Robyn is Launching a Tech Festival for Young Women

Robyn is the boss of so many things — sing-rapping, electronica, dancing amazingly in platform shoes — and now… Read More

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Amazon to Test Delivering Packages By Remote-Controlled Airplanes (Drones)

Our global corporate overlords, Amazon, have been given the official, US-approved green light to begin testing drone-based delivery.… Read More

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Watch: New Short Documentary, ‘Detected,’ Explores the Possibility of a Bra that Senses Breast Cancer

What if an article of clothing could help change the fate that befalls an estimated half-million women yearly? Ironbound Films has teamed… Read More

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You Can Become Azealia Banks, Sort of, Through Her New Interactive “Wallace” Music Video

Azealia Banks’ Twitter feuds are legendary: the rapper has thrown shade at everyone from Perez Hilton to… Read More

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Sheryl Sandberg Invites Men to “Lean In” to Corporate Feminism

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In “movement” has entered a new phase of inclusivity, urging men to “Lean In” to nurturing, laundry, and helping the women in their lives “Lean In” to their careers. Lean In Together is a celebrity-studded, NBA-endorsed, and New York Times op-ed-endowed celebration of the benefits that feminism can offer men. “It’s Time to Talk About the Other 50%: Men!” the email in my inbox promised, directing me to, a site that offers practical tips for men embracing feminism at work and at home. … Read More

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HBO Might Team with Apple to Drop Standalone Internet Service in April

Like Lord Varys, but without the scheming, the media has its little birds all over this: HBO will potentially be launching their… Read More

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“The Shadow State Is Not Really a Shadow State”: How Surveillance Anxiety Is Shaping Pop Culture

Someone is always watching.

For the longest time, that idea underpinned grim visions of a totalitarian future in books and movies, from Nineteen Eighty-Four to The Hunger Games — cautionary tales about the fate awaiting a citizenry that allows itself to be deceived by the people in power.

Then the future arrived, and it turned out those bleak fantasies of an all-seeing surveillance state weren’t so farfetched: in the post-9/11 world, someone really is watching, be it Facebook mapping your life’s history for the sake of advertising dollars, or the National Security Agency keeping tabs on your phone calls and text messages in the name of freedom. … Read More

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