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Watch: A Liberated Kit Harington Delights in Pure Ridiculousness in Trailer for HBO’s Tennis Mockumentary


For the last four years, Kit Harington has devoted his time to a very grave television show, with a very grave fifth season finale. Luckily, given the actor’s seeming liberation (from what? I didn’t say anything), he’s letting his comedic side — the side that might otherwise conflict with his Jon Snowiness — loose. The trailer for Jake… Read More


The 15 Best Nonfiction Books of the Year So Far

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From a personal examination of the modern definition of spinsterhood to an exploration of the internet’s dark and secret places, literary and journalistic nonfiction has gone to incredibly varied places this first half of the year. Here are the books that have stood out as we reach the half-year mark, all fueled by obsession and reflection, the hallmarks of the… Read More

John Oliver

John Oliver Congratulates Those Who Haven’t Experienced Harassment Online — On Their White Penises


“The internet has been blowing our minds with its power and convenience for decades,” John Oliver said last night on Last Week Tonight during a 16 minute segment, while playing prehistoric-looking AOL commercials speaking to the idealism with which the internet was sold to the masses. “Unfortunately,” he continued, “it’s also become a haven for harassment.”
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