particular, of hunger caused by gross economic inequality. Occupy Panem! I thought. Redistribute the wealth! … Read More

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Leslie Feinberg, Transgender Marxist Pioneer, Dies at Age 65

Famed transgender activist, communist and author of Stone Butch Blues Leslie Feinberg passed away November 15 from complications of Lyme disease, babeisiosis,… Read More

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Ted Cruz Has a Very Scary Coloring Book

There’s not a whole lot to say about this, so, here: It’s been

Beautiful, right?

The book was… Read More

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Men Take Advantage of Girl Pretending to Be Drunk in Viral Video — But Is the Video Taking Advantage of a Viral Phenomenon?

In a video mirroring and sort-of deepening — but mostly cheapening — the discussion started by last month’s now-infamous catcalling-in-NY video, a girl walks around Hollywood Boulevard with a drink in hand, pretending to be cripplingly inebriated and lost, while someone carrying a hidden camera follows close behind, recording men’s flagrant attempts at exploiting the situation. While the girl in the catcalling video was fully alert — which didn’t stop one man from following her for quite a while — this video further excavates the intentions behind the “innocent catcall” by pretending to weaken the recipient of male attention. So far, this sounds pretty serious. … Read More

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Watch: How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Became the Notorious RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has always been a badass thinker in front of and behind the bench, but her meme-ification into “… Read More

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Nicki Minaj Apologizes for Seemingly Nazi Propaganda-Influenced “Only” Lyric Video

So, if you’ve seen the “Only” music video, directed by Jeffrey Osborne, it probably triggered recollections of a great… Read More

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“Literally I Can’t” With These Sexual Assault Facts, Inspired by 2014′s Most Misogynist Music Video

Recently, a music video emerged that was so heinously tone-deaf to misogyny and rape culture that we might have all dismissed it as failed satire were it not associated with the most tasteless pop group of the last decade, LMFAO. Grammy-winning production duo Play-N-Skillz recruited LMFAO’s Redfoo, Lil Jon, and someone named Enertia McFly for a song that, based on its title alone, could be cultural critique in the hands of a more intellectual group of collaborators: “Literally I Can’t.” … Read More

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Pointergate and Breitbart’s Failed Smears: Has Right-Wing Media Reached Its Racist, Sexist Self-Parody Apex?

This past week, while liberal America was licking its wounds, Conservative media began celebrating the triumph of Republicans at the ballot box by, um, messing up, big-time. Yes, it was a bloodbath of poorly executed, thinly sourced, racist and sexist insinuation and smear tactics. Stephen Colbert in his bloviating persona couldn’t do better. … Read More

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Clay Aiken’s Failed Congressional Bid to Be Turned into Esquire Network Docuseries

Late on Tuesday, November 4 — just after Aiken’s bridge over troubled water collapsed and his electoral… Read More

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