Showtime Debuts First Episode of ‘Happyish’ Online

Showtime has shared the first full episode of its new, dark comedic satire series Happyish on their website. 

Happyish stars Steve Coogan as a middle-aged man… Read More

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Brooklyn Stoner Comedy ‘High Maintenance’ to Deliver Six New Episodes to HBO

On today, 4/20, some huge and oh-so-topical news has been announced: The online comedy-series High Maintenance is coming to television: HBO has… Read More

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The Guerrilla Feminism of ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and Comedy Central’s Radical Sketch Shows

Early in the Season 3 premiere of Inside Amy Schumer, a football coach (Josh Charles) attempts to teach his team not to rape. The high school boys respond with extreme bafflement, trying to find loopholes: “Can we rape at away games?” they ask. “What if it’s Halloween and she’s dressed like a sexy cat?” And, most cutting and familiar, “What if she’s drunk and has a slight reputation and no one’s going to believe her?” The key to the sketch is in its increasing incredulousness, how the joke is punching up at those who perpetuate rape culture rather than at those who are the target of it. It’s not exactly something you can imagine on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, but it’s right at home among Comedy Central’s uproariously funny — and surprisingly socially conscious — sketch comedies.  … Read More

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HBO Orders an End to Beloved ‘Game of Thrones’ Screenings at Videology in Williamsburg

HBO seems to be emulating Game of Thrones’ tale of vehement possessiveness; it has brought down a tiny empire of GOT fandom, ordering a Brooklyn bar … Read More

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Amy Schumer on Her Third Season and Why “Rape Is Good Fodder for Comedy”

The Tribeca Film Festival hasn’t fully embraced episodic television as a cornerstone of their programming just yet — at least, not compared to other fests, like SXSW. But a few shows made their way into the program this year, and one of them was a bit of a no-brainer; with its Gotham-based production, man-on-the-street interstitials, and general New York attitude, Inside Amy Schumer is a very good fit. On Sunday afternoon, the star and several key members of her crew stopped in to show the third season premiere and talk about it. … Read More

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The Stoner Canon: Essential Weed Movies, Books, Music, and TV Shows

Pot-smoking and pop-culture consumption go hand in hand: do the former, and you run the risk of only wanting to partake in the latter. So it makes some sense that pop culture has taken ample advantage of pot. At its funniest, it’s given us the stoner comedy of Richard Linklater, the Coen Brothers, Amy Heckerling, and Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. At its trippiest and most philosophical, it yielded some of the greatest art of (and set in) the ’60s and ’70s, from The Beatles to Dylan, Fear and Loathing to Inherent Vice. Then there are the more lively party-stoner creations, represented here by hip-hop touchstones The Chronic, Missy Elliott, and The Beastie Boys. Farther afield, we get the inadvertent stoner favorite, a diverse subset that ranges widely, from Adventure Time to David Lynch’s Eraserhead. Each of these categories is well represented in Flavorwire’s Stoner Canon, which we’re proud to present in celebration of… Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: “The Forecast”

She’s back: Sally Draper! In fact, last night’s episode was all about parents and children, of both the literal and metaphorical varieties. Titled “The Forecast,” presumably referencing both the prognostication Roger assigns Don to write for a high-level McCann meeting and all that kids represent, it largely succeeded at sidestepping baby boomer generation gap clichés. Instead, in a beautiful mess of an episode whose dialogue sometimes got a bit too self-consciously sage for its own good, Mad Men took a more uncomfortable path to examining what selfish, narcissistic parents do when their children get in their way — and what happens when those children grow up enough to recognize their deep flaws. … Read More

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: “The House of Black and White”

Excluding a minor check-in with Tyrion and a not-so-minor interlude at the Wall, “The House of Black and White” centers on Game of Thrones’ women. Each is involved in a microcosm of the struggle that defines their lives in this man’s world of violence and bored rock-skipping during discussions of wedding logistics: asserting control over both themselves and others, an enterprise that’s doomed to fail, or at least not entirely succeed. When Cersei smirks that “clearly it would not be appropriate for a woman” to be Hand of the King, the gloat is bittersweet; she’s both flaunting her ability to become de facto Hand anyway and admitting that she’ll never truly rule because of who, or rather what, she is. “The House of Black and White” sees everyone from Sansa to Ellaria to Daenerys in the same situation—they’ve seized more control than most men would give them, but not nearly enough to level the playing field.  … Read More

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‘Outlander’ Episode 11 Recap: “The Devil’s Mark”

Outlander‘s historical time-travel fantasy got pretty darn real last night given that almost the entire episode was devoted to a terrifying witchcraft trial, but at least (spoiler alert) there’s some fireside canoodling after the thrilling courtroom denouement.

Claire isn’t thrilled about her companion defendant, moon worshipping… Read More

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