Nicki Minaj Apologizes for Seemingly Nazi Propaganda-Influenced “Only” Lyric Video

So, if you’ve seen the “Only” music video, directed by Jeffrey Osborne, it probably triggered recollections of a great… Read More

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“Literally I Can’t” With These Sexual Assault Facts, Inspired by 2014’s Most Misogynist Music Video

Recently, a music video emerged that was so heinously tone-deaf to misogyny and rape culture that we might have all dismissed it as failed satire were it not associated with the most tasteless pop group of the last decade, LMFAO. Grammy-winning production duo Play-N-Skillz recruited LMFAO’s Redfoo, Lil Jon, and someone named Enertia McFly for a song that, based on its title alone, could be cultural critique in the hands of a more intellectual group of collaborators: “Literally I Can’t.” … Read More

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Pointergate and Breitbart’s Failed Smears: Has Right-Wing Media Reached Its Racist, Sexist Self-Parody Apex?

This past week, while liberal America was licking its wounds, Conservative media began celebrating the triumph of Republicans at the ballot box by, um, messing up, big-time. Yes, it was a bloodbath of poorly executed, thinly sourced, racist and sexist insinuation and smear tactics. Stephen Colbert in his bloviating persona couldn’t do better. … Read More

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Clay Aiken’s Failed Congressional Bid to Be Turned into Esquire Network Docuseries

Late on Tuesday, November 4 — just after Aiken’s bridge over troubled water collapsed and his electoral… Read More

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Watch: Lea DeLaria, AKA ‘OITNB”s Big Boo, Takes Down Bigoted Sermonizing Preacher on Subway

Surely you’ve experienced it. You get on the subway, your face is in a strange armpit and somehow there’s… Read More

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19 Novels About Politics for Election Day (and the Revolution, Too)

Did Election Day bring out your inner pundit, organizer, or revolutionary — or depressed person who wants to escape reality via reading? If so, here’s a starter list of novels about politics that will feed the flames. We’re lucky so many of our greatest writers of the 20th century were disaffected… Read More

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Why Did Louis C.K. Leave Twitter?

A couple weeks ago, Louis C.K. went on a intense rant about ISIS on Twitter. Over the weekend, his Twitter… Read More

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Lena Dunham’s Triggering Art Doesn’t Make Her an Abuser, No Matter What Some Transphobic Bigot Insists

This past weekend, The National Review‘s Kevin Williamson, notable for his transphobic piece “Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman” and an infamous “women who get abortions should be hanged” tweet, moved on to attacking Lena Dunham for writing about her own rape in her memoir, Not That Kind of Girl.  … Read More

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The Deeply Flawed Viral Catcall Video Had Unintended Lessons to Teach

The street harassment video created by Hollaback that went viral this week has started a long-needed conversation about catcalling — and about the way we frame the movement against catcalling. … Read More

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