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Don’t Work for Free — or Even Cheap — for Rich People

Lena Dunham, the New York Times revealed Monday, was not planning to pay the seven artists she selected via YouTube auditions to open for her on her Not That Kind of Girl tour. As Gawker points out, this is particularly outrageous in light of the fact that Dunham not only earned a $3.7 million advance for the book, but also makes something like $6 million annually, and tickets for the tour in question have sold for $38 apiece. … Read More

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Ilana Glazer Is Literally Full of Surprises: Links You Need to See

Today, like every other day, is a day like no other day. Like every other day, it’s filled with unique bits of strangeness and intrigue from around the web, but like none other, today’s bits include: Ilana Glazer birthing a very tiny but very important 20th century artist, an interaction between Haim and Napoleon Dynamite, two-headed Sarah Paulson, and more. And, oh look, I’ve conveniently collected them all here for your viewing pleasure: … Read More

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When Porn Met Booze: Links You Need To See

Welcome back to Monday, everyone. Our beautiful city of New York is gloomy and hot, so you know it’s going to be a great week! And what better a way to start off a sad, sticky week than with a little booze and a little porn? Luckily Punch wrote a piece about… booze, porn, and the combination thereof. … Read More

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Bret Easton Ellis Is the Latest Voice of Generation X to Attack Social Media-Obsessed Millennials

If you’re going to devote a lengthy article to explaining why you’re inherently just better than about 80 million people you’ve never met, it’s perhaps not especially wise to start it with a mention of the fact that you wrote this. Such things, however, do not concern Bret Easton Ellis, who has doubled down on the interview he gave to VICE last year, in which he pronounced the millennial generation to be “Generation Wuss,” by penning 2,000 words for Vanity Fair‘s French edition about, yes, why he considers the millennial generation to be “Generation Wuss.” The article comes accompanied, with crushing inevitability, by a picture of Lena Dunham. … Read More

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Brigitte Bardot’s Most Iconic Music and Film Fashion Moments

French sex symbol, singer, and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot celebrates her 80th birthday today. The blonde bombshell actress—who once became the official face of France’s national emblem in 1969, Marianne—is known for her effortless style. Bardot retreated from the spotlight more than 40 years ago, but thankfully we have her music and film projects to pour over for style tips. Here are ten of Bardot’s most iconic fashion moments. … Read More

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12 Hilariously Weird Anti-Drug PSAs

These days you can throw a rock and hit a “I tried ____” drug essay. But there was a time when the anti-drug PSA was all the rage—and one occasionally presents itself, like this ad about molly (that actually wasn’t as ridiculous as it could have been). As most people know, the drug PSA is usually hilariously awful, totally ineffective, and downright weird. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, those laughable “just say no” ads are still with us today. And we’ve gathered a collection of oddball PSAs for your viewing pleasure. … Read More

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One Directioners Are Terrorizing ‘The Daily Show’ Over Terrorism Joke: Links You Need To See

Let’s give it up for Jon Stewart and the team over at The Daily Show for going viral twice in the same day. Well, the Redskins bit was maybe more vile than viral, but this one — this one is definitely viral, thanks to the innumerable tweens who will overreact to anything remotely negative about One Direction, even if it’s just a throwaway line at the end of a three-minute segment that suggests “a member” of One Direction is joining a new terrorist supergroup. … Read More

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Taylor Swift Knows You, The Internet, Exist: Links You Need To See

Taylor Swift has destroyed the Internet today, thanks to a photo of her wearing a shirt that says “no its becky” across its chest. This photo wouldn’t be a bigger deal than any other candid of T-Swift, but this time she was fully acknowledging a Swiftian meme that had already been making waves on Tumblr. This is like that time Chuck Norris read Chuck Norris Facts, only with somebody way more famous and with fans who aren’t your dad or your friends from IRC. It’s a strange thing when celebrity collides with or acknowledges its own fandom, like a TV becoming sentient and looking in on itself, acknowledging all of the parts that make up its whole. … Read More

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50 Cultural Icons on What They Were Like as Teenagers

It’s hard out there for a teenager. It’s even kind of hard out there for those of us who used to be teenagers — especially in these back-to-school months, when the nostalgia comes creeping up like those floods we used to wear and never, ever should again. But you know who was probably even stranger than you in high school? Your favorite cultural icon. Or maybe not — as is only to be expected, some had joyful (and/or prank-filled) teenage years, some suffered tragedies, some were completely weird, some were popular, and some deserve our respect for even getting through. Click through to read 50 cultural icons on their teenage… Read More

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