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Emoji-Only Portraits of Pop Culture Stars

Emoji is having another big moment. From the creation of Emojli — an emoji-only messenger app that lets you talk in strings of hearts, sparkly stars, and animated poop — to the website emoji.ink, which allows you to draw stuff using the 722 emoji available, the Unicode symbols aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Enter rapper and net artist Yung Jake, who recently created a series of pop culture-inspired emoji portraits of artists like Miley Cyrus (something just feels so right about Miley’s maniacal smile and those sobbing ringlets of hair) and icons such as Jerry Seinfeld — which we learned about on Co.Design. Take a closer look at Jake’s emoji choices, all totally on point, below. … Read More

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Tom Hanks Is a Manspreader: Links You Need to See

The great and justified public outrage against #manspreading continues. It was an outrage that began with the creation of man and his senseless need to have his legs at obtuse angles. Now, the MTA is publicly targeting men, asking them to stop manspreading. But not everyone seems to have gotten the message — especially not Tom Hanks, who was spotted on the 1 train taking up two seats. It’s not a limo, Tom Hanks, but nice to see you. … Read More

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Is Hathahatred a Cause of Coronary Heart Disease?: Links You Need to See

Because a new study has (sort of) found a correlation between trolling/bullying/being cynical on Twitter and dying in life, I’ve resolved to make this an overwhelmingly positive post: whatever is here discussed will be done in such a way that I won’t suffer from coronary heart disease. I’ll remain so positive as to not express any skepticism whatsoever re: the frequency of “scientific studies” that sound like the attention-grabbing biological equivalent of, well, an inflammatory Twitter post. The study in question, it turns out, just suggests that people who participate in cantankerous Twitter communities are more likely to drink, eat poorly, and cut themselves off from society — all of which are said to lead to coronary heart disease. Of course, if these people are being miserable on Twitter, they’re likely similarly miserable in life, and thus we’ve really learned very little. Except to stay positive and see everything, including this thing in which we learned very little, as an important learning experience. … Read More

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Margaret Cho Has a Lot to Say ‘About Sex': Links You Need to See

The Björk chain reaction is wildly at play: a couple of days ago, Björk’s new album, Vulnicura, was leaked, and said leakage led to the album’s rushed official release, which has incidentally now led to the publishing of this incredible interview with the artist by Pitchfork (titled “The Invisible Woman: A Conversation with Björk” instead what should have been an obvious titular frontrunner, “Pitchbjörk”). In it, Björk gushes about her fandom for Joni Mitchell and her collaboration with co-producer Arca, while noting how many times her music’s been misrepresented — despite her 30 years of making music — as having been the work of her male collaborators; she cites journalistic perceptions of Kanye as the example of this imbalance: … Read More

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Staff Picks: Flavorwire’s Favorite Cultural Things This Week

Need a great book to read, album to listen to, or TV show to get hooked on? The Flavorwire team is here to help: in this weekly feature, our editorial staffers recommend the cultural object or experience they’ve enjoyed most in the past seven days. Click through for our picks, and tell us what you’ve been loving in the comments. … Read More

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Today’s Wisdom Comes from Artificially Intelligent Mario, Kendall Jenner and Leslie Knope: Links You Need to See

Everyone is looking for some form of advice. We as humans will turn to our favorite authors, politicians and directors for inspiration on how to live, love, and find our purpose in life. The Wall Street Journal has decided to collect the wisdom of six people they’ve dubbed “luminaries” on the topic of youth. And one of these luminaries is Kendall Jenner. Calling Kendall Jenner a luminary might seem ridiculous, but if you’ve watched Keeping up with the Kardashians, you’ll see she’s often surrounded by a family of overgrown children, so maybe the Journal is on to something. … Read More

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22 Cultural Icons on Spirituality

The icons we admire in the pop culture sphere are often quiet about their religious and spiritual lives, determined to keep one piece of themselves away from prying eyes. But every now and then, these cultural icons open up to us about their deepest beliefs. After learning about a lecture series on Buddhism by Jorge Luis Borges on Open Culture, we decided to get metaphysical. Here’s what our culture’s most talented and keen have to say about their inner lives — stances on the spiritual, religious views, and more. … Read More

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The 22 Celebrity Names You’re Probably Saying Wrong

The world is still recovering from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs’ pronunciation flub earlier this week. Isaacs misspoke while announcing the nominees for Best Cinematography, calling Mr. Turner’s Dick Pope, “Dick Poop.” The Internet went wild, but Pope had a great attitude about the whole thing. “I’ve been called a lot worse,” he said. Isaacs is hardly alone when it comes to mispronouncing the names of celebrities. We can think of all the cringeworthy moments someone handing out an award at the Golden Globes or Oscars did the same — like that time John Travolta totally butchered Idina Menzel’s name, making it sound like some kind of Satanic incantation. Avoid those awkward moments by studying our handy Hollywood pronunciation guide, and learn about the names you’ve been saying wrong this whole time. … Read More

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“The Moon Is A Planet, Darling”: Links You Need to See

Every week, fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi sits on the judging panel of Project Runway: All Stars and tries to be as clever as Michael Kors, but every week he just comes off sounding offensively opinionated. He also likes to use the word “darling” a lot, and not in an affectionate way, but in the best, bitchiest way, which results in the faux-affection and condescension characteristic of all the best deconstructive criticism. … Read More

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The Oscars, Orgasms, and Other Secrets: Links You Need to See

Ah, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, that tricksy little hobbit. The shortlist of Oscar nominees released this morning made it clear that it would take a modern-day Alan Turing to decode the mysterious workings of the collective mind of the Academy (The Imitation Game, incidentally, managed to score eight Oscar nods). I can’t even talk about the injustice that is the Academy’s decision to leave Ava DuVernay out of the Best Director race. And The Lego Movie snub! Well, I’m ambivalent about that one, to be honest, but my Twitter feed tells me it is an outrage. … Read More

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