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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Classic Hollywood Stars

Producers Joan Kramer and David Heeley documented the careers of some of Hollywood’s greatest legends, including Fred Astaire, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart. Their portraits of these colorful acting icons brought them up close and personal to the stars. The duo’s new tell-all memoir In the Company of Legends, from Beaufort Books, captures the hilarious and moving stories about the most powerful names in Hollywood. In anticipation of the book’s release on April 16, and an April 7 TCM documentary special featuring interviews with Kramer and Heeley conducted by Robert Osborne, here are some of the most fascinating and intimate facts we learned about our favorite old Hollywood stars. … Read More

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When Carrie Bradshaw Met Roger Sterling: Links You Need to See

As everyone prepares for the impending end of Mad Men, Internet tributes abound. Yesterday, Flavorwire ran its homage to Roger Sterling, and today, the A.V. Club is acknowledging him for an extra-Mad Men achievement: almost getting peed on by Carrie Bradshaw. The article shifts its focus to John Slattery’s brief involvement on Sex and the City as politician Bill Kelley (the show didn’t get too much into politics beyond calling the episode “Politically Erect”), whose main aim, outside of his governmental ambitions, is to be the recipient of a golden shower. Meanwhile, the New York Times has done an extensive, interactive rundown with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner of the show’s key 60s pop cultural allusions, and over at Vulture, actors  actors who played supporting roles predict where their characters ended up. … Read More

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Will ‘Full House’ Become ‘Fuller House?': Links You Need to See

Yeah, this one right here goes out to all the semi-colons, commas. Dashes, full stops with dramas (!)…Actually, this one just goes out to the quotation mark, which I intend to wield with an unapologetic and facetious fury today—one of the keys to unleashing its “unacknowledged power.” For instance, are a tenth of the UK’s 12-year-olds really “addicted’ to porn?” Is this Japanese artist actually being inspired by “real” food to make jewelry and accessories that are “good enough to eat?” … Read More

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Talking Barbies, Passover Ice Cream and Absurdity in Indiana: Links You Need to See

It’s been a doozy of a week in Indiana. In addition to facing nationwide backlash as multi-billion dollar corporations continue to scale down or phase out their businesses in the state (in response to the “Religious Freedom” Restoration Act that, in effect, legalizes discrimination against the LGBTQ community), the Hoosiers are likewise dealing with an HIV outbreak (also due to some shortsighted lawmaking) and, in the same stroke, have just become the first US state to sentence a woman to two decades of prison time for killing a fetus. Enough said—I’m moving my fantasy vacation to Pittsburgh. … Read More

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Staff Picks: Janelle Monae, The Rock, and Cheese Cleanses

Need a great book to read, album to listen to, or TV show to get hooked on? The Flavorwire team is here to help: in this weekly feature, our editorial staffers recommend the cultural object or experience they’ve enjoyed most in the past seven days. Click through for our picks, and tell us what you’ve been loving in the comments. … Read More

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15 Internet April Fools’ Jokes John Oliver Would Hate

April showers bring May flowers, or whatever, but April Fools’ brings a glut of mostly Web-based, absurdist non-humor. As John Oliver so eloquently ranted about the other day, much of April Fools’ is about being a dick, whether it’s simply wrapping your coworker’s desk in aluminum foil or, as so many Internet presences have chosen to do, setting our expectations high for new, bizarre products and then killing our dreams when corporations remind us that business is, in fact, business, and fun is rarely allowed. … Read More

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The Streets Are Teeming with Miniatures and Pac-Men: Links You Need To See

Google often bestows the tiny, uselessly amusing gifts of decorative and sometimes interactive fonts — celebrating a variety of both famous and obscure birthdays, holidays and anniversaries — upon its users. Now, the corporation is letting Pac-Man run loose on the streets of Google Maps for our very mindless entertainment. Similarly on the subject of the Internet’s gifts, here are three mashups of various Muppets performing the hip hop classics.  … Read More

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How to Steal A Mountain: Links You Need to See

Artistic processes are manifold, and hierarchizing the way we create is futile: but artist Oscar Santillon literally did climb to the top to make a recent work of art: he took a piece of England’s highest mountain. Said accomplishment will provide an incredibly impressive line on a resume, but it’s also angered Cumbria Tourism, who wants him to return it. Regardless of the ultimate decision about what happens to this inch of mountaintop, not many other people can put “Mountain Thief” on their list of qualifications. The only artistic feat that may be more impressive is an entire book of poems about Kanye West. Which exists, and is available for purchase on Amazon. Do with that what you will. … Read More

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10 of the Weirdest Dance Fads

Contra dancing hails from 17th-century English country dances and French dances. Couples partner up for the folk-style moves, though it can be performed in groups or lines of dancers facing each other. It’s a social dance that’s catching on with a whole new generation, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. … Read More

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A Daenerys-Centric ‘Game of Thrones’ Adaptation Is Coming to India: Links You Need to See

Stay vital by keeping up with all of the news about the film about a couple trying to stay vital: While We’re Young has dominated the cultural discussion over the last few days. (Naomi Watts attends a hip-hop dance class, Noah Baumbach looks at Ben Stiller looking longingly at Adam Driver as a living, breathing and enviably tall symbol of the person he’ll never be again!). Today has seen the release of several interviews with the director. At The Dissolve, Baumbach discusses the universality of the film’s central theme: … Read More

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